That Christ is the Wisdom of God; and Concerning the Sacrament of his Incarnation and of his Passion, and Cup and Altar; and of the Apostles who were Sent, and Preached.
In Solomon in the Proverbs: "Wisdom hath builded herself an house, and she has placed under it seven pillars; she has slain her victims; she hath mingled her wine in the goblet, and hath made ready her table, [3938] and hath sent her servants, calling with a loud announcement to the cup, saying, Let him who is foolish turn to me: and to them that want understanding she has said, Come, eat of my loaves, and drink the wine which I have mingled for you. Forsake foolishness, and seek wisdom, and correct knowledge by understanding." [3939]

[3938] [The house = the Church; the seven pillars = Isaiah 11:2, 3; her table = the Lord's table; her cup = the sacrament of the Blood; her loaves = of the Body. Then her servants = preachers. So old authors.]

[3939] Proverbs 9:1-6.

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