"An Anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast." -- Heb. vi.19.

J. A. Rothe, 1758.

tr., Emma Frances Bevan, 1899

My soul hath found the steadfast ground,

There ever shall my anchor hold --

That ground is in my Saviour Christ,

Before the world was from of old --

And that sure ground shall be my stay,

When Heaven and Earth shall pass away.

That ground is Thine Eternal Love,

Thy Love that through all ages burns --

The open arms of mercy stretched

To meet the sinner who returns;

The Love that calleth everywhere,

If men will hear or will forbear.

God willeth not we should be lost,

He wills to save the sons of men;

For this His Son came down from Heaven,

For this returned to Heaven again;

For this He standeth at the door,

He knocketh, waiteth, evermore --

Unseen, unheard, He calleth yet;

Rejected, still He waits to bless --

The Shepherd never will forget

His lost sheep in the wilderness;

Though far as east from west they stray,

He seeketh them by night and day.

O deep, deep sea, where all our sins

By God are cast, and found no more!

There is no condemnation now,

The Lord hath healed our deadly sore;

Because the voice of Jesu's Blood

Still cries for mercy unto God.

In that deep sea of love I sink

In perfect peace and endless rest,

And when my sins condemn my soul,

Cling closer to my Saviour's breast --

For there I find, go when I will,

Unchanging love and mercy still.

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