Now, God of Light, the Morn Appears,

tr., John Brownlie


Now, God of Light, the morn appears,

And life revives, and beauty glows;

The night has gone with all its fears,

And lo! the light in brightness grows.


Thine be the glory, God of Light,

For all the joy from morn that springs;

O may a morn dispel each night,

And bless our lives with beauteous things.


Give us this day the light that dwells

In every heart Thy presence fills;

That night with all its fears dispels,

And life, and hope, and joy instils.


Then shall our nights no darkness bring,

But morn, bright morn, for ever shine;

And when night spreads her dusky wings,

More bright shall be the light divine.


All praise to Thee, the God of Light;

All praise to Christ, the glorious Son;

And to the Spirit, Lord of might,

Now, and while endless ages run.

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