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BIBLE STORIES! Who does not love Bible Stories? Even the words themselves bring back memories of past years, when, as children, we listened to stirring tales of those men and women of old whose names are so familiar, and of whom we were then first taught. Crude in style perhaps many of the stories were, but none the less interesting. Perhaps there were things we could not quite understand, and knowledge had not sufficiently advanced to explain, but we accepted them all. Now great progress has been made in research; modern discoveries in Egypt supply the details which were lacking, and the old stories can be told again in a new style, in the light of fuller knowledge, with added interest, and with a force which previously had been impossible. How wonderful the result? Our Bibles become dearer to us than ever before; we need have no fear of being asked the reason of our belief; what we merely accepted before is now proved for us.

Let us take, for example, the story of Moses. In this, modern discovery has done splendid service, supplying just those details most needed, as though his sayings and doings had been preserved for our reading. 'Where Moses went to School' is a fascinating title.

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