God Calling Yet.


"Unto you, O men, I call; and my voice is to the sons of man." -- Prov.8:4.

"Gott rufet noch!"

[49]Gerhard Tersteegen

transl., Sarah Findlater, 1855

God calling yet! -- and shall I never hearken,

But still earth's witcheries my spirit darken?

This passing life, these passing joys, all flying,

And still my soul in dreamy slumbers lying!

God calling yet! -- and I not yet arising,

So long His loving, faithful voice despising;

So falsely His unwearied care repaying?

He calls me still, and still I am delaying.

God calling yet! -- loud at my door is knocking,

And I my heart, my ear, still firmer locking:

He still is ready, willing to receive me,

Is waiting now, but ah! He soon may leave me.

God calling yet! -- and I no answer giving;

I dread His yoke, and am in bondage living;

Too long I linger, but not yet forsaken,

He calls me still. O my poor heart, awaken!

Ah! yield Hima all -- all to His care confiding:

Where but with Him, are rest and peace abiding?

Unloose, unloose, break earthly bonds asunder,

And let this spirit rise in soaring wonder.

God calling yet! I can no longer tarry,

Nor to my God a heart divided carry;

Now, vain and giddy world, your spells are broken --

Sweeter than all, the voice of God has spoken!

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