Ministering Angels.


"Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?" -- Heb.1:14.

"Um die Erd' und um ihr Kinder."


transl., Jane Borthwick or Sarah Findlater

Round this earth, and round her children,

Floats a spirit land unseen;

When our earthly course is ended,

When the veil shall rise between,

When we cross this mortal threshold,

When we take our heavenward way,

Angel brothers shall uphold us --

Brothers of Eternity.

God's own children, pure and holy!

You the messengers He sends;

'Tis an ever sweet remembrance,

That you are our guardian friends, --

That you watch our life-long journey,

That, unseen, you oft are near,

Holy thoughts and deeds to strengthen,

Or to dry the mourner's tear.

Who would not retreat in terror

From the evil yet undone;

Who not turn with shame and monrning,

From the evil course begun?

Who would e'er be found forgetful

Of his calling and his vow,

If the thought had only risen,

"Angels are among us now?"

Rise, my soul, in heart to meet them,

When this earth would chain thee fast;

Rise among these free-born spirits,

When her coils are round thee cast.

Be courageous, 'tis thy journey

Out of darkness into light;

God and angels are around thee,

Tremble not, but rise and fight.

funeral hymn
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