Bowed with Grief and Anguish Low,
tr., John Brownlie


Bowed with grief and anguish low,

Weary with the clouded way;

Soul of mine, to Christ I'll go,

All my grief before Him lay:

Tell Him, 'neath the willow shade,

Ah! too long my stay is made.


Is there joy by Babel's streams, --

Mute the harp on willow hung,

Ne'er a sunglint or a beam,

Heart, as well as harp unstrung?

Soul of mine, awake! arise!

Seek the sunland and the skies.


There the palms in triumph wave,

And the stream life giving flows;

Up, my soul, be strong, be brave,

After night the morning glows,

For the willow's weeping shade

Marks the place where vows are made.


Sprigs of willow, leaves of palm,

Days of grief, and hours of song;

Nights of storm and morning calm,

Come alternate all life long;

Soul of mine, the shade of woe

Leads to where the palm leaves grow.


Lead me, O Thou Christ of God,

Where the willows weeping sigh;

Safe the way that Thou hast trod,

E'en with dangers lurking nigh, --

Past the willows and the grave,

To the land where palm trees wave.


Willows by earth's waters weep,

Palm trees wave beneath its sun;

Christ, my wandering footsteps keep,

Till my pilgrimage is done,

Where no willow marks a grave,

And the palms triumphant wave.

the burden of my sin
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