As Thou Wilt.


"The will of the Lord be done." -- Acts 21:14.

"Wie Gott will! also will ich sagen."


transl., Jane Borthwick, 1858

As Thou wilt, my God! I ever say;

What Thou wilt is ever best for me;

What have I to do with earthly care,

Since to-morrow I may leave with Thee?

Lord, Thou knowest, I am not my own,

All my hope and help depend on Thee alone.

As Thou wilt! still I can believe;

Never did the word of promise fail.

Faith can hold it fast, and feel it sure,

Though temptations cloud and fears assail.

Why art thou disquieted, O my soul?

When thy Father knows, and rules the whole.

As Thou wilt! still I can endure;

Patiently my daily cross can bear;

Why should I complain, a pardoned child,

If the children's portion here I share?

As Thou wilt, my Father and my God!

I can drink the cup, and kiss the rod.

As Thou wilt! still I can hope on.

Sunshine may return when storms have past;

Thine All-seeing Eye of sleepless love

Watches o'er my path from first to last.

When Thou wilt, upon the desert plain

Springs may rise anew, and rivers flow again.

As Thou wilt! all life's journey through,

To Thy will my own I would resign;

If on earth I have but little store,

Be it so! all heaven shall be mine;

Or if but Thyself, my God, art given,

Nothing more I need, or ask in earth or heaven.

As Thou wilt! when Thine hour has come,

Let Thy servant, Lord, in peace depart;

Good it is to love and serve Thee here,

Better to be with Thee where Thou art.

When, or where, or how the call may be,

It will not come too early or too late for me.

As Thou wilt, O Lord! I ask no more.

With the promise, Faith pursues her way;

Patience can endure through sorrow's night,

Hope can look beyond to heaven's own day,

Love ran wait, and trust, and labor still;

Life and death shall be, according to Thy Will!

be thou my friend
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