The Land of Promise
"All the Land which thou seest, to thee will I give it." -- Gen. xiii.15.

Gertrude of Hellfde, 1330.

tr., Emma Frances Bevan, 1899

It was as if upon His breast

He laid His piercèd hand,

And said "To thee, beloved and blest,

I give this goodly land."

O Land of fountains and of deeps,

Of God's exhaustless store --

O blessed Land, where he who reaps

Shall never hunger more --

O summer Land, for ever fair

With God's unfading flowers;

O Land, where spices fill the air,

And songs the golden towers --

O Land of safety, Land of home,

Of God my Father's kiss,

To Thee, O glorious Land, I come,

My heritage of bliss.

Lord, not through works of righteousness,

The works that I have done,

But through the glory of Thy grace,

The merit of Thy Son,

To me this goodly Land is given,

The heart of Christ to me --

My Home, my Blessedness, my Heaven;

My God, I worship Thee.

my high tower
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