Homilies on the Statues.
Abel, beloved of God, yet slain, [466]342; more blessed in his death than Cain, [467]374; died the first to instruct Adam, [468]414; his sacrifice good, [469]422.

Abraham, rich but not covetous: entertaining angels, [470]349; tent of, stronger than Sodom, [471]456.

Absolution, [472]356; at the altar, [473]443.

Accused at Antioch, tortured, [474]474.

Acrobats, [475]470.

Actions, few, for their own sake, [476]379; end of, [477]459, n.; the proof of philosophy, [478]465.

Adam, fell when idle, [479]353, [480]369; wretchedness of his fall, [481]393; what he merited, [482]392; fitted, by humiliation, to appear before God, [483]396; pride of, cast down, [484]413; his hiding was due to his sense of guilt, [485]422; his being made to confess, a mercy, [486]422.

Admonition, repeated, a shame, [487]379; obligation and advantage of, [488]425, [489]437; to be repeated, [490]452; not like seeing, [491]467; of others a duty, [492]481.

Adultery, self-condemned, [493]429; in desire, [494]443.

Advantages of nature and art not the dignity of a city, [495]457.

Alms, given at martyrs' shrines, [496]340; of less worth than thankfulness, [497]341; recompensed at the Judgment, [498]350; riches given for, [499]351; means of pardon, [500]351.

Altars, raised by the heathen to men, [501]338; by Christians only to God, though in memory of men, [502]338, n.; Christian, for remission of sin, [503]443.

Ambrose, St., obliged Theodosius to do penance, [504]383, n.; on invocation of Saints and Angels, [505]390.

Angels, applauded Job's victory, [506]339; invocation of, [507]390, n.; visited Jerusalem, [508]467.

Animals, wild, uses of, [509]395, [510]417; their fear of man lessened at the fall, [511]395; the vilest worshipped, [512]409; man dreads from sin, [513]417; their excellences not of free-will, and invariable, [514]420; sacrifice of, discussed, [515]422, n.; refugees of Antioch, destroyed by, [516]487.

Art, a pattern of industry, [517]420.

Antioch, old church of, [518]331, n.; blasphemy prevailing in, [519]343; hopes of reforming, [520]344; state of after sedition, [521]344, [522]425, [523]453; compared to Job, [524]344; disgraced and deserted, [525]345, [526]364, [527]454, [528]463; a mother of cities, [529]345, [530]355; shaken as with an earthquake, [531]345; fears of the inhabitants, [532]346, [533]412, [534]419, [535]453; character of, [536]347, [537]355; schism at, [538]354, n.; Christians first so named there, [539]345, n., [540]355, [541]438; amended by danger, [542]382, [543]383, [544]418, [545]439, [546]455; dealt with tenderly, [547]383, [548]419; deliverance from danger, [549]412, [550]452; spared on repentance, [551]418; inhabitants had recourse to God, [552]427, [553]439, [554]482; confiscation and disruption at, [555]427; again disturbed, [556]431; submission of the people to the Emperor, [557]437; cowardice in, [558]445; distinguished in virtue, [559]456; exhortation before calamities, [560]463; accused tortured, [561]474; prisoners at, their trust in God, [562]482; the dead insulted, [563]484; reproached for the sedition, [564]484; wretched state from terror, [565]486; public rejoicings at, [566]389.

Apostles, powerful both living and departed, [567]333; example of, [568]342; dwelt in Antioch, [569]355; words of, like music, [570]331; would have been too magnified, but for sufferings and infirmities, [571]337; persecutions of, why permitted, [572]409; despondent, were dull, [573]413; victorious by suffering, [574]449; few natural advantages of, [575]466.

Applause, in church, [576]347, [577]379, [578]394.

Armour, spiritual of the Bishop, [579]357, n.; of all Christians, [580]357.

Arms, of the righteous, [581]396; of brutes and men compared, [582]416.

Army, of Saul, wisely abstemious, [583]433; excessive hunger of, [584]434.

Art, great in the temple at Jerusalem, [585]456.

Artificer, finds his work as he left it, [586]430.

Ascension Day, Sunday before, how styled, [587]464.

Ash Wednesday, epistle for, [588]358, n.

Asiarchs, [589]427, n.

Ass, fondness to its master, [590]420.

Assurance, greater from not exacting oaths, [591]444.

Athanasius, St., strong against oaths, [592]470, n.

Athenian courts, [593]400, n.

Audience, of the powerful, artifices to obtain, [594]474.

Augustin, St., on the Sabbath, [595]422, n.

Avengers, [596]475.

Baptism, called initiation, [597]342, [598]354, [599]355; Lord's Prayer taught with, [600]355.

Barathrum, [601]361, n.

Basil, St., strong terms on the invocation of saints, [602]389, n., [603]390; strong against oaths, [604]470, n.; kept Valens from communion, [605]481, n.

Basilides, [606]413, n.

Baths, closed, [607]455; highly prized, [608]464.

Battle, kings lay aside their crowns in, [609]447.

Beatitudes, [610]392, n., [611]428.

Beauty of person not to be cherished, [612]397, [613]466; of woman a snare, [614]442; no criterion of merit, [615]458.

Bee, labouring for others, [616]420.

Beginning, a small, great results from, [617]405, [618]470.

"Believe me," a phrase instead of swearing, [619]398, n.; as a bridle, [620]481.

Bema, occupied by clergy alone, [621]465, n.

Benefits of God at the creation twofold, [622]395; doing, for others a duty, [623]451; never to be desisted from, [624]452; from reminding one another of duty, [625]399.

Birds, [626]408; finding nests robbed, [627]427; flying high escape snares, [628]441; caught, cannot use wings, [629]441.

Bishop, how regarded, [630]354, [631]356, [632]383; duty of, [633]355; a Priest, [634]355; a High Priest, [635]482; a Ruler and above emperors, [636]356; armour of, [637]357.

Blasphemy, evil of, [638]342, [639]361, [640]437; adds to trouble, [641]343; to be sharply corrected in others, [642]343, [643]347; a public wrong, [644]343; Job's wife tempts him to, [645]366.

Blessed bread given to those who do not communicate, [646]384, n.; the righteous alone to be held, [647]385; who called, in Scripture, [648]462.

Blessedness, real, what, [649]340.

Blessings, the chief, common, [650]351.

Blind, fallen into a pit, [651]451.

Body, human, frailer than matter, [652]404; elementary parts of, [653]407; becomes an earthen vessel, [654]409; by whom framed, [655]413; feebleness of, why, [656]413; as it was framed at first, [657]413, [658]417; might have been created better, [659]414; fineness of, [660]415; excellent as joined with the soul, [661]416; sustains injury in spite of prudence, [662]437; effects upon, of externals, [663]462.

Boldness of monks, [664]453, [665]454.

Bones of the skull, a defence, [666]415; around the heart, [667]415.

Brain, construction of, [668]415.

Bread, consecrated, reservation of for sick, [669]384, n.

Brutes, fasted with the Ninevites, [670]358.

Burdens, duty of bearing another's, [671]452.

Burial, pomp of, [672]358.

Business, worldly, the clergy engaged in, [673]465.

Butler, Bishop, on "Law of Nature," [674]428, n.

Cain, misery of, [675]345; consciousness of his sin and denial, [676]423.

Camp, place so called, [677]382, n.

Careless, Christian ready to fast, [678]431.

Carnival, [679]358, n.

Catechism, Church of England on Real Presence, [680]354, n.; on remission of sin in the Eucharist, [681]444, n.

Chains, how got rid of, [682]403; of St. Paul, [683]447; a security, [684]447; efficacy of St. Paul's, [685]450.

Charms, texts of Scripture as, [686]470; those used by Christians condemned, [687]470, n.

Chastity, learnt from Sodom, [688]466.

Children, unreasonable in their fears, [689]374; little ones by whom frightened and quieted, [690]381; to be taught public deliverances, [691]419, [692]489; under instruction from fathers and teachers, [693]429; pulling at a rotten cord, [694]432; murder of, prevented by not vowing, [695]434; fond of sweets, severe training for, [696]449; virtue of, proved, [697]453; wrestling at the top of a pole, [698]470; fear their fathers more than we fear God, [699]471.

Christ, teaching of, [700]348; scorned in the poor, [701]349; keeps for us what we give them, [702]350; left us His flesh and blood, [703]354; instructed after feeding, [704]400; instructs from irrational creatures, [705]420; taught the law of conscience, [706]428; instructs us to fear, [707]440; forbids oaths, [708]444; set against Himself by swearing on the Gospel, [709]444, [710]446; gave warning of sorrow before reward, [711]449; judgment of, on cities, [712]457; teaches reconciliation by His Sacrifice, [713]470.

Christianity, not universal, [714]401, n.; a stricter law than the Mosaic, [715]469.

Christians, the saviors of Antioch, [716]343; bear trials cheerfully, [717]346; soldiers and wrestlers, [718]357; all reproached for sins of any, [719]359; should admonish each other, [720]425, [721]451; name diffused worldwide, [722]438; instructors and comforters of unbelievers, [723]445; under training like heirs: with heaven in view like the merchant, [724]450; are citizens of heaven, [725]456.

Chrysostom, St., requests the people to check blasphemy, [726]343; silent for seven days: as Job's friends, [727]344; bewails Antioch, [728]345; hopes to cheer the people, [729]346; speaks at length, and warns, [730]347; applauded, [731]347, [732]379; made bishop, [733]354, n.; proposes three precepts for memory, [734]363; blesses God for comforting, [735]364; love and anxiety for his people, [736]380, [737]399, [738]443; like a mother for a sick child, [739]430; watchfulness over his flock, [740]399; regrets the absence of some, [741]400; repeats admonitions, [742]424, [743]443; rewarded through their obedience, [744]380, [745]389, [746]399; confidence for Antioch's rescue, [747]382; interpretation of 1 Cor. iii.15, [748]387, n.; intercourse with his people, [749]389, [750]481; mode of dealing with the unreformed, [751]389; success of special preaching, [752]438; testimony of, as to relics, [753]396; opinion concerning the earth, [754]403; shape and motion of the heavens, [755]419; on the Sabbath, [756]422; notions about sacrifice, [757]422; admonitions about theatres ineffectual, [758]439; on remission in Eucharist, [759]443, n., [760]444; indignation over the people's irreverence, [761]445, [762]446; teaching, practical not doctrinal, [763]447; welcome to the country clergy, [764]465; forbids all oaths, [765]470, n.; offers to cure the swearer, [766]480; threatens, [767]481; gives thanks for Flavian's return, [768]482; his praises of city, Bishop, Emperor, etc., [769]482.

Church (building), old at Antioch, [770]331; not a place of amusement, [771]347; full in time of distress, [772]364; then resorted to by the wicked, [773]366; to be absent from sinful, disgraceful, [774]400, [775]406; no other place so good, [776]406; the fittest place for thanksgiving after deliverance, [777]419; a place of prayer, [778]443; feelings in, are not religious attainments, [779]446; part of, reserved for clergy, [780]465, n.; common talk in, [781]473; exclusion from, [782]481.

Church (community), prayers of, [783]356; injured by evil speaking, [784]359; Greek, its lenten observances, [785]359, n.; mother of the afflicted, [786]364, [787]386; influences all ranks, [788]481; censure of, for familiarity, [789]481.

Citizens of heaven, none without virtue, [790]457.

City, strength of, in virtue, [791]457; by virtue a pattern to the world, [792]471; contemptuous, infects others, [793]486.

Clouds, cause different productions, [794]419.

Commander of troops, [795]452, n.

Common cause, most injured by fall of the most eminent, [796]334.

Communication with others during self-discipline, [797]379, [798]481; to the absent, of religious instructions, [799]400; of the Pastor to all his flock, [800]389; object of, [801]401; with the wicked in guilt, [802]331; in sufferings marks affiliation, [803]340; in many things with all men, [804]343; of good with the disorderly, [805]464.

Confession, private to a Priest, [806]360; of sins overcome, [807]418; an encouragement to others to repent, [808]419; a condition of pardon, [809]422.

Confusion, prevented by fear of Rulers, [810]381.

Congregation, number of St. Chrysostom's, [811]380, n., [812]406; eager for instruction, [813]395; obedient to his counsels, [814]399, [815]406, [816]430; one bad member corrupts many, [817]430.

Conjurer's tricks shame our endeavours at virtue, [818]470.

Conscience, roused by fear, [819]363; a bad makes us suspicious: a scourge, [820]396; a good makes bold, [821]396; a natural law, [822]421; shewn from the case of Adam, [823]422; adds obligations to the enlightened, [824]424; proved from sense of shame and reproach, [825]428; facilitates virtue, [826]429; disturbed by having enemies, [827]479.

Consolation in adversity as witnessed by the Saints, [828]336; effects of, [829]346; is for the sad, [830]381; derived from religious communion with others, [831]383; derived from every part of the Bible, [832]391; from God's chastising in mercy, [833]431, [834]434; mode of, [835]444; in temporal distress to be sought from God's ministers, [836]445.

Constantine, instance of mildness, [837]486.

Constantinople, distance from Antioch, [838]361.

Contemplation of heavenly things like a view from an height, [839]441.

Conversation, on religious subjects how good, [840]388; cheering effects of, [841]489; reverted to by Saul's army, [842]433; in divine service wrong, [843]473.

Corn, ears of, [844]415.

Correction of others a means of self-correction, [845]405.

Corruptibility of creation, [846]409, [847]411.

Covetousness, [848]348; is poverty, [849]349; cured by considering the equality of day and night, [850]402.

Councils, secular, customs of, [851]400.

Country, one's, how to be advanced, [852]471.

Courage from a good conscience, [853]396.

Cowards realize groundless fear, [854]445.

Cowardice unbecoming men, [855]446.

Creation, not to be disparaged, [856]335; dishonors fawners, [857]386; a proof of God's love for us, [858]391; when written of, in Scripture, [859]394; testifies to God, [860]401, [861]407; mode of above the power of Nature, [862]403; consists of contraries harmonized, [863]404; decay of, without Providence, [864]408; deified, [865]408; why subject to decay, [866]409, [867]411; like the Apostles under persecution, [868]409; mutual dependence of parts, [869]411; neither all at rest nor all in motion, [870]419; the parts not understood ought to amaze, [871]421.

Creature, use of word, [872]411, n.

Criminals, wretched appearance of at the bar, [873]396.

Cross, the, a symbol of salvation, [874]448; sign of, not a charm, [875]470, n.

Crown, given for overcoming sin, [876]438; inferior to chains, [877]447; humanity gained by Theodosius, [878]485.

Custom, no match for fear, [879]437; easier overcome than concupiscence, [880]469.

Cyprian, St., on intercession of Saints, [881]389, n.

Dancing, feats in, [882]470, n.

Danger of arguing about nature, [883]403, n.; unconcern of Saints for, [884]448; of relapsing under prosperity, [885]452.

Daphne, a suburb of Antioch, [886]457, n.

David, though small, a victor, [887]458.

Davison vindicates the idea of sacrifice, [888]422, n.

Day, unvarying and equal with night, [889]402.

Death, proves vanity of riches, [890]351; no subject of alarm, [891]372; eagerness of St. Paul for, [892]372; base if in sin, but not so from violence, [893]373; evil to sinners only, [894]373; an unjust brings into special communion with the Saints, [895]374; unjust permitted by God, [896]374; what is, [897]374, [898]390; having it before our eyes, [899]376; soldier fearing, ignoble, [900]376; dreaded for want of self-mortification, [901]384; full of joy to the godly, [902]461; courted by the monks of Antioch, [903]463.

Debtors, treatment of, [904]362.

Debts, God's remission of to men, and a creditor's compared, [905]478.

Deer, escaped from a snare, [906]441.

Degradation, attaching to athletics, [907]470.

Demosthenes, bad habit of: how cured, [908]394.

Desertion of the Philosophers in distress, [909]454.

Dice-playing to be shunned, [910]442.

Differences, seeming, reconciled, [911]403, [912]469.

Difficulties for God's sake, [913]477; none can stand against the fear of God, [914]480.

Dignity of a city is its virtue, [915]456; of no avail at the Judgment, [916]457.

Discipline, course of usual, [917]334, n.; under Christianity a preparation for trials, [918]366; moral from war, [919]435.

Discontent from going to feasts, [920]440.

Discourse, subjects of, at conventions, [921]406.

Diseases, their origin, [922]407.

Disposition, makes sad or cheerful, [923]460, [924]463.

Dog, shameless, [925]420.

Doubt, Ninevites doubted the consequences of their repentance, [926]377.

Dove, an example of simplicity, [927]420.

Dress, finery in, how cured, [928]450; not to be despised or admired, [929]466.

Drunkenness, [930]335.

Eagle, under man's dominion, [931]416; a king so styled, [932]467.

Ear, fasting of the, [933]359; to be closed against slander, [934]360.

Earth, diurnal motion of a type, [935]402, n.; supported on water, [936]403; productiveness of, [937]404.

Earthquake, alluded to, [938]345, n.; [939]362.

Easter, mercy suited to, [940]355; act of human mercy at, [941]383, n.

Eating a meal no reason for staying away from church, [942]400, [943]406; moderation favors attendance, [944]400.

Edification, mutual of members of a household in religious practice, [945]379, [946]480.

Elements, harmony and opposition of, [947]404; weakness and dependence of, [948]410.

Elijah, of like passions with us, [949]340; his poverty, [950]353; twofold, [951]353, [952]396.

Elisha, his inheritance, [953]353; changed the water, [954]396, [955]411.

Emotions, high term for, [956]386.

Emperor, see [957]Theodosius, vengeance expected from, [958]345; has no equal on earth, [959]346; inferior to a Bishop, [960]356; a fellow-servant, [961]361.

Emulation, in religious practice, [962]370, [963]379; in reforming the community advantageous, [964]389; spirit of, promotes self-restraint, [965]430.

Enemies, none to be held, [966]363, [967]370; not reconciled without a third person, [968]408; Jews knew righteousness prevailed in Israel, [969]435; misfortunes of, rejoiced in, [970]461; the sight of possessions of, disturbs, [971]474; good and bad fortune alike annoys, [972]474; the worse, the more reason for forgiving, [973]475; implacable, how treated by God, [974]475; the worst softened by gentleness, [975]475; like a limb cut off, [976]476; duty of making friends of, [977]478; are alone enough to cause insecurity, [978]479.

Ephraim, St., quotations from, [979]389, n.

Episozomenes, title of a Sunday, [980]464.

Equanimity from true wisdom, [981]454.

Esther, prayer of, saved the Jews, [982]356.

Ether, consistence of, [983]409, n.

Eucharist, a greater gift than Elisha's, [984]354; doctrine of, [985]354, n.; fasting or sufficiency at, [986]400; an oblation distinct, [987]422, n.; efficacy for remitting sin, [988]444, n.; the prize of fasting during Lent, [989]471; not to be approached unless healed of sins, [990]472; prohibited the resentful, [991]472; and the swearer, [992]481; hands washed before receiving, [993]479; object of exclusion from, [994]481.

Evils, temporal, of little moment, [995]372; the worse make the less unfelt, [996]374, [997]428; warded off by repentance, [998]376; cannot touch the righteous, [999]385; God merciful amidst, [1000]393; past, remembrance of, [1001]426; a source of pain, [1002]444, [1003]457; must run to God under, [1004]448; an occasion of thanksgiving, [1005]452; felt according to the disposition, [1006]459; comfort from, [1007]463.

Evil speaking, mischief of, [1008]359, [1009]370; pleasure of, [1010]360; causes quarrels, [1011]361; hinders pardon: spoils fasting, [1012]361; breaking away from, [1013]363.

Examination of our path necessary, [1014]440.

Example, partakes of our own nature, [1015]340; the irrational animals are, [1016]420; the old referred to the young for, [1017]420; effects of, [1018]405, [1019]429; of pilots in a storm, [1020]446; of one city upon the whole world, [1021]438; the giver of, precedes, [1022]487.

Excellences, natural, liable to fail, [1023]448.

Excuses for not seeking reconciliation, [1024]474, [1025]475, [1026]478; concerning inveterate swearing, [1027]479.

Eye, government of the, [1028]359; a surer organ than the ear, [1029]401; beauty and power of, [1030]414; eyebrows like eaves, [1031]415; of God, [1032]475.

Faith, shewn by works, [1033]373; like an eagle's wing, [1034]416.

Fall, sin of, [1035]393; the human body changed after, [1036]413, [1037]417; of another bewailed is pleasing to God, [1038]461.

Fame, injured by enemies, [1039]479.

Famine, relieved by the people of Antioch, [1040]456.

Fasting of Timothy, [1041]33; easily misjudged, [1042]334; moderation urged, [1043]335; a help to prayer: bodily, not enough, [1044]357, [1045]370, [1046]406, [1047]459; of Ninevites accepted, [1048]358; due honor of, [1049]359; of the eye, ear, and tongue, [1050]359, [1051]406; general practice, [1052]370, [1053]388, [1054]450, n.; together with danger facilitates repentance, [1055]378; made easy by custom, [1056]388; from sin, [1057]406, [1058]472; indulgence before and after, [1059]438; without fresh gains a loss, [1060]459; well used welcomed, [1061]459; omission of, may be excused, [1062]472.

Fathers, the view of, about the earth, [1063]403, n.; upon oaths, [1064]470, n.; strong statements of, as in the Bible, [1065]477, n.; most such, in punishing their children, [1066]392; first severe then indulgent, [1067]449; grieve more when absent, [1068]483.

Favour, the overcoming bad habits accounted by God a, [1069]412; Divine, bestowed on Jerusalem, [1070]467; the forgiving others a, asked by God, [1071]478.

Fear, needful to holy men, [1072]334; a chastisement for carelessness, [1073]347; of the Lord true riches, [1074]351; a punishment, [1075]355; awakens conscience, [1076]363; of harm from man ignoble, [1077]366; a good man firm against, [1078]369; without the fear of hell death terrible, [1079]374; of hell profitable, [1080]374, [1081]439; prevents magnanimity, [1082]376; of Rulers promotes order, [1083]381; effect of, on public morals, [1084]382, [1085]439; a most powerful motive, [1086]392, [1087]437; God's wrath a cure of bad habits, [1088]394; of scorpions from sin, [1089]417; prevents bad passions, like a soldier on guard, [1090]439; breeds virtue, [1091]439; why Christ broadly taught, [1092]440; groundless made real, [1093]446; an ocean of joy, [1094]460; of God overcomes quickly, masters, [1095]479; purifies like a furnace, [1096]480.

Feasts, evil of frequenting, [1097]440; beget envy, [1098]440.

Festival, of Easter an argument for mercy, [1099]355; in celebration of martyrs, [1100]464.

Festus, how approached by St. Paul, [1101]448.

Fingers, unequal, [1102]416.

Fire worshipped by the Persians: then worshipped, [1103]367; rivers of, [1104]386; purgatorial, [1105]387, n.; in a forest, [1106]389; its property of rising, [1107]404; used in torture, [1108]474.

Firmament, use of word, [1109]404.

Fish, [1110]408; caught with baits, [1111]449.

Flavian, Bishop of Antioch, [1112]354, n.; leaves his sister almost dying, [1113]354, [1114]482; his boldness, [1115]355; prayers of, for his people, [1116]482; return from Constantinople, [1117]482; obstacles to his journey, [1118]483; magnanimity of, [1119]483; absent, grieved for Antioch, [1120]484; silent like Moses, [1121]484; will quit Antioch if unpardoned, [1122]488; proofs of forethought for the people, [1123]488.

Flattery of the great, [1124]474.

Flesh, an unruly steed, [1125]334.

Floods, [1126]470.

Flowers, [1127]408; yield a sweeter, than artificial smells, [1128]466.

Folly of laboring for worldly things, and not to be reconciled, [1129]479.

Food, carried away by guests, [1130]38.

Forgiveness of sin by forgiving others, [1131]473; brings our minds into peace, [1132]474.

Fountains, [1133]408.

Fowler, a zealous, [1134]441; enticements of, [1135]449.

Fox, cunning of, [1136]420.

Frailty of the body a cure for pride, [1137]413.

Fraternities for mutual religious help, [1138]417.

Freedom, in righteousness, not immunity from punishment, [1139]386.

Friend, a, shews dissatisfaction by silence, [1140]436.

Fruits of fasting, remain, [1141]459; from bitter roots, [1142]462.

Fund, common, [1143]452.

Gain, whatever promises, to be suspected, [1144]441; from evils, [1145]444.

Games, alluded to, [1146]339, [1147]405; presidents of, [1148]427, n.; participants of, excluded from the Communion, [1149]439, n.

Garment, oiled of wrestlers, [1150]339, n.; miraculous virtue of, [1151]396; a rich, how used, [1152]405.

Gazing at the beauty of a woman a snare, [1153]442.

Gentiles, see [1154]Heathen, signifying a worshipper of God, [1155]423.

Gifts, Divine, on the temple, [1156]456.

Glory of suffering for Christ, [1157]447; not happiness, [1158]460; in shewing mercy, [1159]485.

Gluttony, [1160]357; inexcusable before prayer: incapacitates, [1161]400; cured by considering St. Paul, [1162]450.

God, His work good, [1163]335; power of shewn in weakness, [1164]337, [1165]409; love of Him, its own reward, [1166]338; challenged Satan to try Job, [1167]339; cares more than we for the poor, [1168]341; not to be called in question, [1169]341, [1170]362; afflicts those He loves, [1171]342; His honour to be vindicated, [1172]343, [1173]347; cares for us more than ourselves, [1174]347; never weary of our prayers, [1175]356; blasphemed for our sins, [1176]359; His mighty longsuffering, [1177]361, [1178]362; tempers prosperity and adversity for our good, [1179]366; overrules Satan's worst efforts to his loss, [1180]367; if our friend, nothing matters, [1181]369; cares less for His repute than our salvation, [1182]378; does not punish when the threats affect, [1183]382; overrules the designs of men, [1184]383, [1185]447; judges sinners by the standard of the good, [1186]388; His love shewn in our punishment, [1187]392, [1188]413, [1189]431; otherwise only half good, [1190]392; deals with fallen man as a father, [1191]392, [1192]449; tenderness of in addressing Adam, [1193]393; His walking was in Adam's perception, [1194]396; His providence shewn in making the cure of the soul easy, [1195]397; instructs by the creation, [1196]401; His ordering of the seasons and the day, [1197]402; uses weak instruments to shew His power, [1198]404; glorified man in the works of creation, [1199]405; needs nothing, [1200]410; the source of all things, [1201]410; skill of in human frame, [1202]414; known by His works, [1203]421; mercy and wisdom of bringing Adam to confession, [1204]422; why He delays punishment, [1205]424; His goodness shewn in man's natural love of virtue, [1206]429; the leader of the Jews in war, [1207]435; silence toward Saul from gentleness, [1208]436; turns causes of evil to good, [1209]448; to believers is the whole fountain of cheerfulness, [1210]460; ordains suffering first, [1211]450; unceasingly gracious, [1212]452; reproaches for insensibility to the ills of others, [1213]462; fear of, the foundation of peace, [1214]463; insulted worse than man ever is, [1215]473; our Avenger, and despised when we avenge, [1216]475; like a friend in requiring forgiveness of others, [1217]478; never ceases to entreat us, [1218]478; assists earnest endeavours, [1219]480; exceeds hopes, [1220]482; takes occasion of offences to shew love, [1221]485; overrules all for good, [1222]489.

Gods, heathen, who, [1223]339; the vilest animals made, [1224]409; the Apostles held to be, [1225]409; ambition of some men to be held, [1226]413.

Good, what is, at one time is not always, [1227]401; temporal, yields pleasure to the reverent, [1228]463; temporal, is mutable and insufficient, [1229]460.

Gospel, the book of the, oaths taken on, [1230]443; preaching of promoted by conflicts, [1231]448; like a sunbeam, not bound, [1232]450; portions of worn by women and children, [1233]470.

Government, two sorts of, natural and elective, [1234]391.

Grave, robbing, [1235]393, n.

Greek Church, usage in fasting, [1236]370, n.; Fathers of, opinions of on Purgatory, [1237]387, n.

Gregory, St. Naz, on invocation of the Saints, [1238]390, n.; on Beatitudes, [1239]392, n.

Grief, a medicine only profitable when felt for sin, [1240]375, [1241]390; this the end of it, [1242]375, [1243]390; temporal ills, not cured by, [1244]375; produced by sin, [1245]419.

Grief, a wound, how to be treated, [1246]381; for infants as reasonable as for the dead, [1247]385; makes men inattentive to instruction, [1248]413; spreads darkness over every thing, [1249]426; for the ills of others pleasing to God, [1250]458; a refreshment, [1251]461; fruits of, sweet, [1252]463.

Guilt shared by those who give power to the sinner, [1253]331.

Habits, good to be formed, [1254]363; difficult to be overcome, [1255]388; easy, the subject being hard, [1256]388; mastered in a given time, [1257]370; almost mastered require less pains, [1258]405; in man acquired by free-will, [1259]420; easily conquered by fear, [1260]437; under severe training, [1261]449; easier to be overcome than nature, [1262]469.

Hades, where, according to the heathen, [1263]403, n.

Hair of eyebrows and head, [1264]415.

Hands of God, His power, [1265]403.

Happiness in God alone, [1266]460.

Harlot, bad influences of, [1267]435.

Harm, none to God's people, [1268]378; limited to the sutures of the bones, [1269]415.

Hares, timidity of, [1270]445.

Hatred, to be forsaken, [1271]363; mark of, to avoid naming the person, [1272]393; disquiets, [1273]473; is unbecoming brothers: increases with time, [1274]476; to cease from is not all enough, [1275]478; cherished corrupts fast or feast, [1276]479; pollutes the mind, [1277]479.

Health, won by labour, [1278]352; bad to be borne with patiently, [1279]332; St. Timothy's, no hindrance to his labours, [1280]334; not happiness, [1281]460; by sobriety, [1282]466; ill, an excuse for not fasting, [1283]472, [1284]475.

Hearing without doing of no avail, [1285]379.

Heart, the chief member, well defended, [1286]415.

Heat, properties of, [1287]403, n.

Heathenism, designation of, in Scripture, [1288]367, n.

Heathen, the alleged reason for deifying the universe, [1289]408; by their own folly make idols, [1290]409; philosophers were actors, [1291]465; instructed by the example of Theodosius, [1292]488; the laws of, from the conscience, [1293]423; not responsible without a natural law, [1294]423; not fit instructors for Christians, [1295]445.

Heaven, hope of, [1296]350; not won without labour, [1297]449.

Heavens, sight of, proclaims God: effects of, [1298]401; matter and form of, [1299]404; beauty of, [1300]408; fixed, [1301]419, n.

Hell, fear of, is profitable, [1302]439.

Heralds in the games, [1303]386.

Heretics, found fault with creation, [1304]335; opinions of about the human body, [1305]413.

Hippodrome, [1306]439.

History, design of Scripture viewed as, [1307]410, n.

Honey, water so called, [1308]352; as a feast to Saul's army, resisted, [1309]433.

Honour, bestowed on man in three ways, [1310]391; done to God is rewarded, [1311]446; worldly has no real dignity, [1312]456.

Hope, in God an anchor, [1313]446; makes present ill light, [1314]450.

Horse, inferior to man in the foot, [1315]416.

Hospitality, of Abraham, [1316]349; of Job, [1317]442.

House not to be extravagantly adorned, [1318]349; built on a rock, [1319]365; guarded is not robbed, [1320]439; of mourning and feasting, [1321]440; of the sinner overthrown a witness to all, [1322]259, [1323]466; brought to ruin by neglect of small repairs, [1324]470.

Humility, produced by adversity, [1325]337; scope for in the human frame, [1326]417.

Hunger, gives relish to food, [1327]351.

Hunters, [1328]435.

Husbandry, spiritual, [1329]357, [1330]365; the first art, a school of virtue, [1331]465.

Hut, in the vineyards, [1332]408.

Idolatry, origin of, [1333]337.

Ignorance of men brought out in arguing about nature, [1334]403, n., [1335]421.

Ignorant, the, taught by the creation, [1336]402.

Illuminations, at Antioch, [1337]489.

Image of God, [1338]362; consists of sovereignty, [1339]391.

Implacability, in an enemy, punished by God, [1340]475.

Inattention, at prayers, [1341]394; leaves us without excuse, [1342]473.

Incarnation, alluded to in Job, [1343]339, n.

Indifferent things, to be avoided, [1344]442.

Indignation at the wrongs of others, of nature, [1345]429.

Inferiority of material calls for greater skill, [1346]414.

Inferiors, men are ashamed to sin before, [1347]428.

Inheritance, needs previous training, [1348]450.

Insensibility to the sins of others, [1349]462.

Instincts, [1350]420.

Instruction, spiritual, stored in the mind, [1351]388; like picking a flower, [1352]399; increases obligations, [1353]424; conveyed formerly by things, [1354]401; given in church, [1355]406; to be obeyed on trust, [1356]425; in virtue by temporal ills, [1357]429; requires personal ardor and promptness, [1358]430, [1359]480; like water from a well, for use afterwards, [1360]446; in morals precedes that in revealed truth, [1361]446; inattention to, excused by dullness, [1362]475.

Instruments, weakness of, shews God's power, [1363]409.

Insult, effect of, our own fault: recoils when slighted, [1364]353; towards aggressors an offence to God, [1365]440; from one under high patronage, [1366]444.

Intemperance, before and after fasting, [1367]439.

Intentions, provided by God are rewarded, [1368]341; known to God, [1369]475.

Intercession to be made for Antioch, [1370]346; arguments used in, [1371]383; of the poor, [1372]351, n.; bold, of monks, [1373]453, [1374]454; of saints departed, [1375]389, n.

Invocation of saints and angels, [1376]389, n.

Iron softened by water, [1377]403.

Isaiah commands the sun, [1378]411.

Jacob, his care of Laban's sheep, [1379]354.

Jailor at Philippi, [1380]450.

Jephthah's vow allowed by God, [1381]434.

Jerusalem, temple at, [1382]456; wretchedness of, [1383]457; favours of God bestowed on, [1384]467; a vine, [1385]467.

Jesus of Nazareth, the common name of our Lord, [1386]393, n.

Jews in distress could not listen, [1387]346; reproved for not looking to God, [1388]356; saved by Esther's prayer, [1389]356; oppressed in Egypt to increase their desire of Canaan, [1390]384; would not name Christ from hatred, [1391]393; gave no heed to Moses, [1392]413.

Jewels, the pride of some women, [1393]449.

Job, his character shewn by affliction, [1394]338, [1395]341; his wrestling with Satan: tried as gold, [1396]339; Antioch compared to him, [1397]344; safest when poor, [1398]353; his trust in God, [1399]366; loved before grace, or the old covenant, [1400]366; rewarded for retaining godliness, [1401]369; dunghill of, in Arabia, [1402]371; consolation to be derived from, [1403]371; his body, preciousness of, [1404]371, [1405]372; an instance of the merit of suffering, [1406]385; silence of his friends, [1407]412; a Gentile, [1408]423, n.; his virtue lofty in prosperity and adversity, [1409]442; losses of, led him to God, [1410]445, [1411]461.

John, St., Baptist, to be followed in reproving sin, [1412]343; his martyrdom a warning against oaths, [1413]432, [1414]470.

Jonah's flight of no avail, [1415]378; how taught mercy, [1416]378; forced by God, [1417]382; author of the book of, [1418]480, n.

Jonathan's eating the honey, [1419]434; if slain, a double misery to Saul, [1420]434.

Joseph sold, [1421]363; wept, [1422]488.

Joshua commands the sun's motion, [1423]411.

Joy, from temporal good soon ends, [1424]451; continual under misfortune possible, [1425]459; aim of all, [1426]459; in God, [1427]460; of the world brings loss, [1428]461.

Judge, unjust, parable of, [1429]412; man made, of his own pardon, [1430]477; does not question or correct the culprit, [1431]393; sympathy of the judges at Antioch, [1432]427; rigour of human, [1433]427; shewed mercy upon the intercession of the monks, [1434]453.

Judgment, the last, proved by the afflictions of the saints, [1435]339; riches of no avail in, [1436]349; alms help us in, [1437]351; and mercy, [1438]355; without benefit of others' intercession, [1439]427; rulers threatened with, [1440]453; harsh over others visited on ourselves, [1441]361; rash on others without excuse, [1442]472; temporal, effectual, [1443]481.

Justice, courts of, originated in the natural moral law, [1444]423.

Kidnappers entice by pleasant things, [1445]449.

Kings excel their subjects in wealth, [1446]421; make unreasonable laws, [1447]447; doff their crowns in battle, [1448]447; have more cause for sadness than any, [1449]460; armour of, [1450]467; made glorious by mercy, [1451]485; may easily conquer, but not win, [1452]487.

Knives, feats performed with, [1453]470.

Knowledge of the creation from God, [1454]421; withheld to remove occasion of pride, [1455]421; of God by His works, [1456]421; of good and evil by nature, [1457]428; not for its own sake, [1458]435.

Labour brings sleep, [1459]352; our safest state, [1460]353; spiritual reward of, [1461]357; of life ordained by whom, [1462]384.

Laughter often leads to sin, [1463]442; how to be met, [1464]481.

Law, of Nature (see [1465]Conscience) the ground of Christ's teaching, [1466]428; against criminal suits in Lent, [1467]383, n.; of God takes precedence of human laws, [1468]398; civil, of the heathen, from conscience, [1469]423; of kings not to be questioned, [1470]447.

Lazarus gained a reward, [1471]340, [1472]385; example of, [1473]342, [1474]373; truly rich, [1475]348.

Learning, how long Pambos was learning one verse, [1476]332, n.; without wisdom avails nothing, [1477]465.

Lebanon for Judæa, [1478]467.

Legerdemain, feats of, [1479]470.

Lent, Christian's working time, [1480]357; commencement of, [1481]358, n., [1482]370, n.; precepts to learn in, [1483]363; celebrated with daily sermons, [1484]379, n.; covers sins of the past year, [1485]472.

Leprosy of Miriam, [1486]475.

Lessons, Scripture, in worship, order of, [1487]347, n.; from Jonah's history, [1488]378; from the irrational animals, [1489]420.

Letter of the monks to Theodosius, [1490]454.

Libanius, [1491]394, n.

Life, a burden, a cottage here, in heaven a palace, [1492]372; why made laborious, [1493]384; without religion dull and wearisome, [1494]385; a good, honours God, [1495]405; bordering on sin like walking along a precipice, [1496]443; in the country favourable to virtue, [1497]465.

Litanies, [1498]362, n.

Longsuffering of God, [1499]424.

Loss, by doing one's duty versus the gain, [1500]444; of children no grief to the good, [1501]461.

Love, its own reward, [1502]338, n.; shewn in patient endurance, [1503]341, [1504]342; in perseverance, [1505]342; takes interest in everything, [1506]356; of God absent, causes fear of death, [1507]374; glories in suffering, [1508]448; maternal, [1509]453; delights in all that belongs to the object of it, [1510]474; exercised in great offences, [1511]485; delights in the good of others, [1512]464.

Lucifer, consecrates Paulinus, Bishop of Antioch, [1513]354, n.

Lungs, position of, [1514]415.

Lust, by looking, [1515]443.

Luxury, tendencies of, [1516]442; unfit for trials, [1517]459; untimely in public troubles, [1518]464.

Madmen, never at rest, [1519]474.

Magee, Archbishop, on Sacrifice, [1520]422, n.

Magistrates, out of office bear the same titles, [1521]447.

Magnanimity of monks at Antioch, [1522]453.

Manichees, alluded to, [1523]335.

Manners, purity of, [1524]466.

Marcion, [1525]413, n.

Martyrs, shrines of, places of almsgiving, [1526]340; become mediators, [1527]389, n.

Martyrdom, of Abel, [1528]342; of St. John Baptist, [1529]343; crown of, how to win, [1530]343, [1531]347; has efficacy of Baptism, [1532]376, n.

Masters, approved by their scholars, [1533]455; insulted by injuries done to their servants, [1534]475.

Matter, heretical opinions about, [1535]413, n.

Meal, [1536]399, n.; principal among the Romans was supper, [1537]379, n.

Means effecting opposite ends, [1538]448; all to be adopted to win an enemy, [1539]477.

Mediator, the Bishop so employed with the Emperor, [1540]354.

Medicine, skill required to apply it, [1541]358; the end of, [1542]375; natural, [1543]395; from animals, [1544]395, n.

Meekness of the monks, [1545]455; does not anger an enemy, [1546]475.

Melchisideck a Gentile, [1547]423, n.

Members, the instruments of good and evil according to our choice, [1548]369; each its excellence, [1549]417; one cut off to be reunited, [1550]476.

Membranes, covering the brain, [1551]415.

Memorial, perpetual, of sin, [1552]466.

Men, all have much in common, [1553]343, a spiritual flock, [1554]355; soon tire of other's affairs, [1555]356; images of God, [1556]362; the race after the fall deserved destruction, [1557]392; command over the creation, [1558]411; gentler than brutes, [1559]416; to be measured by virtue, not natural gifts, [1560]457; self-taught in good and evil, [1561]422, [1562]428; in the Arts and Sciences, [1563]423; naturally at enmity with vice, [1564]429; disinterested in love and hatred, [1565]429; of well regulated minds not distracted by events, [1566]459; pleasure the aim of all, [1567]459.

Merchandise, spiritual, in doing God's bidding, [1568]477.

Merchants, labour in hope, [1569]450; cargo not distance their care, [1570]451; labour for enjoyment afterwards, [1571]459.

Mercy, shewn to others, procures mercy for ourselves, [1572]355; of judges at Antioch, [1573]454; makes kings glorious, [1574]485.

Merit, not proved by titles of honour, [1575]477.

Metropolis, avails naught for salvation, [1576]457.

Milk, for children a simile, [1577]401.

Minister, his people's conduct his glory, [1578]347.

Miracles, by relics, [1579]332, [1580]333, [1581]367; power of, limited, [1582]333; does not dispense with fasting, [1583]334; tempt the ignorant to worship men, [1584]338; an extraordinary, [1585]367; of the Apostles, not by their own power, [1586]409.

Miriam's punishment not remitted, [1587]475.

Misfortunes of others open men's hearts, [1588]429, n.; subdue our vanity, [1589]429; light, felt by the rich, [1590]460; without excuse before God, [1591]472.

Monasteries, [1592]455, n.

Monks, services of, [1593]453; effects of their intercession, [1594]454; account of one, [1595]455; undismayed, [1596]463.

Moral and Positive to Laws, difference between, [1597]421; moral teaching, [1598]447.

Mortality, human, for overthrowing pride, [1599]413.

Mortification, spiritual acts of, [1600]379; incumbent on all, [1601]384.

Moses, suffered for doing good, [1602]342; disregarded by the people in extreme distress, [1603]346; wherein he brought honey from the rock, [1604]352; his intercession, [1605]355; rod of, [1606]396; command over created things, [1607]411; his righteousness availed not the Jews, [1608]430.

Mothers miss their children at table, [1609]400; case of a mother at Antioch, [1610]453; grief often relieves, [1611]461.

Mourning, sight of, sobers: reminds of Judgment, [1612]440; calls forth sympathy from enemies, [1613]440.

Mourner, to others like a cloud parted by the sun's rays, [1614]346.

Multitude, the, influenced by fear and threats, [1615]392; of inhabitants avails nothing, [1616]457.

Murder, why not reasoned about, where forbidden, [1617]421; by exacting oaths, [1618]443.

Mutability of earthly good, [1619]460.

Nails, construction of, [1620]416.

Name, calling by, a mark of affection, [1621]393, n.; common to our Lord, [1622]393, n.; of God how pronounced in heaven, [1623]394.

National calamities ought to direct us to God, [1624]346; work national amendments, [1625]366.

Nature, overruled by the piety of Saints, [1626]367; what exists by, comforts, [1627]391; gifts of, commend the Giver, [1628]429; course of, not to be maligned, [1629]442; ties of, are a great obligation, [1630]453.

Nebuchadnezzar, change wrought in him, [1631]386; herald of his own defeat, [1632]386.

Neighbours, spiritual good of, to be furthered, [1633]452; afflictions of, to be shared, [1634]458; good of, an enjoyment, [1635]464.

Night, as good as day, [1636]395; succeeds day without change, [1637]402.

Ninevites, their fasting accepted, [1638]358; why, [1639]359; teach repentance and hope, [1640]376; forsook their sins, the city saved, [1641]377; their disadvantages in comparison with Jews and Christians, [1642]377, [1643]480; complete repentance of, from fear, [1644]480.

Noah, laughed at, [1645]481.

Noise from "spectacles" disturbed divine service, [1646]439.

Number, the, of fellows in sin no profit, [1647]388.

Oaths, testimony of the life instead, [1648]394; how Satan works amidst, [1649]398; only to be taken fasting, [1650]400; have caused the worst evils, [1651]432; binding others more dangerous, [1652]433; at the altar, [1653]443; either superfluous or perjury, [1654]444; caused the ruin of Jerusalem many times, [1655]467; signified in Ezekiel's parable, [1656]467; occasions of admitted by the Fathers, [1657]470, n.

Observances, formal, in religion use of, to good and bad Christians, [1658]479, n.

Occasions, passing, used for instructing, [1659]374, [1660]381, [1661]398, [1662]427, [1663]437, [1664]460, [1665]463, [1666]474.

Occurrences, incidental, often are of God, [1667]382.

Ocean, earth upon the, [1668]403, n.

Offences, of every man against God greater than towards other men, [1669]472; great, an occasion of shewing mercy, [1670]485.

Openness of Christ's declaration to His followers, [1671]449.

Order, in nature and human fellowship proclaims God, [1672]401, [1673]402.

Orders, holy, sin of giving to the unworthy, [1674]331.

Origen, an intercession of Saints, [1675]389, n.

Ownership, unreal and real, [1676]350, [1677]351.

Pambos, how he learned Scripture, [1678]332, n.

Paradise, St. Paul transported to, [1679]447.

Pardon, of others gains our own, [1680]355, [1681]477, [1682]488.

Partners in a shop, [1683]452.

Passion, God free from, [1684]392.

Passover, a time of mercy, [1685]355; reverenced by pardon of offences, [1686]479.

Pastor, bound to suffer for his people, [1687]354; efficacy to his intercessions, [1688]356; how to be regarded by his people, [1689]380; intercourse with each severally, [1690]389; like a husbandman and a pilot, [1691]399; invigorated by success, [1692]399; good of his flock, his good, [1693]412; to be followed trustfully, [1694]425; concern of, for all, [1695]430; living by husbandry: true philosophers, [1696]465.

Patience, [1697]341; of Lazarus, praised by St. Chrysostom, [1698]342, n.; punishes insolence, [1699]353.

Paul, St., teacher of the Gentiles, [1700]332, n.; care for Timothy, [1701]333; distrusted himself, [1702]334; kept humble by affliction, [1703]337; strong though in bonds, [1704]337; his example, [1705]342; hindered by Satan, [1706]342; adapts himself to hearers, [1707]349; his labours and reward, [1708]353; reproved sin, [1709]359, eagerness to die, [1710]373, [1711]385; advantages of Christians over St. Paul, [1712]373; his garments, virtue of, [1713]396; more than a lion, [1714]397; his illustrations from nature, [1715]407; recollection of his sins, [1716]419; proves a natural law, [1717]423; concern about one incestuous person, [1718]430; dangers of, for his mending, [1719]431; counted all things loss, [1720]441; feels paternal anxiety, [1721]443; glories in his sufferings for Christ, [1722]447, [1723]462; attempts to convert his judges, [1724]448; recommends continual joy, [1725]459; greatness of, in hiding good deeds, [1726]483.

Paulinus, Bishop of Antioch, [1727]354, n.

Peacock, [1728]408.

Penalty for swearing, [1729]389, [1730]399.

Penitential acts of use, [1731]378.

Penitents, discipline of, [1732]472, n.

Pentateuch, [1733]394, n.

Perfection, precepts of, [1734]348, [1735]349; how attained, [1736]370; St. Paul's height within the reach of every one, [1737]373; of art in the temple, [1738]456.

Perfume, spiritual, [1739]406; of flowers the best, [1740]466.

Perjury from the habit of swearing, in two ways, [1741]432, [1742]438; of both persons swearing the contrary, [1743]432; who forces another to, is guilty himself, [1744]432, [1745]439; the object of Satan, [1746]433; guilt of, shared by those privy to it, [1747]434; manifold from one oath, [1748]436.

Persecutors, benefitted by the virtue of their victims, [1749]387.

Perseverance in prosperity a test of virtue, [1750]452.

Peter, St., the first to preach Christ, [1751]356.

Pharisee, fasted in vain, [1752]357; his evil speaking, [1753]359.

Philoponus on the heavens, [1754]419, n.

Philosophers, cowardice of the heathen, [1755]454; the simple made, [1756]466.

Philosophy of this world shrinks from danger, [1757]454; worldly, falsified by deeds, [1758]455; pagan, is but in the garb, [1759]465; like a sword with a silver hilt and leaden blade, [1760]465; heathen, taught a few only, [1761]466.

Physician, spiritual, [1762]360, [1763]394; cures by contraries, [1764]378.

Piety, the chief good, [1765]369; abides, [1766]451.

Pilgrimages, [1767]340; to the dunghill of Job, [1768]371; use of, [1769]467.

Pilot, [1770]408; his chief concern, [1771]399; in storms, [1772]446, [1773]483.

Place, importance of, for the delivery of the law, [1774]394.

Plato, [1775]402, n.; on the human body, [1776]413, n.; on the motions of heavenly bodies, [1777]419, n.

Players, deprived of the holy Communion, [1778]439, n.

Pleasure depends on relish, [1779]352; present diminished, pain in view, [1780]450.

Plural number, use of, [1781]481, n.

Pole, balancing, [1782]470.

Poor, God's care for, [1783]341; represent Christ for us, [1784]349; trust in God, [1785]351; relish food and sleep, [1786]352.

Porch, of church for penitents, [1787]472, n.

Porphyrio, a bird greatly esteemed, [1788]408, n.

Porters, cajoled for favours, [1789]474.

Pot, the golden, of the temple, [1790]467.

Poverty, a benefit and protection, [1791]342, [1792]353, [1793]372; of Elijah, [1794]353; of Job, [1795]442; alleged to excuse almsgiving, [1796]475.

Power, of injuring the just, why granted, [1797]386; taken away easily, [1798]451; of judges, [1799]454.

Practice, laxity of, causes death to be feared, [1800]375; a matter of choice and endeavours, [1801]428; right, impossible without fear of God, [1802]439; the season of, is the test of religion, [1803]446; without questioning, [1804]447; of Saints proves Scripture, [1805]455.

Praise, of one another beside the purpose, [1806]380; to be suspected, [1807]441; of men from reconciliation, [1808]479.

Prayer, the only resource in trouble, [1809]346; power of, [1810]351; recommended, [1811]354, [1812]356; united powerful, [1813]356; of women, [1814]356; to be persevered in, [1815]362; inattention at, [1816]394, [1817]472; natural as a way of assisting the distressed, [1818]426; penitential, a special kind, [1819]427, n.; fruit of, never lost, [1820]451; most needful after deliverance, [1821]452; for fellows in affliction, [1822]458; the Lord's, taught in Baptism, [1823]355, n.; how entitled, [1824]478, n.; not to be used by halves, [1825]478.

Preaching, suits not extreme distress, [1826]346; may solace the suffering, [1827]346; to be heard for improvement, [1828]347; of the Gospel not bound as the preacher, [1829]450.

Precepts, three proposed to be learnt, [1830]363; moral without the reason, [1831]421; of the Gospel better carried in heart than on paper, [1832]470.

Preservation of the world by God, [1833]403.

Pride, [1834]348; how to check, in the rich, [1835]349; evil of, [1836]350; spiritual, on account of good works, [1837]337; remedied by considering the weakness of the body, [1838]413, [1839]417; preceded by ignorance, [1840]421.

Priest, our wound to be shewn to, [1841]360, n.; consoles the afflicted in adversity, [1842]483.

Prison, likeness to, [1843]345; emptied at Easter, [1844]383, [1845]486; senate of Antioch confined in, [1846]458, n.

"Prisoner," more glorious than any title to St. Paul, [1847]447.

Prodigal, the, unfit to manage an inheritance, [1848]450.

Promises, of God infinitely excellent, [1849]451.

Prophecy, not false because not accomplished, [1850]376.

Prosperity, no ground for security, [1851]369, [1852]450; present, heightened by contrast, [1853]425; transient, [1854]427.

Proverbial sayings against Providence, [1855]341, n.; of contempt for others, [1856]343.

Providence, denied by some, [1857]341; shewn in apparently accidental cases, [1858]382, [1859]383; in the deliverance of His children, [1860]386; in the use of weak means, [1861]404; proved from the human body, [1862]407; in Flavian's journey, [1863]483.

Publican, accepted without fasting, [1864]358.

Punishment, a medicine, [1865]375; of the prosperous twofold, [1866]384; inflicted by parents, [1867]392; severest for sins easily avoided, [1868]411; delayed for repentance, [1869]424; inflicted on Antioch beneficial, [1870]455; of an inexorable enemy, [1871]475.

Purgatory, doctrine of, [1872]387, n.

Pusillanimity, to be always dwelling on miseries, [1873]391; to look to man for comfort, [1874]445.

Questions, raised to win attention, [1875]333; on the permission of suffering, [1876]336, [1877]340; on brute animals fasting, [1878]358.

Quinquagesima, [1879]358, n.

Racing, ill effects of, [1880]442.

Rank not to be regarded in rebuking vice, [1881]430.

Reason, appropriates the superior powers of brutes, [1882]416; does not constrain, [1883]428, n.; given to avoid sin, [1884]441.

Reasons, of God s works, a few revealed, [1885]421; of God's laws not to be required, [1886]447.

Recollection of past evils useful, [1887]418.

Reconciliation, the one seeking has the whole merit, [1888]474; endeavours after, always acceptable to God, [1889]475; imputed to wrong motives, [1890]476; to God by the Crucifixion, [1891]476; every day makes, more difficult, [1892]476; only to please God, [1893]477; a cause of forgiveness, [1894]477; repulses must not quell, [1895]478; very easy, [1896]479.

Reflection on words of Scripture, [1897]391; from the sight of grief, [1898]440; on being laughed at for doing right, [1899]481.

Reformation, spiritual, of the community, rapid when begun, [1900]389; at Antioch, [1901]455.

Relics of Timothy expelled demons, [1902]332; of the Apostles, [1903]333; of Job in great repute, [1904]371; virtue of, [1905]389, n.; of martyrs expelled demons, [1906]396.

Relief from grieving, [1907]462.

Religion, how designated in Scripture, [1908]367, n.; training in, increases obligation, [1909]373; not to left to the clergy, [1910]384.

Reminding one another of duties, [1911]399.

Remission from God, according to our excusing, [1912]477; full, by full, [1913]478.

Repairs, small, neglected, bring ruin, [1914]470.

Repentance, pardon offered to, [1915]362; time given for, [1916]363; procures the removal of evils, [1917]376; speedy, from fear of God, [1918]480; duty of bringing others to, [1919]481.

Reproach felt as a wrong, [1920]428; a spur to amendment, [1921]429.

Reproof to be administered in love, [1922]343, [1923]359; calls forth love, [1924]344; an improvement of our talent, [1925]348.

Repulse, no excuse for not being reconciled, [1926]472, [1927]478.

Resentment is a practice of malice, [1928]476; excludes from the holy Communion, [1929]476; precluded by considering our sins, [1930]472, [1931]473; continually forbidden, [1932]473; madness: punished here and hereafter, [1933]474; merits the worst punishment, [1934]474; the most inexcusable of all sins, [1935]475; gives advantage to Satan: is contempt of God, [1936]477; unjust toward our worst foes, [1937]473.

Reserve, practised by St. Paul and our Lord, [1938]349.

Responsibility from religious instruction, [1939]398, [1940]424.

Rest, must be preceded by tribulation, [1941]366.

Restraint upon vice provided by God, [1942]429; human on our freedom submitted to, [1943]447; tribulation is, [1944]452.

Resurrection, proved by afflictions of the Saints, [1945]339; hope of, removes fear of death, [1946]373.

Revelation by letters would have availed the learned and the rich only, [1947]401; by things is understood by all men, [1948]401.

Reward bestowed for pains, not natural gifts, [1949]429; temporal and spiritual contrasted, [1950]451; of grieving over the sins of others, [1951]462.

Rich, the, more miserable than the poor, [1952]460.

Riches, the true, [1953]348, [1954]351, [1955]353; earthly, vanity of, [1956]348; wherein not forbidden, [1957]348; an encumbrance, [1958]349; where to deposit, [1959]349, [1960]350; the use of, only ours, [1961]350; why not given equally, [1962]351; drive men to mean arts, [1963]353; a means of virtue, [1964]442; liability to loss of, [1965]451; not happiness, [1966]460.

Ridicule, for well-doing, how to be met, [1967]481.

Righteous, arms of, [1968]397; overthrow demons, [1969]397; never sad, [1970]461; alone happy, [1971]462.

Robes, rich, look best on ourselves, [1972]380.

Roman Catholic Church on Eucharist, [1973]444, n.

Roots, bitter, sweet fruits from, [1974]462.

Rope walking, [1975]470.

Ruin of Jerusalem by breaking oaths, [1976]469.

Rule self-imposed for the cure of faults, [1977]471.

Rulers, God arms, [1978]381; fear of, proper, [1979]381; like the supports of a building, [1980]382.

Sabbath, why enjoined in Decalogue, [1981]422; made a type of the Lord's Day, [1982]422, n.

Sacrament, more than Elisha had, [1983]353.

Sacrifice, a dictate of the natural law, [1984]422, n.; unbloody, [1985]472.

Sadness, darkens the sight, [1986]346; of the rich, [1987]459.

Saints, especially assailed, [1988]334, [1989]342; eight reasons why afflicted, [1990]336; their power from God, [1991]338; motives of, for serving Him, [1992]338; not to be worshipped, [1993]338, n.; ninth and tenth reason why afflicted, [1994]340; their countenance, [1995]355; a few save their country, [1996]356; effects of their sanctity on nature, [1997]367; daunted by nothing, [1998]368; surmount all natural ills, [1999]375; the more tried, the more glorious, [2000]386; meekness of, when magnified by men, [2001]386; departed, intercession of, [2002]389, n.; unconcern for their own safety, [2003]448; the living, proclaim the virtues of their teachers, [2004]455; joy of, under trouble wonderful, [2005]461.

Salvation, obtained by few without threats, [2006]392; precepts of, not hindered by the body, [2007]472.

Sand, the boundary of the sea, [2008]404; house built on, [2009]446.

Satan aims most at the advanced, [2010]334, [2011]342; messengers of, [2012]337; would have men reckoned gods, [2013]338; called to account by Jehovah, [2014]338; accuses Job, [2015]339; assails him, [2016]339; foiled by Job's patience, [2017]341; man has nothing in common with, [2018]343; his rage against Antioch, [2019]344; how he resisted, [2020]357; his spite at Job, [2021]366; greatest efforts abortive, [2022]367, [2023]386; most defeated by the righteous in adversity, [2024]371; arts of, to keep alive anger, [2025]398; attempts of, thwarted by God, [2026]419, [2027]439; specially flourishes amidst oaths, [2028]433; agency of, in the case of Saul and the honey, [2029]434, [2030]436; reason of, urging Jonathan to eat, [2031]434; a fowler, [2032]441; service of, often hard, [2033]469; author of swearing, [2034]470; our sole enemy, [2035]476; disappointed at the Emperor's clemency, [2036]485.

Saul, would not from hatred name David, [2037]393; his prohibition to eat defeated, [2038]433, [2039]436; rashness of, [2040]433, [2041]436; grief over Jonathan's confession, [2042]436; likely consequences of his oath, [2043]437.

Scene of remarkable events affects us, [2044]467.

School, severity of, [2045]381, [2046]449.

Sciences, application to spiritual subjects, [2047]407.

Scripture Holy, as a lyre and a trumpet, [2048]331; flowery meadow, [2049]331; a mine of wisdom, [2050]332; to be alleged in teaching, [2051]336, [2052]337; allegorical sense of, [2053]338, n.; course of reading, [2054]347, [2055]348, [2056]358, ns.; food from, [2057]348; consolation from every part of, [2058]391, [2059]394; an instance, [2060]391; not needed in the first ages, [2061]400; entirely agrees, [2062]403; slowness in explaining, [2063]446; sense of, with the clergy, [2064]447; accounts of the faithful verified in living Saints, [2065]455.

Seal, set on confiscated houses, [2066]427.

Seasons, order and harmony of, [2067]402.

Secresy, a sign of guilt, [2068]360.

Sedition, state of Antioch after, [2069]344, sqq.; raised by a few strangers, [2070]347, [2071]355, [2072]381; offenders in, punished, [2073]362; what befel messengers of, [2074]382; how punished, [2075]455; turned to the honour of the city, Bishop and Emperor, [2076]482.

Self-possession, the best defence against dangers, [2077]446.

Septuagint, followed by St. Chrysostom, [2078]340, n.

Sermons, daily during Lent, [2079]379, n.

Servants, sitting with, [2080]345; consulting with, [2081]363; dare not name their masters, [2082]394; runaway, how they break their chains, [2083]403; their spiritual good, needs attention, [2084]405; have masters to overcome sloth, [2085]429; flogging of, [2086]432; not remitting debts at their master's bidding, [2087]478.

Servility to the powerful, [2088]474, n.

Severity before indulgence, [2089]449.

Shame, of sinning before inferiors, [2090]428; of not serving God better after great mercies, [2091]438; to wait for advances to reconciliation, [2092]474.

Sheep, parable of, [2093]430.

Ship without pilot and crew, [2094]408.

Shipwreck in retrospect, [2095]426; spectators of, help by their prayers, [2096]426; of the state, [2097]452.

Sick, the, glutton a pitiable object, [2098]387.

Sickle, flying, seen by the Prophet, [2099]443.

Sickness, borne cheerfully, [2100]332; no bar to zeal, [2101]334; proves wealth vain, [2102]351; no great evil, [2103]397; past is pleasant to remember, [2104]420; an instructor, [2105]429; of St. Chrysostom, [2106]464.

Silence, from suspicion, [2107]426.

Significant, [2108]480; the only hope of offenders, [2109]484.

Simplicity of the country clergy, [2110]465; of the Apostles, [2111]466.

Sin, most hurtful in good men, [2112]334; comes not of God's work, [2113]335; pardon of, through affliction, [2114]340, [2115]387; shared by indifference, [2116]348; how focused in pride, [2117]348; pardon of, through alms, [2118]351; through forgiving others, [2119]355; by Priests, [2120]356; on repentance, [2121]362; to be reproved, [2122]360; our own to be examined, [2123]360; sure to find us out, [2124]363, [2125]378; removed through tribulation, [2126]365, [2127]385; alone to be dreaded, [2128]372, [2129]374, [2130]387; blotted out by grief, [2131]376, [2132]461; by death, [2133]376, [2134]390; here punished better, [2135]385; is misery punishment aside, [2136]387; strikes dumb, [2137]393; consciousness of makes cowards, [2138]396; makes vulnerable, [2139]397; to abstain from, no labour, [2140]398; those easily avoided most punished, [2141]411; forgiven, not to be forgotten, [2142]418; the skein of our, [2143]433; increased by frequent instruction, [2144]438; remitted in the Eucharist, [2145]444, n.; is dishonour, [2146]456; great witness against, perpetuated, [2147]466; excludes from holy Communion, [2148]472; all, exposed at the Judgment, [2149]430.

Sinner, the, like chaff, [2150]397.

Sisters dividing an inheritance in peace, [2151]402.

Slander, to be buried, [2152]360; a snare of Satan, [2153]360.

Sleep, sweet to the weary, [2154]352; a medicine, [2155]395.

Sloth, requires chastisement, [2156]431; banished by fear, [2157]439; danger of, under prosperity, [2158]452, [2159]463.

Snares, beset us on all sides, [2160]440; wife, children, etc., may become, [2161]441; same, catch men again, [2162]441.

Sobriety, needful before going to church, [2163]400; of country people, [2164]466.

Socrates, on the faculty of women for learning, [2165]470, n.; opinions on punishment, [2166]375, n.

Sodom, its greatness no defense, [2167]456; a perpetual witness, [2168]466.

Soldiers, Christians are, [2169]357; Christian, incapacitated by dread, [2170]376; employed at the trials at Antioch, [2171]426; intemperate particularly in battle, [2172]433; on guard prevent robbers, [2173]439; alert for conquest, [2174]459; reverence their officers, [2175]472.

Solomon, made trial of luxury, [2176]352; his thoughts on mirth, [2177]440; learned in Art and Science by God, [2178]456.

Sores, treatment of, [2179]387.

Sorrow, an occasion of joy to Saints, [2180]461.

Soul, the, to be adorned for Christ's dwelling, [2181]350; medicine for, [2182]358; the only proper object of concern, [2183]397; subject to infirmity to prevent pride, [2184]414; wounded by swearing, [2185]438; stedfast, is proof against danger, [2186]446; of unconverted, an old wine-skin, [2187]449; philosophy of the even, in all events, [2188]454; dignity of, in virtue, [2189]457; like the body as affected from without, [2190]462; the seat of philosophy, [2191]465; beauty of, to be admired, [2192]466; under the fear of God like a rusty tool in the furnace, [2193]480; sign of greatness of, looking to God, [2194]482.

Spark, falling on the ocean, [2195]460.

Speculations, on the Universe above us, [2196]411; folly of, [2197]421; improper on Divine commands, [2198]447.

Speech, how precious, is certain, [2199]332; how restrained, [2200]397.

Spider, not esteemed because he toils for himself, [2201]420.

Spirit Holy, gives matter for discourse, [2202]332, [2203]347; all His gifts munificent, [2204]332; His gold needs His flame, [2205]332; enters not where wrath is, [2206]479.

Stability, type of, [2207]402.

Stadium, [2208]416, n.

Stars, like flowers, [2209]408.

State, without Rulers, illustrated, [2210]381; dependence of members on each other in, [2211]417; not saved by multitude, [2212]457.

Statuary's skill on rude materials, [2213]414.

Statues, of the Emperor demolished, [2214]344; a device of Satan, [2215]439; Theodosius's mother and wife, dishonoured, [2216]484, n.; for humaneness, [2217]485; of Constantine, dishonoured, [2218]485.

Stibadium, [2219]489, n.

Storm, approaching, [2220]446.

Striving, lawful, what, [2221]357, n.

Substance, [2222]362.

Suffering, for Christ, our glory, [2223]447; fellowship in, soothes, [2224]339.

Sun, transcends nature, [2225]404; a bridegroom: not a god, [2226]410; in constant motion, [2227]419.

Superfluous, what seems, may be full of Divine wisdom, [2228]332.

Surfeit, breaks sleep, [2229]352.

Suspiciousness from guilt, [2230]396.

Swearer, ought to reflect on martyrdom of St. John B., [2231]432; house of, ruined, [2232]443.

Swearing, [2233]363, [2234]370, [2235]379, [2236]394, [2237]417, [2238]424, [2239]443; easily overcome, [2240]370, [2241]379, [2242]388, [2243]398, [2244]437; methods of overcoming, [2245]370, [2246]379; the excuse answered when imposed by another, [2247]380, [2248]398; no excuse that others swear, [2249]388; insult to God shewn by, [2250]304; substitute for, [2251]398, [2252]481; mode adopted to overcome, [2253]399; the easier the worse, [2254]411; abstaining from a Divine precept, [2255]425; of contraries common in many relations, [2256]432; Satan lies in wait for, [2257]432, [2258]433; doubling of Saul in, [2259]437; to abstain from easier than to obey the Emperor, [2260]437; forbidden by Christ, [2261]444; worse in Christians than in Jews, [2262]469; comes of negligence, [2263]470; all, from Satan, [2264]470; difficulty of curing, imaginary, [2265]479; not to be cured little by little, [2266]480.

Sympathy in the joy of others, [2267]429.

Synagogue at Daphne, [2268]457, n.

Table of spiritual food from Holy Writ, [2269]348; of the rich not relished, [2270]351.

Talents, parable of, [2271]348; ten thousand, parable of, [2272]355, [2273]478.

Tarentines, drunkenness and luxury of, [2274]400, n.

Taxes, [2275]363, [2276]398; indignation caused by, [2277]374.

Teacher, the, a title of St. Paul, [2278]332; to take fit seasons, [2279]413; number of natural, [2280]430; differs from the artificer as to consequences, shares in the merit of his scholars, [2281]487.

Temperance, naturally approves itself, [2282]428; practice of severe, [2283]429.

Temple, the, honoured by God, dishonoured by sinners, [2284]456.

Thankfulness, in trouble rewarded, [2285]341.

Thanksgiving, contrasted with blasphemy, [2286]342; [2287]343, equals cross-bearing, [2288]385; for favours procures others, [2289]412; repeated, [2290]412, [2291]425, [2292]450; in distress, [2293]452; for evils, [2294]489.

Theatres, forbidden, [2295]359; one opposite the church, [2296]439; cause many evils, [2297]442, [2298]455.

Theodosius, statues of, thrown down, [2299]344, [2300]362; embassy to, [2301]354; hopes from his piety and clemency, [2302]355, [2303]356, [2304]453, [2305]457; baptized, [2306]355; compared to Ahasuerus, [2307]356; tax levied by, [2308]361, n.; not present when insulted, [2309]362; his religious character, [2310]383, [2311]487; opposite acts from, [2312]383, n.; closing of the baths, [2313]437; stopped public amusements as a punishment, [2314]455; like a father in demeaning Antioch, [2315]455; reverence of, for Priests, [2316]483; reception of Flavian, [2317]484; his upbraiding, restitution produced, [2318]485; greater in pardoning than in succouring Antioch, [2319]486; by pardoning shews the power of Christianity, [2320]486; reasons for his expecting a reward from God, [2321]487; an example to posterity, [2322]487; bidden to consider the Judgment, [2323]488; pardons Antioch, imitating Jesus, [2324]488; proofs of his entire forgiveness, [2325]488.

Thessalonica, massacre at, [2326]383, n.

Thirst gives relish to drink, [2327]352.

Thoughts, bad, how dispelled, [2328]331; government of, [2329]357.

Three Children, delivered by prayer, [2330]367; song of, in use every where and always, [2331]367, n.; a surpassing miracle variously tried upon, [2332]367; the reverse of the idolaters, [2333]368; example of, [2334]376, [2335]385; they and their executioners like gold and hay, [2336]385; freedom and wisdom of, [2337]386; motives in disobeying the king, [2338]387.

Times, stated, proper for contending with particular bad habits, [2339]370, [2340]388; different things for different times, [2341]401.

Timothy, St., power of, with God, [2342]332; his labours, [2343]333, [2344]335; his abstinence, [2345]333; spiritual son and yokefellow to St. Paul, [2346]334; resolution in self-discipline, [2347]335.

Title, the most illustrious of St. Paul's, [2348]447; of worldly dignity soon perishes, [2349]447; of metropolis taken from Antioch, [2350]455.

Tongue, a snare, [2351]443.

Torture, by scourging, [2352]426, [2353]474, n.

Translation of Scriptures, source of error in, [2354]405, n.

Transubstantiation, [2355]354, n.

Treason, a subject of fear to kings, [2356]460.

Trees, each kind has its excellence, [2357]417; roots of, bitter, [2358]462.

Trials at Antioch, terrors of, [2359]426, [2360]453; painful instance at, [2361]426.

Tribulation of Saints a means of pardon, [2362]340; increased reward, [2363]340, [2364]342; a sign of God's love, [2365]342, temptation by, [2366]342; permitted for good, [2367]344, [2368]365; a seed time, [2369]364; a rain, [2370]365; strengthens the good, [2371]366; not removed until amendment, [2372]366; exalts men, [2373]369; suffering unjustly like to, [2374]385; comes before joy, [2375]449; present, subdued by bright prospect, [2376]450; to the godly like a spark on the ocean, [2377]460.

Tribunals, secular, closed at midday, why, [2378]160; at Antioch, [2379]426.

Truth, shadows of, attained by the heathen, [2380]386, n.; to be applied variously, [2381]435.

Tutors compel to good conduct, [2382]453.

Unbelievers, how affected by the example of Christians, [2383]405, [2384]486.

Union of men for various purposes, [2385]452.

Valens excommunicated, [2386]481, n.

Valentinus on matter, [2387]413, n.

Vanity, being subject to, [2388]411.

Vengeance on our enemies defeats its own end, [2389]475; God the Judge for, [2390]475.

Venture, by heathens acting upon Prophecy, [2391]377; its lessons, [2392]401.

Verses, division of, in Bible among the ancients, [2393]446, n.

Vessels, earthen, [2394]409.

Vice, hatred of, while followed, [2395]429.

View, from the top of mountains, [2396]441.

Vine, Jerusalem so called, [2397]467.

Virgin, the, Mary, invocation of, [2398]389, n.

Virgins, the ten, parable of, [2399]388; dancing, [2400]402; God's disapproval manifested through, [2401]434.

Virtue, like a fine dress, looks best on the person, [2402]380; applauded by its opponents, [2403]387; a blessing, reward aside, [2404]387; some, natural, [2405]429; promoted by teachers, [2406]429; school of, war, [2407]435; bred by fear, [2408]439; fruit of, rooted above, [2409]451; test by perseverance in prosperity, [2410]452; the defence of a people, [2411]456; easier in country life, [2412]465.

Void, meaning in Gen. i., [2413]391, n.

Voyage, length of, no help to the merchant, [2414]451.

Vow, of Jephthah, what resulted, [2415]454.

War, a religious matter with the Jews, [2416]435; defeat in from sin, [2417]435.

Warriors, great, by their presence secure victory, [2418]454.

Washing of hands before taking the Bible, [2419]394; before receiving the sacred elements, [2420]479.

Watchfulness over those in our charge, [2421]354; needed especially after deliverances, [2422]453.

Water, honey to the thirsty, [2423]352; bearing the earth a marvel, [2424]403; fixed in the heavens unnatural, [2425]404; in constant motion, [2426]419; drawing of, [2427]446.

Wicked, often prosper here, [2428]340.

Wilkinson on the dancing represented in hieroglyphics, [2429]470, n.

Will, rests with, to cure the soul, [2430]397; in man effects what nature does in brutes, [2431]420.

Wings of zeal, [2432]335; of birds, use of, [2433]441; of the flying sickle, [2434]443.

Wine, use of, lawful, [2435]333, [2436]348; to be used for health, [2437]335; perfumed, [2438]352.

Wine-skin, [2439]449.

Winter, good of, felt afterwards, [2440]459.

Wisdom, force of, upon the wicked, [2441]386; to be alone sought, [2442]463; among the humble, [2443]465.

Wives have husbands as instructors, [2444]430; keeping to, [2445]435.

Women, their prayers heard, [2446]356; at Antioch, wretchedness during disorder, [2447]427; case of two, [2448]426; delight in their jewels, [2449]449; cured of finery by the thoughts of St. Paul, [2450]450; dancing, [2451]470.

Woods, rot from immersion, [2452]403.

Word of God never fails, [2453]377; sufficient to effect any thing, [2454]410.

Words, exact use of, [2455]332; not necessary for instruction, [2456]402.

Wordsworth's Vernal Ode, [2457]420, n.

Works, good, may breed presumption, [2458]337; to be persevered in, [2459]343; needful with fasting, [2460]359; each man's, the measure of his moral nature, [2461]430; bring joy, [2462]451; laid up in heaven, [2463]451.

Workshops closed, [2464]439.

World, its wisdom vain, [2465]332; Christians in, are strangers, [2466]457; converted by simple men, [2467]466.

Worm, undying, [2468]473.

Wounds of the soul, [2469]438.

Wrath of God pacified by our forgiveness, [2470]473.

Wrestlers, stripped for contest, [2471]339, [2472]357; give advantage to shew their skill, [2473]339, n.; rules for, [2474]357, n.; must strive, [2475]364, n.; tried in the lists, [2476]446.

Xenophon, on dancing, [2477]470, n.

Youth requires discipline, [2478]334.

Zeal overcomes infirmity, [2479]335; and difficulties, [2480]342; of one reforms many, [2481]344; of inhabitants of Antioch for the faith, [2482]456.

Zedekiah's oath brought ruin, [2483]468; a witness against breaking oaths, [2484]469.

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