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A Bird's-Eye View of the Bible – Palmer
A Grammar of Septuagint Greek – Conybeare
An Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek. Additional Notes – Swete
Bible Studies in the Life of Paul – Sell
Companion to the Bible – Barrows
Half Hours in Bible Lands, Volume 2 – Headley
Hurlbut's Bible Lessons – Hurlbut
Introduction to the New Testament – Drummond
Introduction to the Old Testament – Mcfadyen
John the Baptist – Meyer
Memories of Bethany – Macduff
Men of the Bible – Moody
Men of the Bible; Some Lesser-Known – Milligan
Select Masterpieces of Biblical Literature – Various
Study of the King James Bible – Mcafee
The Acts of the Apostles – White
The Beatitudes: An Exposition of Matthew 5:1-12 – Watson
The Bible in its Making – Duff
The Bible Period by Period – Tidwell
The Books of the New Testament – Pullan
The Canon of the Bible – Davidson
The Causes of the Corruption of the Traditional Text – Burgon
The Christian View of the Old Testament – Eiselen
The General Epistles: James, Peter, and Judas – Moffat
The Last Twelve Verses of the Gospel According to S. Mark – Burgon
The Last Twelve Verses of the Gospel According to S. Mark – Burgon
The Life of David – Maclaren
The Life of St. Paul – Stalker
The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Emmerich
The Origin and Permanent Value of the Old Testament – Kent
The Origin of the New Testament – Harnack
The prophete Ionas with an introduccion – Tyndale
The Story of Prophets and Kings – White
The Ten Commandments – Watson
The Yoke – Miller
Understanding the Scriptures – Mcconnell
Was Christ Born in Bethlehem? – Ramsay
Who Wrote the Bible? – Gladden


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