"Dunkel Ista! Des Lebens Laute Tone"
"Dunkel ista! des Lebens laute Töne"



Christopher Agte.

[[6]Meta Heusser-Schweizer]

transl., Jane Borthwick, 1854

Darkness reigns -- the hum of life's commotion

On the listening ear no longer breaks;

Stars are shining on the deep blue ocean,

All is silent -- Love alone awakes.

Love on earth its lonely vigils keeping,

Love in heaven, that rests or slumbers not;

Peace, my anxious heart! though thou wert sleeping,

Love divine has ne'er its charge forgot.

And for you, my brightest earthly flowers,

You, my children, Love divine has cared;

Sleep, beloved ones! through these dark hours --

Angels by your pillow watch and guard.

Here the winged messengers of heaven,

As beheld at Bethel, come and go --

Angel guardians, whom the Lord has given,

To each little one while here below.

Thou, O Saviour, while on earth residing,

Never didst Thou scorn a mother's prayer:

Faith may still behold Thee here abiding --

Still commend her treasures to Thy care.

Were not all my hope on Thee reposing,

Thou sole refuge for a sinner's fears,

Then, the future all its ill disclosing,

I could give my children only tears.

From their earthly parents they inherit

Naught save sin and weakness, grief and pain:

Give them, Lord, thine all-sufficient merit,

Spiritual birth and life again.

Hide and guard them in Thy tender arms,

Till the wilderness of life be past;

Save them from temptation's fatal charms,

Seal them for Thine own, from first to last.

Let Thy rod and staff in mercy lead them

In the footsteps of Thy flock below,

Till 'mid heavenly pastures Thou shalt feed them,

Where the streams of life eternal flow.

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