But He Urges that "We Find that the Apostles...
-- 19. But he urges that "we find that the apostles, in all their epistles, execrated and abhorred the sacrilegious wickedness of heretics, so as to say that their word does spread as a canker.'" [1404] What then? Does not Paul also show that those who

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[1405] 1 Corinthians 15:32, 33, 12.

[1406] Ephesians 5:5.

[1407] Antonianus, a bishop of Numidia, wrote 252 A.D., to Cyprian, favoring his milder view in opposition to the purism of Novatian: subsequently Novatian wrote to him, advocating the purist movement and impugning the laxity of Cornelius, bp. of Rome. To overthrow the effect upon A. of this letter, Cyprian wrote Epistle LV. In Ep LXX.., A. is of the number of those Numidian bishops whom Cyprian addresses.

[1408] 2 Timothy 2:20.

[1409] Psalm 2:9.

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