The Lamb of God
"A Lamb without blemish and without spot." -- 1 Pet. i.19.

T. S. M.

tr., Emma Frances Bevan, 1899

Lamb, Thy white-robed people feeding

'Neath the shadowing wings --

Lamb, Thy weary, thirsty leading,

To the living springs.

Once upon the altar bleeding,

Now on God's high throne --

Unto Thee salvation, glory,

Lamb of God, alone.

We before the throne in Heaven

Day and night adore

Thee, the Lamb, amongst us dwelling

Now, and evermore!

Lo, we hunger not and thirst not,

Nor can sun or heat

Smite us in Thy rest and shadow

Deep, and still, and sweet.

Days and nights of lonely sorrow,

Long and changeful years,

Tell but of the Hand most tender,

Wiping all our tears.

For our robes, so white, so radiant,

Witness as they shine

Of the Sacred Blood that washed us,

Thine, O Lamb Divine.

the beloved
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