What Pleases God.


"Whatsoever the Lord pleased, that did he in heaven, and in earth, in the seas, and all deep places." -- Psalm 135:6.

"Was Gott gefaellt, mein frommes Kind."


transl., Sarah Findlater, 1858

What God decrees, child of His love,

Take patiently, though it may prove

The storm that wrecks thy treasure here,

Be comforted! thou needst not fear

What pleases God.

The wisest will is God's own will;

Rest on this anchor, and be still;

For peace around thy path shall flow,

When only wishing here below

What pleases God.

The truest heart is God's own heart,

Which bids thy grief and fear depart;

Protecting, guiding, day and night,

The soul that welcomes here aright

What pleases God.

Oh! Could I sing, as I desire,

My grateful voice should never tire,

To tell the wondrous love and power,

Thus working out, from hour to hour,

What pleases God.

The King of kings, He rules on earth,

He sends us sorrow here, or mirth,

He bears the ocean in His hand;

And thus we meet, on sea or land,

What pleases God.

His Church on earth He dearly loves,

Although He oft its sin reproves;

The rod itself, His love can speak,

He smites till we return to seek

What pleases God.

Then let the crowd around thee seize

The joys that for a season please,

But willingly their paths forsake,

And for thy blessed portion take

What pleases God!

Art thou despised by all around?

Do tribulations here abound?

Jesus will give the victory,

Because His eye can see in thee

What pleases God.

Thy heritage is safe in heaven:

There, shall the crown of joy be given;

There, shalt thou hear, and see, and know,

As thou couldst never here below,

What pleases God.

sabbath hymn
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