Book vi

Nineteen annual conferences -- episcopal duties; education -- extract from report of General Conference; new missions; Publishing Fund; its objects and capital; death and character of Bishop George; numbers; controversy; Its causes; Bible Society, Clarke's Commentary, Wesley's Testament, and general economy of Methodism assaulted and defended; Its ministry; its government and success; national societies -- why censured; temperance; Oneida and other missions; Mariners' Church in Boston; protracted meetings; deaths; numbers; aboriginal missions; Shawnee mission; other missions; death of Henry Holmes; numbers; Upper Canada; aboriginal missions; removal of Indians, and its effects; other missions; Wesleyan University; Randolph Macon College; La Grange College; numbers.


General Conference of 1832; number and names of delegates; address of the bishops; report on missions; on education; Bible, Sunday School, and Tract Societies; pastoral address; report on temperance; American Colonization Society; affairs of Upper Canada; report on the episcopacy; election of Bishops Andrew and Emory; regulation lessening the number of delegates; relief of worn-out preachers; against leaving preachers without an appointment; traveling agents; jurisdiction of bishops; adjournment.


Number of bishops and annual conferences; Liberia; how and when settled; first emigrants; disastrous results of first settlement; removal to another place; prosperity of the new colony; missions in Liberia, and appointment of Melville B. Cox; his arrival in Africa; organizes a church; plans of usefulness; sickens and dies; his character; Green Bay mission; other missions; death and character of Lemuel Green; of Wm. Phoebus; of Nathaniel Porter; numbers; work prosperous; domestic missions; their use; Dickinson and Allegheny Colleges; Genesee Conference Academy; death and character of J. M. Smith; numbers; general improvement; Liberia mission; Flat head, or Oregon mission; description of Oregon; Hudson Company; Astoria; general reflections; Visit of Flat Head Indians to General Clark; great sensation produced by the announcement of this fact; Jason and Daniel Lee appointed to the mission; on their journey; arrival; reception at Fort Vancouver, and first sermon; commence at Williamette; reinforcement sent; arrival; more sent; cattle procured from California -- Temperance Society formed; revival of religion; other missions; Lebanon College; legal decision respecting class and other collections; influence of this decision; deaths of preachers; numbers; mission to South America -- general state of the country; encouragements to commence the mission; appointment of Mr. Pitts; other missions; for the slave population; death an character of Bishop McKendree; death and character of Bishop Emory.


General Conference of 1836; names of delegates; address of the Wesleyan Methodist Conference; answer; Fast; address of the bishops; death and funeral discourse of Bishops McKendree and Emory; Bible Society of M. E. Church dissolved; corresponding secretary Missionary Society appointed; Liberia annual conference; additional rule respecting receiving preachers; periodical literature, and settlement of Canada affairs; election of bishops; locating preachers without their consent, and a rule for trying superannuated preachers; abolitionism; strength of the argument; pastoral address; resolutions respecting agents for societies not connected with us.


Diminution in Church members; its probable causes; deaths of preachers; numbers; South American missions; Liberia mission; other missions; numbers; missions in Illinois; in Texas; German and French missions; colleges and academies; death and character of Dr. Ruter; of others; numbers; general work; Oregon mission -- Christianity must precede civilization; great work of God in Oregon; centenary of Methodism; education promoted; death and character of Thomas Morrell; of Samuel Merwin; of Wilbur Fisk; of Smith Arnold; of John D. Bangs.


General Conference of 1840; names of delegates; delegates from England and Upper Canada; address of the bishops; address from the British Conference; answer of the General Conference; address of the managers of the Missionary Society; report on the journal of secretary; report on moderate episcopacy; remarks of Mr. Newton; report on education; on episcopal powers; on presidents of Q. M. conferences; slavery and abolitionism, and colored testimony; temperance; method of receiving ministers from other denominations; on sabbath schools; on ordaining those to the ministry who own slaves; on the alterations in constitution of Missionary Society; American Colonization Society; regulations for trying supernumerary and superannuated preachers; pastoral address; close of the conference.


Book Concern -- its origin; first book published; others issued; death of John Dickins, the first book steward; succeeded by Ezekiel Cooper; John Wilson his assistant, and then the principal; embarrassed state of the Concern; revives under Joshua Soule and Thomas Mason; Magazine resumed; increase of publications; debts likewise increased, with means of liquidation; revised hymn and tune book; book bindery; printing office; Clarke's Commentary and other books, and stereotype plates; Christian Advocate; enlargement of the Concern -- branch in Cincinnati; new arrangements; good effects of; new buildings and increased variety of books; labor of editors and agents; enlargement of buildings; consumed by fire; origin of the fire; public sympathy and aid to rebuild; presses and hands employed; various periodicals; objects and influence of the Concern misunderstood; moral, scientific and religious; pecuniary incidental only; closing remarks.

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