The Gospel According to Paul
C. P. C.

Acts xxvi.16

From the glory and the gladness,

From His secret place;

From the rapture of His Presence

From the radiance of His Face --

Christ, the Son of God, hath sent me

Through the midnight lands;

Mine the mighty ordination

Of the pierced Hands.

Mine the message grand and glorious

Strange unsealed surprise --

That the goal is God's Beloved,

Christ in Paradise.

Hear me, weary men and women,

Sinners dead in sin;

I am come from heaven to tell you

Of the love within;

Not alone of God's great pathway

Leading up to heaven;

Not alone how you may enter

Stainless and forgiven --

Not alone of rest and gladness

Tears and sighing fled --

Not alone of life eternal

Breathed into the dead --

But I tell you I have seen Him,

God's beloved Son,

From His lips have learnt the mystery

He and His are one.

There, as knit into the body

Every joint and limb,

We, His ransomed, His beloved,

We are one with Him.

All in marvellous completeness

Added to the Lord,

There to be His crown of glory,

His supreme reward.

Wondrous prize of our high calling!

Speed we on to this,

Past the cities of the angels

Farther into bliss;

On into the depths eternal

Of the love and song,

Where in God the Father's glory

Christ has waited long;

There to find that none beside Him

God's delight can be --



the secret of his pavilion
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