That the Widow and Orphans Ought to be Protected.
In Solomon: "Be merciful to the orphans as a father, and as a husband to their mother; and thou shalt be the son of the Highest if thou shalt obey." [4618] Also in Exodus: "Ye shall not afflict any widow and orphan. But if ye afflict them, and they cry out and call unto me, I will hear their cryings, and will be angry in mind against you; and I will destroy you with the sword, and your wives shall be widows, and your children orphans." [4619] Also in Isaiah: "Judge for the fatherless, and justify the widow; and come let us reason, saith the Lord." [4620] Also in Job: "I have preserved the poor man from the hand of the mighty, and I have helped the fatherless who had no helper: the mouth of the widow hath blessed me." [4621] Also in the sixty-seventh Psalm: "The Father of the orphans, and the Judge of the widows." [4622]

[4618] Ecclus. iv. 10.

[4619] Exodus 22:22-24.

[4620] Isaiah 1:17, 18.

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[4622] Psalm 68:5.

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