To a Dying Child.


"Zeuch-hin, mein kind."

[8]Gottfried Hoffmann.

transl., Jane Borthwick

Depart, my child! the Lord thy spirit calls

To leave a world of woe:

Sad on my heart the heavenly summons falls,

Yet since He wills it so,

I calm the rising agitation,

And say, with humble resignation,

Depart, my child!

Depart, my child! lent for a little while

Our drooping hearts to cheer;

Dear is thy loving voice, thy gentle smile.

Ah! who cau tell how dear?

The sands are run, too quickly falling:

The Giver comes, His own recalling.

Depart! my Child!

Depart! my child! enjoy in heaven's pure day

What earth must still deny;

Here, many a storm awaits thy longer way,

And many a tear thine eye.

Go, where the flowers have never faded,

Where love may smile unchilled, unshaded.

Depart, my child!

Depart, my child! soon shall we meet again

In the good land of rest:

Thou goest, happy one! ere grief or pain

Have reached thy gentle breast.

Happy, our thorny path forsaking,

From life's vain dream so early waking.

Depart, my child!

Depart, my child! angels are bending down

To set thy spirit free;

The Saviour holds in heaven the golden crown

He won on earth for thee.

Yes! now in Him thou art victorious:

Go, share His rest and triumph glorious.

Depart, my child!

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