Sermons on Selected Lessons of the Gospels.
Abraham, called only so, after change of name, because name related to earthly promises -- not so name of Israel, [474]471; wondrous things promised to, and fulfilled, [475]500; and in us his seed, [476]500; believed without sight, [477]500.

Absolution, analogy between, and loosing grave-clothes of Lazarus, [478]311, [479]415; Church has power of, [480]325, [481]326.

Adoption, a sonship higher than that of nature, [482]255; frequently mentioned in Holy Scripture, [483]255, [484]256; the term of ancient use among the Jews, [485]256; "raising up seed to brother," [486]256; used by St. Paul to express the mystery of our adoption in Christ, [487]256.

Adversary, to be agreed with and delivered from, [488]442; not so Satan, [489]442; the Law our, so long as we our own, [490]443; must agree with, by obedience, and so made no longer adversary, [491]443.

Affliction, blessing to Christians, curse to the worldly as having no hope beyond world, [492]435.

Africa, Church not confined to, [493]526 sq. See [494]Donatists.

Ages, the six, of the world, [495]477.

Alaric, [496]434.

Alms, with Lord's Prayer a remedy against daily sins after Baptism, [497]277; not to be given of usury and oppressive gains, but of our righteous labours, [498]450; giving and forgiving make double, [499]287; good works without, will not avail in Day of Judgment, [500]293; value given to, in Day of Judgment, marvellous, [501]293; should be given freely, as being all of us of one family, [502]297, [503]298; blind Tobias guides his son to attain inward light by, [504]384; to be given first in deeds of mercy to our own souls, [505]435, [506]436.

Analogies, earthly, partial from their very nature, [507]463; Holy Scripture justifies use of, in things relating to God, not to explain accurately, but to illustrate, [508]527.

Angels, holy celibates lead life of, [509]505.

Anger, the lust of vengeance, [510]286; if indulged in, becomes hatred and murder, [511]286, [512]357; great difference between, and hatred, [513]358; may have love in it, [514]357.

Antichrist cometh in his own name, [515]497.

Apostles, the "children" of the Jews who cast out devils, and are their judges, [516]318; witnesses of Christ, [517]318; reaped among the Jews, sowed among the Gentiles, [518]422; our Lord sowed and reaped in, as being in, [519]423; precepts given to, on receiving their commission, not to be understood carnally, [520]424; spiritual meaning of purse and shoes forbidden to, [521]424; of not saluting by the way enjoined on, [522]424, [523]425; saw The Head, and through Him believed The Body (the Church) not yet seen, [524]457; this the opposite to our state, [525]457; burning brands filled with fire from Holy Spirit, not to be put out by persecution, themselves set fire to world, [526]458; had need of pardon themselves, as sinners, [527]514; contention of, for pre-eminence, part of old leaven of law, [528]542.

Apostolic See, two Councils on Pelagian heresy sent to, and rescripts sent back from, [529]504.

Apsis, [530]335 (note).

Arians, say Holy Ghost a creature, [531]320; errors of, carnal, from desire of seeing things, [532]460, from pride, [533]483; irreverence of, [534]512.

Avarice. See [535]Covetousness.

Babylon, carrying into, type of the passing of the Apostles to the Gentiles, [536]250.

Banquets, of the world, for the weakness of our bodies, [537]346; of God, for the heart, not belly, [538]406.

Baptism, the laver of regeneration, [539]277; especial time of solemnizing, last Sabbath in Lent (Easter Eve), [540]284; first gift of Spirit in, remission of sins, [541]324; all sin forgiven in, [542]278, [543]282, [544]286, [545]289, [546]417, [547]503; infirmity still remains after, [548]283, [549]503; the inward washing cleansing the soul through faith with alms, [550]435; the womb of the New Birth, [551]467; removes veil from Lord's Supper, [552]504; opens eyes of blind, [553]512; figured in the parable of the good Samaritan, [554]503; question whether he who hath sinned little or much, before, loves the more, [555]417; cleanses not through merits of minister, but by grace of Holy Spirit, [556]419, [557]420.

Barley, figure of the Law, as opposed to wheat (the Gospel), [558]498. See [559]Wheat.

Beatitudes, the: each duty in, has its own reward, [560]268; the members of the soul, which all together make it in proportion, [561]268.

Bethesda, pool of, the Jews, five porches, the Law (five books of Moses), the troubling of, Christ's Passion, descending of one to, typical of unity, [562]475, [563]476, [564]477; going down to, of humility, [565]478.

Beware, how awful a word from our Lord, [566]437.

Birth, new, glory of, contrasted with misery of first, [567]469; natural, where different from, [568]470; where like that of Christ, [569]470.

Bishop, origin of name of, [570]406; the master of a family its, [571]406.

Blasphemy, unpardonable, refuge against, [572]331. See [573]Spirit, Holy.

Blessed, the: commemoration of, [574]266; leads to thoughts of the course of blessedness, [575]266; a course of contest here, but reward hereafter, [576]266.

Blessedness, to touch with heart The Blessed One, [577]459 sq.

Blessings, temporal, to be sought with moderation, eternal, with longing and perseverance, [578]352.

Blind, the two, by way side, figures of Jews and Gentiles, [579]382.

Blindness, the punishment of those who turn from God, [580]460; they who fall under, often themselves insensible of, [581]460; to such coming of Light, greater darkness, [582]516; but not to those who know their darkness, [583]516; in the body, figurative of soul's, [584]515.

Bodies, all, less in parts than in whole (as illustrating the Word), [585]459; even they not comprehended at once, much less God, [586]460.

Body, the: soul acts through, [587]264; will be raised and reunited to the soul, [588]307; life which soul gives to, not its own, [589]307; everlasting death punishment of, [590]308; love will give pain to, to save, much more to soul, [591]378.

Bread, the Word of God, our daily, [592]277, [593]282, [594]285, [595]289; comes to us here through means, in Heaven will come by sight, [596]282; in praying for, pray to be kept from evil, lest we lose it, [597]289; the "three loaves" of, given to friend, represent the Holy Trinity, [598]431.

Burdens, all superfluities, [599]368.

Cælestis, goddess at Carthage, [600]434 (and note).

Captivity. See [601]Jews.

Carthage, in possession of name of Christ, [602]434; council of, [603]504 (note).

Catechumens hidden from mysteries of Eucharist, [604]504.

Celibacy, the life of angels, [605]505; superiority of, as state of life, begins on earth life of heaven, [606]505.

Centurion, humility and faith of, [607]298, [608]299; by which, received Christ into his heart, [609]298; office of, [610]299; the faith of the Gentiles figured in, [611]299, [612]382.

Charity. See [613]Love.

Chastisement, blessedness of, as from God, misery of absence of, [614]273, [615]274.

Chastity, required of all, [616]505; preserved in women by many protections, in man by fear of God its chief protection in all, [617]505; stricter obligations to, of those under vows, [618]505; of married, unmarried, and widow, has in each its special reward, [619]505.

Children, the portion of departed, to be sent to them through alms to Christ's poor, [620]371, [621]372; no plea for avarice, that it is providing for, [622]371, [623]396; God who created will provide for, better than he who begat, [624]397; though departed, not dead, but alive with Christ, [625]371, [626]372; our Lord in His poor to have portion of one child, [627]372.

Christ, the Corner-stone, [628]259, [629]382, [630]391, [631]407; binding together circumcision and uncircumcision, [632]519; coeternal with the Everlasting God, [633]248; "the Bread of Life," [634]294, "which came down from Heaven," [635]499; in Heaven will be "directly" our Bread and Wisdom, [636]289; God and Man, [637]351, [638]355, [639]383, [640]401; as such known only to them that love God for Himself, [641]398; God-Man, and as such the Mediator, [642]355; ever in the world as God, He comes, goes, and returns as Man, [643]440; Son of Mary, as also of David, though God and Lord of both, [644]252; David's Son and David's Lord, [645]252, [646]397 sq., [647]401; how Son of David and of Abraham, [648]248; known as God by the penitent, not by the Pharisee, [649]418; by all seen as Man and Judge, as God by them that love Him, [650]490; as God fairer than man, as man more deformed, [651]407; with the form of a servant He laid down the way, with that of God prepared our home, [652]400; Incarnate, He took what He was not, lost not what He was, [653]401, [654]473; the merit of His human nature derived from its union with Him, [655]312; became man, and was born of a woman, in mercy to each sex, [656]246; His humanity our healing, [657]440, [658]483; His Divinity the Angels' joy, [659]483; we see Him as God by Him as Man, [660]473, [661]483; being the Way by which we go, [662]532, and so avoid snares, [663]532; His humility the medicine of our pride, [664]472, [665]475; in His "bodily" presence sent only to lost sheep of house of Israel, [666]342 sq.; the Stone against which Jews stumbled, which at His second coming will grind them to powder, [667]397, [668]401; healing the absent, He showed His future unseen power in the Gentile Church, [669]298, [670]299; heals now those who touch His hem in faith, not those who press Him outwardly, [671]299; our eyes opened through Him as He "passeth by" in Humanity, so as to see Him "stand still" in His unchangeable Divinity, [672]381, [673]382, [674]384; He "passed by" things here, that we might follow and be fed, [675]429; praying alone in the Mount, He typified His intercession for us, [676]337; walking on the sea, His power in the world in these latter days, [677]338; asleep in the ship, its mystical interpretation, [678]304; "went forth to hire labourers" in descent of Holy Ghost, [679]375 sq.; hid that He might suffer, [680]376, and redeem, [681]444; Head of Church, [682]400, [683]457, [684]496, [685]497, [686]517, [687]523; as such our Intercessor, [688]517; seen as such by Apostles, but we see the Body, [689]457; the Bridegroom as the Head, the Bride in the Body, [690]400; the Rock upon which He built His own Church, [691]383; the "mountain cast into the sea," i.e., the Gentiles, [692]389; receives, keeps, and will repay what is given to Him in His poor, [693]369; our Advocate, and the same, our Judge, [694]284; His Nativity impugned by cavilers because one generation reckoned twice, [695]249; His genealogy differently stated by St. Matthew and St. Luke, [696]256; solution of this (St. Matthew descends through Solomon, St. Luke ascends through Nathan), [697]257, [698]364; mystical meaning of this, [699]257, [700]364; mystical meaning of the number of the two genealogies, [701]257-259; His immaculate conception, [702]254, [703]255, necessity of faith in this to purify us, [704]315, [705]444, [706]536; His wonderful exchange with man, [707]351; rich as God, poor as man, [708]474; His Death our life, [709]499; by denying Incarnation, we deny His contest and victory, [710]412; His two comings foretold by Prophets, [711]400, [712]443; Jews hoped for His coming in a wrong manner, and so became His murderers, [713]400; His miracles on the body, types of mightier ones on our souls, [714]379, [715]413, [716]414, [717]415; Jews and Saul, though at first frenzied against Him, afterwards healed by, [718]378; His reality as shown in the words "It is I," [719]338, [720]339; self-seekers cannot follow, [721]420, [722]421; His prayers for His murderers not ineffectual, [723]351; lifted on the cross, He subdued souls to it, [724]246; came not down from it because He lay hid, [725]376; we must suffer as He suffered, that we may have fruit of His suffering, [726]303, [727]518; His sufferings being the earnest of our good things, [728]499; hearts which mourn for all sin bear His mark, [729]438; speaketh in the Law and Prophets, [730]349; power of man prevailed against Him only to the sepulchre, [731]444; all brethren in Him, [732]284 sq.; we are made Christians in hope of His coming, [733]440, and must follow whither He has gone, [734]409; not He, but the world faileth, [735]412; we must clothe His poor, that we may be clothed of Him, [736]408; His "least," they who have left all for Him, [737]450; by bridling our desires, we cry to Him, [738]384; only true love of ourselves cometh through love of Him, [739]394; above in His Person, here in His members, [740]472, [741]517, and in the needy, [742]473; this double presence figured by angels ascending and descending, [743]399, [744]472, [745]473, [746]474; Passion of, typified by troubling of water of Bethesda, [747]475, [748]477; fulfilled law by giving charity, [749]481; will of, very righteousness, [750]482; manifests Himself to them that love Him, [751]485; His witness of Himself not true only to the hard of belief, [752]491; John Baptist and Martyrs witnesses of, [753]492; yea, Christ witness of Himself in them, [754]492; testified of in Old Testament, [755]497; His gifts not voided by man's unholiness, [756]498, [757]519; capable of mystical interpretation, [758]498 sq.; His Blood our price, [759]499; binds us by bonds of His Passion, [760]499; more to be loved than feared, [761]499; security in, as our great Patron, [762]500, [763]501; cannot deceive or be deceived, [764]507, [765]508; as the Fountain of all truth: and the Truth itself, [766]365, [767]508; went not up to Feast at first, to hide His Divinity, [768]509; ransomed us, by nature slaves and dead, [769]510; as under sin, [770]511; "free among the dead," i.e., sinless amongst sinners, [771]511; made sin for us, i.e., sacrifice for sin, [772]511; humiliation of, how typified by Elisha, [773]517; knoweth us better than we ourselves, [774]518; the Shepherd and the Door (entered by following Christ in pain), [775]518; Shepherd and Lamb, Pastor and Pasturage, Lion and Lamb, [776]523; He the only Son "by nature," [777]527, [778]530; the two Nativities of, each wondrous, [779]529; as man the Way, as God the Truth and Life, [780]532; they who possess, possess all things, [781]534, even the Father Himself, [782]534; came down in mercy, went up in righteousness, [783]536; very satisfaction of soul, [784]540. See [785]Word, The.

Christians, must be taught first what to believe, then what to ask, [786]280; must turn all hindrances into their cross, [787]409, [788]410; dignity of, compared with unregenerate man, [789]500; are sons of God, [790]355; by grace, [791]527, [792]530; not mere men, [793]355; joined on to righteousness of Christ, [794]539; are vessels of Christ, cleansed by Him from bitterness and made sweet, [795]499 sq.; not to be despised, [796]500; must love what is higher, not look back to what is lower, [797]411; are renewed by cleaving to Christ, [798]356; the true, hindered by the lukewarm from crying to Christ in deed, [799]383, [800]384, [801]385, [802]409; their duty to cry and not faint, [803]384 sq.; if they persevere, will be blessed by those who now hinder them, [804]385; as infants they look for the promises to come, [805]486; keep not Jewish festivals, as figured by our Lord's not going up to feast, [806]509.

Church, the: the throne of God, [807]285; Christ's Body, [808]299, [809]302, [810]497, [811]517; seen by us who believe the Head, [812]457; testified of in Old Testament, [813]497; the Bride of Christ, [814]394, [815]400, [816]402 sq., [817]525, and one flesh with Him, and therefore speaketh to her children in His words, [818]496; our Mother, [819]281; the corner, as calling Jews from one side, and Gentiles from the other, [820]391; in intimate union with the Head, [821]399 sq., [822]539; the raiment of Christ, illumined by Himself, The Sun, [823]347; the ship tossed on the sea, [824]304, [825]337; founded on faith, [826]247; how faith is grafted in, [827]383 sq.; is Christ as shown by Christ's words to St. Paul at his conversion, [828]509; held together by unity, [829]517; this unity shown in the gift of tongues, [830]376, and figured in the one seed of Abraham, [831]539; charity the health of, [832]517; in St. Peter formed singly, [833]518; prays for evil as for Saul, [834]275; comprehends all ranks and classes, [835]247, the weak and strong, [836]341, the good and evil, [837]334; wicked clerics exist in, [838]520; built in the blood of Martyrs, [839]458; our Lord and the Martyrs the spectacles of, [840]245; the cavils of heretics work the development of the mysteries of the faith of, [841]249; the spiritual in, heaven, the carnal, earth, [842]276; which latter, as the crowd our Blessed Lord, press the truth, the former touch it, [843]299, [844]300, [845]301, [846]302; sins not forgiven out of, [847]328, [848]329, [849]331; forgiven in it by Holy Spirit, [850]330, [851]331; they who separate from, have not Holy Spirit, [852]328, [853]329 sq.; sacraments without, have "form" but not "power of godliness," [854]329; penitence sure of forgiveness in, [855]331; St. Peter walking on sea, a type of it when in danger from man's praise, [856]339; Christ's ascending, the dedication of the foundation of, [857]438; the inn of the good Samaritan, [858]503; loveth Christ for His own sake, [859]524 sq.; like in spirit to St. Mary in body, at once Virgin and Mother, [860]526; different gifts to different members of, [861]535; toucheth Christ ascended through faith, [862]537.

Circumcelliones, [863]303, [864]438.

Clerics, evil, represented by Scribes and Pharisees sitting in Moses' seat, [865]519; our Lord's words about these latter perverted by, [866]520; existence of, in Church, [867]520.

Coeval, in temporal things analogous to coeternal, [868]461; substance and image coeval, instances of, [869]463.

Competentes, who they were, 241, [870]274.

Comprehension, faith, adoration, and growth, successive steps to, [871]488.

Confession, of sin, is praise of God by the sinner or the godly, [872]311; analogy between, and raising of Lazarus, [873]311; beating of breast with, [874]310; protects against spiritual enemies, [875]311; of the penitent thief, [876]312.

Constantinople, [877]434.

Couch, sick man carrying his, typifies mastering the pleasures of the flesh, [878]481.

Covetous, he is, whom God sufficeth not, [879]438.

Covetousness, deceits of, [880]348; bids us consult for a future which is not, [881]371; Christ overthrows by bidding us consult for "another" future, [882]371; the pleas for, as on behalf of children, inexcusable, [883]371, [884]372; consists in a greedy seeking of our own, [885]437; fair pleas of the man in the Gospel who was warned against it, [886]436 sq.; thoughts of Christ's poverty for us, cure of, [887]439; of many kinds, [888]438, but all must be shunned, [889]438, even that of life, [890]440.

Creator, nativity of, not to be judged by that of creature, [891]461.

Creature, good in, image of God, [892]463; imperfect and sin in, its own, [893]463 sq.

Creed, taught before Lord's Prayer, [894]274, [895]280, [896]284, [897]288; our mirror, to be repeated morning and evening: the rule of faith, [898]288; repeated by those to be baptized on Easter eve, [899]284 (note), [900]288.

Cross, the: the brightest jewel in the diadem of kings, [901]246; our deliverance from the tempests of the world, [902]337; what it is to take up, [903]409, [904]410; each as he has attained, takes up, [905]411; the honour afterwards paid to, [906]381; interpretation of the parts of, [907]370 sq.; signed on our foreheads in baptism, [908]337.

Crown of righteousness, God's free gift, out of mercy and pity, [909]503.

Cyprian, St., good shepherd, [910]523.

Darkness, he who thinks himself in, is enlightened, [911]313.

Day, The Last: unknown to angels, but known to Son in the Father, [912]411; kept in store for Devil at end, [913]412; must watch in good lives that we be not unprepared for, [914]412; to each individual, as the day of his death, [915]411.

Dead, the: wherefore said to sleep, [916]403; the raising of the dead in heart a greater miracle than of the dead in body, but seen only by those themselves raised in heart, [917]413; the Three, raised by our Lord, types of Divine Truth, [918]413, [919]414; they who are required to bury the dead, unbelievers, [920]421.

Death, certainty of, from our birth, [921]346; Christ by His death destroyed, [922]355; our subjection to, teaches humility, [923]412; all good and evil uncertain except, [924]412; what death good, and what evil, discerned not by eyes, but by Christ in heart, [925]426; an evil, avoided by living well, [926]426 sq.; soul can and cannot undergo, [927]307; how that of soul and body, each known, [928]308; everlasting punishment that of body, absence of God that of soul, [929]308; incipient desire, consent, act, habit, four degrees of spiritual, [930]415; none of these beyond repentance, [931]415, [932]416.

Debtor, God longs to be our, [933]414; all are God's, [934]362 sq., and all have brethren, theirs, [935]362 sq.

Debts. See [936]Forgiveness, [937]Sins.

Decalogue, the, reference of "ten thousand talents" to, [938]364.

Deceit, to be avoided, [939]442; instances of, [940]442.

Delay, only practised by him who thinks he has longer to live, [941]361; peril of, in good, [942]362.

Denarius, the: the reward of righteousness, [943]480.

Despair, the death of soul, [944]376; whilst life lasts, to be entertained of no one, [945]325.

Devil, the: subdued by praise of God, [946]312; accuser of the saints, [947]398; corrupter of Church's virginity, [948]402; the wolf of the Church, [949]531; as invisible, must be subdued by invisible means: our self-praise makes victorious, [950]312.

Disciples, doubt of, represents after errors of heretics, [951]338, [952]339; unbelief of, reproved by our Lord, [953]349; incredulity of, concerning Christ's resurrection, [954]379; Christ preserved His scars to heal wounds in hearts of, [955]304, [956]448.

Discipline, not to be omitted, [957]357; though severe, tenderness when needed, [958]365.

Dogs, heathen called, by Canaanitish woman, [959]469.

Donatists, [960]304, [961]319, [962]386, [963]449 (notes); false assertion of, concerning diminution of righteous, [964]386; false accusations made by, [965]388 (note); received Maximianists whom they had formerly condemned, [966]388; made efficacy of sacraments to depend upon holiness of minister, [967]418 (note), [968]497, [969]498, [970]525, and therefore Antichrists as looking to themselves for Christ's gifts, [971]497 sq., and claiming them as their own, [972]523; folly and inconsistency of, in their separation, [973]418 (note); conduct of Pharisee more enlightened than theirs, [974]418; pride of, [975]498, [976]521; in disbelieving Church, disbelieve Christ, [977]498; despise Him, like Jews, [978]498; "go up" by another way, [979]521; pervert Scripture (their perversions refuted), [980]526 sq.

Doves, how to be imitated, [981]306; even strife of, peaceful, [982]306.

Duties, "salute not by the way" teaches earnestness in fulfilling, [983]425; those present to us, our test, [984]514.

Egypt, glory of Church in, [985]526.

Elect, the: chosen according to grace, [986]421; owe all to grace, [987]421 sq.; chosen by Christ as He made them, not as He found them, [988]410; why the poor and ignorant, not the great, first chosen, [989]377.

Eleven, mystical meaning of, [990]258 sq., [991]364 sq.

Elisha, in recovering the dead child, a type of our Lord's humiliation, [992]517.

Enemies, in destroying our body only release soul, [993]307; by not loving them, hurt ourselves more than they us, [994]278 sq.; love of, commended, [995]278, [996]280, [997]396, by St. Stephen's example, [998]396; attained by few, but still by all to be prayed for, and sought in action, [999]279; sin of, only to be hated, [1000]278 sq., and its destruction to be prayed for, not theirs, [1001]395, [1002]396; all have, [1003]278; are our brethren, [1004]278; have no power against faithful except so far as to try and prove them, [1005]303.

Equality, perfect likeness in every way, [1006]463.

Eucharist, The: our daily bread, [1007]277, [1008]282, [1009]285, [1010]289; received by both good and bad, [1011]277, [1012]392, [1013]408; received by the faithful, [1014]277, [1015]285, [1016]394; the Body of Christ received by disciples from His Hands, The Same received by us through faith, [1017]448; the virtue of it, unity, that we may become what we receive, [1018]282; reserve of ancient Church in speaking of, [1019]277 (note), [1020]392; hypocrites, as Judas, eat to damnation, [1021]323, [1022]448; sin separates from, [1023]285, [1024]289; Christ by seeming to "go further" teaches us to hold Him fast in, [1025]391 sq.; important for each to see how approaches, [1026]391 sq.; all who come to, must have love, [1027]394; Body and Blood received in, our meat and drink, and saying hard to the hard, but not to faith, [1028]501; in it we eat and drink life, [1029]501; never faileth, [1030]501; faith in, gift of God, who draws us by love, [1031]501; to be received with thought, [1032]504; Catechumens hide themselves from, [1033]504; hidden from them by veil, which Baptism removes, [1034]504; care necessary in preparing faithful for, [1035]505; chastity required in recipients of, [1036]505 sq.; believing Jews received very Blood which they had shed, [1037]343, [1038]351, [1039]378, [1040]388.

Eunomians confess not Trinity properly, [1041]320.

Eunuch, the: to whom St. Philip preached, received the Holy Spirit without confirmation, [1042]419; that God's power might not seem limited to man's ministry, [1043]419.

Evil, abounds because we are evil, [1044]352; disposed by God for good, [1045]478; this disposal illustrated by things on earth, [1046]478.

Eye, the: cannot comprehend God, [1047]459; that of mind may reach to Him, [1048]459.

Faith, the gift of God, [1049]431, [1050]502; denied to proud, [1051]312, [1052]313; a garment and breastplate, [1053]288; like grain of mustard seed, small but intense, [1054]346; apt to waver because God does not give at once, [1055]411; strengthened by prayer, [1056]454, although itself fountain of prayer, [1057]454; figured in the "fish," [1058]432; to be genuine, must contain both hope and love, [1059]269, [1060]538; worketh by love, and thus distinguished from faith of devils and of the wicked, [1061]269, [1062]323, [1063]395; believes Christ unseen, through Holy Ghost, [1064]536; leads on to perfect vision of Christ, [1065]400, and purifies heart to see God, [1066]269, [1067]380; well to know our deficiency in, and where to ask, [1068]349; so far as gives way, temptation advances: greatness of, if perfect, [1069]454; waking typified by Christ awake, sleeping by Christ asleep, [1070]356; simple, therefore in difficulties sees mysteries, [1071]247; precedes understanding, [1072]465, [1073]481, [1074]535; that by which we abide in unseen truths, [1075]467, [1076]481 sq., and believe them, though not seeing, [1077]486; the step of the understanding, [1078]481; with obedience, resurrection of soul, [1079]489; want of, spoken of as only sin, as retaining all others, [1080]536, [1081]538; casteth out Satan, [1082]537 sq.; "the Catholic," gathered by witness of Scripture, and grounded on Apostolic truth, [1083]259; first founded on visible miracles, but now more blessed without them, [1084]379; The Creed, rule of, [1085]288.

Families, heads of, as bishops in, [1086]406.

Fear, and sorrow, alternate tormentors of soul, [1087]474; of God, excludes all other fears, [1088]306, [1089]307.

Feasts, two: one here, other hereafter, [1090]392, [1091]394; He that invites us all, will separate unworthy from it, [1092]406.

Fideles, [1093]277 (note).

Fifty, the number of the reward, i.e., the denarius added to the accomplishment of righteousness, [1094]480.

Fig tree, the barren in parable, the human race under sin, [1095]443 sq.; miracle on, out of season, shows peril of not having fruit when Christ seeks, [1096]389, [1097]390; seeking fruit on, out of season, explained, [1098]390; the reprobate of the Jews who believed not, [1099]389; withered, when Apostles turned to Gentiles, [1100]389; figure of those who talk but do not act, [1101]344; in the vineyard, [1102]332, [1103]443, [1104]444.

Fire and light, instance of coeval generation, [1105]462, [1106]464.

Flesh, the: like a current, [1107]466; must be fought against and subdued, [1108]492; the Spirit bears witness against, [1109]493; this Spirit, that of God within us fighting against ourselves, [1110]494; not to be gratified on plea of necessity, [1111]493; lusteth against spirit, only where spirit is, i.e., in good, [1112]493; this lusting consequence of our loss of integrity through fall, [1113]493; no peace from, but by victory over, [1114]494; overcome by resistance, [1115]495; quelled by ineffectual risings, [1116]495; lusts of, done in us, but not fulfilled except by us, [1117]495.

Food, earthly, diminishes as fed on, not so heavenly, [1118]488; must prepare heart for latter, as stomach for former, [1119]488.

Forgiveness, our covenant with God, [1120]278, [1121]286; may exist with proper discipline, [1122]279, [1123]365; to be practised by those about to be baptized, [1124]278, [1125]282, [1126]286; enforced by example of Christ, [1127]279, [1128]286, [1129]453, at least towards penitent, [1130]279, [1131]452, and of St. Stephen, [1132]279; withheld from him who withholds, [1133]279 sq., [1134]283, [1135]289, [1136]365, [1137]453 sq.; who thus lies to God, [1138]453; inculcated especially, because if lost, all lost, [1139]284; no despair of, [1140]343; no limit to God's, of us, so should be none to our forgiving of others, [1141]368; number of generations to Christ, mentioned by St. Luke, typify complete, [1142]259, [1143]364; duty of constant, taught in "seven times a day," [1144]452; Easter, a special season of, [1145]286.

Forty, [1146]257 sq.; the number figures the accomplishment of righteousness, [1147]478, [1148]479, as shown by forty days' fast of our Lord, and Moses, and Elias, [1149]480; therefore Law, Prophets, and Gospel one, [1150]480.

Friend, only to be so esteemed as long as he persuades not to evil, [1151]354; has much influence for good or evil, [1152]377; the "friend from the way," man as a pilgrim or penitent, [1153]431.

Funerals, abuses at, [1154]370 (note).

Generation, instances of coeval, [1155]462, [1156]463, [1157]465 sq.

Gentiles, believed not seeing, according to prophecy, [1158]344; have therefore greater praise than Jews, [1159]344; why called "dogs," [1160]345; the "wild olive tree," [1161]346; grafted in through humility, the natural branches being cut off through pride, [1162]347.

Gideon, fleece of, how concerned with type of grace, [1163]504.

God. Compare [1164]Christ, [1165]Son, [1166]Word, [1167]Holy Spirit. Our Father, [1168]275, [1169]280 sq., [1170]284 sq., [1171]288 sq., [1172]295, [1173]543, and yet Himself our inheritance, [1174]543; alone good, [1175]392, and in Himself Goodness, alone makes us good, [1176]294, [1177]295; our Refuge in all things, and by all things, [1178]274; the Fountain of Justice, [1179]450; unspeakable, [1180]460; present everywhere, [1181]316, and not to be escaped from, [1182]316, [1183]533; we must escape to, [1184]316, and at all times, [1185]505, [1186]533; Omniscient, [1187]316; Incomprehensible, [1188]262, [1189]263, [1190]265 sq.; the Bread, the Shepherd, [1191]431; not contained in space as material bodies, [1192]262, [1193]269, nor to be comprehended therefore by eye, [1194]459 sq.; known from His works, [1195]314, which He still upholdeth, [1196]478; through Him only we follow Saints, [1197]420; feedeth all, yet suffereth no diminution, [1198]488, and alone sufficeth us, [1199]481; the fulness of those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, [1200]266, [1201]296; Giver of "daily bread" to all, [1202]276, [1203]277, but of special bread to the children, [1204]277; delays to give, that we may long the more, [1205]296; we all His beggars, [1206]276, [1207]296, [1208]363, [1209]453; and to receive of Him must ourselves give to others, [1210]296; the Life of soul, [1211]299; loss of, death, [1212]299; the Light of the heart, [1213]488; giveth pain that He may heal, [1214]343; chose weak and ignorant, that we might trust in Him, and not in the great, [1215]377; chooses according both to His own Grace and man's righteousness, [1216]421; alone forgiveth sin, [1217]418; cultivateth us to make us better, [1218]373, [1219]374, [1220]452; can subdue our passions, as we who are His image the beasts, [1221]273; fear of, preservative against fear of man, [1222]306, and brings us to Him, that He may subdue us to Himself, [1223]273; who turneth man's wrongs to our good, [1224]303; to be sought in prayer, though He knoweth our wants, [1225]349 sq.; Himself our reward in Glory, [1226]348, for to see Him the great blessing of the Resurrection, [1227]490, and Life Eternal, [1228]490; to see, i.e., Him who seeth, [1229]315; sight of, the gift of the pure, [1230]267, [1231]268, for to inward eye until healed by God, this sight painful, [1232]380 sq., as to Adam after fall, [1233]380 sq.; the end of all of our desires here, [1234]315 sq.; corporeal parts ascribed to, in Holy Scripture not to be understood literally, [1235]267 sq.; things of, understood through likenesses, [1236]262 sq.; to be loved for Himself, [1237]398, [1238]400, [1239]520; love of, maketh soul chaste, [1240]532; He being the Lawful Husband of the soul, [1241]520; we should forget ourselves in love of, [1242]533; praying for Name, Kingdom, and Will of, we pray for ourselves, [1243]275, [1244]276, [1245]281, [1246]285, [1247]289; we can add nothing to: our union with, makes us what we were not, [1248]460; Son, Image of, [1249]462; rest of, from creation, no sign of weariness, but type of our rest, [1250]477; Maker of good, and Disposer of evil, [1251]478; word of, preached by wicked preachers, like vine among thorns, [1252]521 sq.; seen by philosophers at a distance, [1253]531; they that serve, have all things, [1254]534; the Simple and Singular Good, [1255]532.

Good, "that which we cannot lose against our will," [1256]333; two kinds of, [1257]295; things that are, witnesses against us if ourselves evil, [1258]333, [1259]367, [1260]438.

Good, the: mingled with wicked in Church, and their part with, therein, what it is, [1261]385, [1262]386; we made good, only by Him who is ever Good, [1263]294, [1264]295; in what sense all are good, as well as evil, [1265]392.

Gospel, the: the voice of Christ, [1266]366; seemingly a call to labour and not to rest, [1267]317; general reception of, [1268]246 sq., [1269]376; to be preached by love, not "by occasion," [1270]425; to be received for Itself, without regard to preacher in himself, [1271]425, and to be preached though not received, [1272]425; difficulties in, [1273]247; spiritual meaning of narratives of, [1274]344.

Goths, the, [1275]434.

Grace, man righteous only by, [1276]444, [1277]542; makes us hope through trust in God, [1278]281, [1279]477, [1280]540; enables to fulfil Law, [1281]476; weakness of Law without, [1282]516; present manifestation of, makes Pelagians worse than Jews, [1283]504; hidden in clouds in Old Testament, [1284]504; in New Testament given to all (the wet floor) except Jews (the dry fleece): often spoken of in Holy Scripture, [1285]504; devils cast out through, [1286]318.

Happiness, requires great virtue to struggle with, [1287]342; itself happiness not to be overcome by, [1288]342; the bitterness mingled with, that we may seek that to come, [1289]432 sq.

Harvest, two kinds of, one among Jews, the other amongst Gentiles, [1290]422; we must sow, that we may reap what we see not, [1291]427.

Hatred, inveterate anger, [1292]286 sq.; the beam in the eye to be cast out, [1293]357; itself darkness, and unable to correct aright, [1294]358; hurts him who entertains it more than others, [1295]358.

Health, of the body, endures not, [1296]474; typical of health of soul, [1297]474.

Hearing, danger of being pleased with, without doing, [1298]362.

Heart, the: produces thorns or good fruit according to what is planted, [1299]398 sq.; must be prepared as "good ground" for seed of Gospel, [1300]423; where it has been, we shall go, [1301]369; by what cleansed, [1302]398; eye of, must be healed to see God, [1303]380, which the end of the sacraments and all gifts of Church, [1304]380; this hindered by evil passions and habits, [1305]380 sq.; eye of, unless healed, would be pained by sight of God, [1306]380 sq.; "Lift up the heart" addressed to communicants only, [1307]368 (note); this address not in vain to the Saints on earth, [1308]270, [1309]434.

Heathen, the: how Christians retard conversion of, [1310]301; how to be gained over, [1311]302; to be persuaded by individuals, not forced, [1312]304; the tribulations of Christians an offence to, [1313]355 sq.; complain against Christians because of destruction of Rome, [1314]356 sq.; he who injures, and rejecteth admonition, to be accounted an heathen, yet to be cared for, [1315]359.

Heathenism, rise and fall of cities not dependent upon, [1316]434.

Heaven, the mind, as earth the flesh, [1317]276, [1318]281, [1319]285, [1320]289; the Church, as earth its enemies, [1321]276, [1322]281, [1323]285; the spiritual, as earth the carnal, [1324]276, [1325]281 sq., [1326]285; saints dwelling in, in heart, called so, [1327]270; no carnal pleasures to be expected in, [1328]346; One only ascended to, because Saints one body with Him, [1329]399 sq.; way to, rough, but made smoother by Christ, [1330]409; the first step to, humility, [1331]409.

Hebrew language, affinity between, and Punic, [1332]450.

Hell, trembling at the resurrection of the just, [1333]415.

Heretics, appeal to Holy Scripture against Church, [1334]247; suffered penalty of law for impiety and deeds of violence, [1335]304 (and note); to be persuaded by individuals, not forced, [1336]304; though gathered together under outward profession of Christ's Name, not of His Kingdom, because divided against themselves, [1337]316; cavils of, cause of development of mysteries in Church, [1338]249; not rebaptized, [1339]329; mercy in concealing, perverted, [1340]504; lay claim to martyrdom, [1341]523; why without real claim to it, [1342]523; to be prayed for, [1343]528; feed their own, not Christ's, [1344]544.

Hireling, he who works for reward, [1345]519; preaches not chastely, [1346]521; such many in number, [1347]521; reproves not bad, if rich, [1348]521; "fleeth" in soul, though not in body, [1349]521, [1350]522.

Hope, the "Egg," fostered by love, destroyed by looking back, [1351]432 sq.; the gift of God, [1352]432; that, perverse, which delayeth repentance, [1353]376, [1354]377.

Hospitality commended, [1355]357, [1356]446.

Humility, the foundation of the spiritual edifice, [1357]315, [1358]316, [1359]346 sq.; Baptism of Christ an example of, [1360]259; Christ Master and Author of, [1361]251, [1362]298, [1363]345; the first step to Heaven, [1364]409, and road to Eternity, [1365]473; necessity of continuing in, [1366]502; because our abundance of God, [1367]498 sq., [1368]502 sq.; receiveth grace, like valleys the rain, [1369]501, [1370]502; figured in Gideon's basin, [1371]504; the highest of all gifts and given to all, [1372]534, [1373]535; the foundation of love, [1374]535; the way by which we follow our Lord, [1375]535 sq.; the way to perfection, [1376]536.

Hundred, mystical meaning of the number, [1377]364.

Idols, not to be broken down, unless by proper authority, [1378]303, [1379]304; destruction of, not cause of destruction of Rome, [1380]434 sq.; feasts in temples of, altogether forbidden, [1381]300; these lead to denial of Christ's Divinity, [1382]301; vain excuses for such conduct, [1383]301 sq.

Ignorance, some, better than presumptuous knowledge, [1384]459; confession of, better than rash interpretation of Holy Scripture, [1385]508.

Immortality, true, an entire unchangeableness, [1386]307; our true health, [1387]346.

Impenitence, final, the unpardonable sin against the Holy Ghost, [1388]325, [1389]330, [1390]331; precludes forgiveness of all other sins, [1391]326, and how, [1392]326.

Inheritance, God ours, we His, [1393]452; difference between heavenly and earthly, [1394]543.

Injury, the duty of him who commits and of him who sustains, [1395]359; latter worse of two if he strive not to win his brother, [1396]359; if done in sight of others, sin against them also, [1397]360.

Israel, all that took place amongst people of, figurative, [1398]250.

Jacob, correspondence between, and Nathanael, [1399]391; dream of, recorded, because of its mystical meaning, [1400]470 sq.; the stone to which the angels descended, Christ, [1401]361, [1402]471, therefore anointed, [1403]391, [1404]471; on the ground, i.e., became man, and so an offence to Jews, [1405]471; meaning of name of, [1406]471; change of name of, to Israel, [1407]471; angel with whom he wrestled, Christ, who was overcome "willingly" -- mystical interpretation of this, [1408]471; the Church Jacob here, Israel hereafter, [1409]472; angels ascending and descending to, Christ's twofold presence in the Church and in heaven, [1410]472, [1411]473 sq.

Jairus, raising of daughter of, applied to gradations of sin, [1412]495.

Jechonias, reckoned twice in genealogy of Christ, [1413]250; a type of Christ, [1414]250 sq.; centre of two dispensations, [1415]251; type of the Corner-stone, [1416]251.

Jesus, "a Saviour," [1417]249.

Jews, still hope for Christ's coming, [1418]397, [1419]400; destroyed their Physician, [1420]350 sq.; wilfully blind to Holy Scripture, [1421]397; carnal in understanding, [1422]477; haters of truth, [1423]496; lost through pride in what God had done for them, [1424]345; would establish their own righteousness, [1425]503; converted by St. Peter, [1426]343; "lost sheep," to whom Christ was sent, [1427]343; in what sense they contracted sin, by Christ's coming, [1428]321 sq.; why "children of the Kingdom," [1429]300; Prophets sowed amongst, Apostles reaped, [1430]422; mercies vouchsafed to, though sinful, [1431]443; refusing the Supper, by killing Christ prepared It for us, [1432]447; signified by "His Own," [1433]469; stumble at Christ, the stone on the ground, [1434]471; the pool of Bethesda, [1435]475 sq.; "troubled" by our Lord's Passion, [1436]477; believe not, because they "saw" not Christ to be God, [1437]477; figured as to their loss of Grace by Gideon's dry fleece, [1438]504.

Job, trial of, proved he loved God for His own sake, [1439]398; the Law not written on tables, but in hearts of godly, in age of, [1440]353.

John, St., opening of Gospel of, understood only in ineffable manner, not by words of man, [1441]459; Divinity of Gospel of, [1442]466; uncarnalizing and refining, [1443]530; drank in the truth from Lord's Breast, [1444]466, [1445]467, [1446]508 sq.

John the Baptist, testimony of, concerning Christ, [1447]309, [1448]313, [1449]492, and Christ's concerning him, [1450]309; greatness and humility of, [1451]309; Christ greater than, [1452]309, [1453]492, and angels, [1454]309; question of, concerning Christ through his disciples did not imply doubt, [1455]309 sq., but they were sent to Him that John's testimony might be confirmed, [1456]310; taken for Christ, [1457]313; not "The Light," but a lamp, [1458]313.

Joseph, St., justice of, shown in purity and tenderness, [1459]248; our Lord subject to, as His father, [1460]252, being at same time His creature, [1461]252; in what sense our Lord's father, [1462]251, [1463]255, [1464]256; teaches us to rebuke secret sins against us secretly, [1465]360 sq.

Judas, betrayal of, of Christ, world saved through, God using designs of its evil, [1466]249; ate the Body and Blood to damnation, [1467]323.

Judgment, Day of, [1468]293; good works without purity of no avail at, [1469]293; value then to be given to alms an amazement to us, [1470]293, [1471]294; "midnight" signifies secrecy of, [1472]403; groundless calculation concerning period of, [1473]403; even good consciences tremble at, [1474]404; gate of repentance will be shut at, [1475]405; completion of former prophecies pledge of completion of those about this, [1476]445.

Kingdom of God, promised if certain conditions fulfilled, [1477]445; as prayed for in Lord's Prayer, not yet come, [1478]276, [1479]281, [1480]285, [1481]289; will come to us if we are His, and good, [1482]276, [1483]281, [1484]285, [1485]289; will come when resurrection of dead shall have taken place, [1486]281; not diminished by increasing number of those who possess, because not divided, [1487]385; men try to divide this heritage through the Blood of Christ, [1488]319.

Labour, man's: arises from his mortality, [1489]315; all in, through sin, therefore invitation of Christ to rest addressed to all, [1490]385.

Labourers, hired into vineyard at different hours, represent Patriarchs and Prophets called early, and Christians at the last, [1491]374 sq., or persons made Christians at different periods of their lives, [1492]375; all came when called, [1493]375; had they delayed, no future call promised, [1494]375.

Law, eternal, in the heart, [1495]353.

Law, the: given to discover sin, not to cure it, [1496]476, [1497]542; Grace only enables to fulfil, [1498]476; without Grace makes more guilty, because not kept, [1499]516; he fulfils who abstains from world, [1500]479; Prophets and Gospel one with, proved by the fasts of Moses, Elias, and our Blessed Lord, [1501]480; ten strings of (Ps. cxliv.9), ten precepts of, figured in the staff sent from Elisha by Gehazi's hands, [1502]517; causes fear by reason of trust in self, [1503]540; in this opposed to Grace, [1504]540; those under, led captive, [1505]542.

Lazarus, buried, figure of those buried in habits of sin, raised, of those raised from sin by cry of Christ, [1506]414, [1507]415; sin entangles, confession frees, example in, [1508]311.

Lie, slays soul, [1509]308, [1510]355; all saying what is not done, not a, [1511]506; difference between being deceived and telling a, [1512]507, because we may be deceived and yet not lie, [1513]507, as saying what we "think" to be true, and so not erring in will, [1514]507.

Life, brief, [1515]440, [1516]441; one of toil, [1517]290; one long sickness, [1518]346, [1519]351; one long death, [1520]346; not to be coveted, lest it bring death, [1521]439; exposed to storms and calamities, [1522]337; a struggle, [1523]492, [1524]494; a war, must hope for triumph till the end, [1525]494; a long, long torture, [1526]366; long, should be good also, [1527]362; good, and "good days," where to be sought and where not, [1528]440, [1529]441 sq.; reckoned among things superfluous by Martyrs, [1530]302, [1531]303; to be amended immediately because of uncertainty of morrow, [1532]361; years of, decrease, not increase, [1533]366, [1534]443; all wish for long and prosperous, Scripture only teaches where to find such, [1535]441; though full of evil, no man willing to end it, [1536]366, yet he who lives long is only running to the end, [1537]440 sq.; true, to rise and reign with Christ, [1538]366; men wish for everything good but good life, [1539]362; man's love of, should teach love of the True Life, [1540]365 sq., [1541]487, should be one end of, [1542]427; they who live in, after manner of men, called men after God, "gods," [1543]411.

Life eternal, the reward of labour, [1544]303, [1545]366; the denarius given to labourers in vineyard, [1546]375; given alike to all the good, [1547]375, but has different degrees of Glory, [1548]375; to be in some degree estimated by this life without its evils, the price of, ourselves, [1549]487; not to be explained in words, [1550]488; the Life of, Christ's, [1551]489; to see God is, [1552]490.

Light, extinguished by pride, [1553]313; who thinks himself light, darkness, [1554]313.

Loaves, the "three," asked for by the "friend," signify the Holy Trinity, [1555]431; also Faith, Hope, and Charity, [1556]431, [1557]432; mystery of feeding "four thousand" with "seven," [1558]406.

Love (Charity), the gift of God, [1559]404, [1560]432, [1561]541 sq.; for if all gifts from Him, so this the greatest, [1562]542; must increase as desire decreases, [1563]394; the good distinguished by, from wicked who have other gifts in common with them, [1564]394, [1565]407, [1566]408; nothing of use without, [1567]394; "loaf" asked for from a father figure of, [1568]432; white raiment hereafter gained by labour of, [1569]348; its province to "do," [1570]269; active love may be shown by all, [1571]400; divine, wins to God, [1572]396; handle of Soul, by which it holds things offered to it, must cease to hold world, that it may have fast hold of The Eternal, [1573]478 sq.; fulfilling of, the Law, [1574]480; with meditation, sees mysteries, [1575]486; to fulfil commandment of, the struggle of life, [1576]492; necessary to true martyrdom, [1577]523; how magnified in New Testament, [1578]523, [1579]535, [1580]541 sq.; fear of no avail without, [1581]540; keepeth from sin, not under fear, but from hatred of sin itself, [1582]541; of God and man, the two commandments to salvation, [1583]480; of God, sustains, of the world, sinks, [1584]342; of earthly things, bird-lime of spirit's wings, [1585]448; not to be limited to wives or children, [1586]396; makes hard things easy, [1587]317 sq., [1588]408; sin forgiven and sin prevented both causes for, [1589]417; difficulty concerning much or little of, for much or little sin forgiven, [1590]416, [1591]417; only care of life to choose proper object of, [1592]408; of self, first cause of man's ruin, [1593]408, [1594]409; self-love cannot love God, nor abide in self, [1595]408, [1596]409.

Maccabees, example of mother of, [1597]421.

Macedonians say Holy Ghost is a creature, [1598]320.

Magicians, Egyptian, wrought miracles, but not therefore better than children of Israel who wrought them not, [1599]394.

Mammon, derivation of word, [1600]450; its signification in Latin, [1601]450; of iniquity, wrongly assumed by some to mean plunder and oppressive gains, [1602]450; may also mean all worldly riches whatsoever, [1603]451.

Man, frailer than glass, [1604]442; faint image of the Holy Trinity, like, yet unlike, [1605]263, [1606]264; made after Image of God, which he disfigured by transgression, [1607]290; created good by The Good: became evil by free-will, [1608]295; must be loved, because God made: but his sin hated, which God made not, [1609]396; tames all, but himself, [1610]273; earthward disposition of, figured by woman "bowed down," [1611]444; through unrighteousness not listening to Teacher, will find Avenger in Righteousness, [1612]333; by effacing what he has made himself, becomes well-pleasing to Him who made him, [1613]409, [1614]410; has no good but of God, [1615]443, [1616]450; must part with his own fulness, that he may be filled with God, [1617]266 sq.; won to God by Divine Love, [1618]396; fear of, irrational, [1619]306, for his power extends only to body, [1620]306, [1621]307; this fear overcome by trust in God made Man, [1622]313; whole race of, from one common father, [1623]395; memory, understanding, will of, in their exhibition separate, yet in operation inseparable, [1624]264, [1625]265; deeper analogies of these to be sought in peace and humility, [1626]265; end of, not to understand the creation, but to love the Creator, [1627]314; how all men liars, [1628]355.

Manichæans, deny Incarnation, [1629]401, [1630]457, and "reality" of Christ's Body, [1631]338, [1632]339, [1633]456.

Mappalia, [1634]303 (note).

Marriage, true union of, oneness of heart in, coheirs of Grace, [1635]253; things in, allowed of permission, not of right, [1636]253; object of Ancient Fathers in contracting, [1637]253 sq.; chastity in, [1638]252 sq., [1639]402; superiority of continence over, [1640]402, [1641]505; human honour in, [1642]520.

Martha. See [1643]Mary.

Martyrdom, seems to be an exhortation to, in words, "Let him take up his cross," etc., [1644]409.

Martyrs, fear not man, because they fear God, [1645]306, [1646]307; mercies of God through, rehearsed in Church, [1647]349; festivals of, to be observed with sobriety: excesses at these festivals, [1648]306 (note); witnesses of Christ: Christ witness in, [1649]492; without Whom nothing, [1650]492; none without love, [1651]523.

Mary, St., the Virgin Mother, [1652]251, [1653]315; a mother without carnal desire, [1654]256; humility of, in preferring St. Joseph to herself, [1655]251.

Mary (and Martha), parts of each good, but Mary's better, [1656]427, [1657]428, [1658]429 sq.; Mary's endures for ever, [1659]430; two sisters figures of life present of holy toil, and of life future of Endless Rest begun here, [1660]430; the toil of Martha in hope of the Rest of Mary, [1661]430; Martha, type of those who do works of mercy, [1662]429; Mary listening, Martha ministering, [1663]429 sq.

Maximianists, the, [1664]527; divided against Donatists, [1665]319 (and note); though first condemned by Donatists, afterwards received by them, [1666]388.

Maximinus, [1667]530 (note).

Meal, three measures of, the human race, [1668]445.

Mediator, Christ our, because "in the middle," man, and yet without sin, [1669]470.

Meek, the: character of, [1670]266, [1671]353, [1672]354, [1673]355; good which God works in themselves pleasing to, [1674]354, [1675]355; evils He sends not displeasing to, [1676]355; meekness necessary in this life, [1677]353.

Mercy, precedes Judgment, [1678]332; time of, so long as we are spared, [1679]442; vessels of, of God, all once vessels of wrath, [1680]319; mercy in "man" is true alms, [1681]436.

Milevis, Council of, [1682]504 (note).

Ministers, of God; to be heard for their office' sake, [1683]479, [1684]483, and must not be despised lest the wrong reach to Christ, [1685]423 sq.; give not their own, but Christ's, as dispensers of what is given to them, [1686]423, [1687]479, [1688]484; good works of flock delightful to, [1689]422: mutual love between, and flock, [1690]423; evil, out of their hearts bring evil, out of Scripture good, [1691]336, and bring good words out of Scripture, as grapes around thorns, [1692]425; if seeking something else, yet preach The Word, [1693]425.

Miracles, performed by bad as well as good, [1694]394; Church first founded on visible, but its faith more laudable now without, [1695]379; Christ's, on bodies and souls had different effect on different persons, [1696]413; had divine and mystical meaning, [1697]414, [1698]498 sq.; happen every day as marvellous as extraordinary ones, [1699]482, [1700]498; man himself a miracle, [1701]482; power of working not so high a gift as humility, [1702]535, and given under the elder dispensation, [1703]534; the miracle of "the seven loaves" explained, [1704]406.

Moses, tender prayer of, [1705]387; a witness of Christ in Book of Genesis, [1706]498.

Mourners, true and false consolation of, [1707]266.

Mysteries, not possession, but love of eminence prevents understanding of, [1708]389 sq.

Name, of God: hallowed in us by making us holy, [1709]275, [1710]281, [1711]285, [1712]289; hallowed in us when baptized, [1713]289.

Nathanael, under fig tree, type of man under sin, [1714]470; this interpretation connected with apron of fig leaves, [1715]470; the "greater things" promised to, to see God face to face, [1716]472.

Neighbour, who truly loves himself, loves his, [1717]395; every man our, [1718]395.

Numbers, mystical meaning of, [1719]257, [1720]258 sq., [1721]363, [1722]364, [1723]365, [1724]406, [1725]452.

Obedience, only road to knowledge, [1726]464, [1727]486; its presence Life, its absence death, [1728]488; with Faith the Resurrection of the soul, [1729]489.

Offences, against a brother, against Christ, [1730]301; to be "cut off," [1731]355, [1732]356; love of God's Law the safeguard against, [1733]353; what constitutes, [1734]355; outward troubles not, but to be turned to our profit, [1735]353, [1736]356; St. Peter rebuked, that he may teach us how to refuse them, [1737]354.

Oil, in the lamps of the true virgins, charity, [1738]402, [1739]403; what meant by selling, [1740]404; lamps without, works done for man, not for love of God, [1741]403 sq.

Olive tree, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob roots of, [1742]347; natural branches cut off for pride: wild grafted in for humility, [1743]347; we all became from good, wild olive tree, [1744]395.

Parable, of unforgiving servant, explained, [1745]362-365; of sower who went forth to sow, [1746]334, [1747]335, [1748]423; of tares, enforces the duty of bearing with evil, [1749]334, [1750]335, and corrects all schism under plea of evil in the Church, [1751]386; of fig tree planted in vineyard, a warning to us to be fruitful, [1752]332, [1753]443, [1754]444; of husbandman who planted a vineyard and let it out to husbandmen, explained, [1755]373, [1756]374; of hiring into vineyard, explained, [1757]374, [1758]375; of King who made a marriage for His Son, teaches that all, good and bad, are invited, but only good received, [1759]392-394; of the ten virgins, relates not to religious orders only, but to whole Church, [1760]401 sq.; same explained, [1761]402-405; of two debtors, comfort to the penitent, and lesson for the Pharisee, [1762]416 sq.; of certain man who made a great supper, and of the guests who excused themselves, [1763]447, [1764]448; of rich man "whose ground had turned out well," examples of covetousness and its punishment in, [1765]437, [1766]438, and of luxuriousness, [1767]372, [1768]373; of rich man and Lazarus, example of luxuriousness in, [1769]373, [1770]426 sq.

Pardon promised to penitent, but not "to-morrow" to him who delays, [1771]361, [1772]362.

Parents must be honoured, but God obeyed and preferred, [1773]421.

Passion, the, of our Blessed Lord, troubling waters of Pool of Bethesda, [1774]476 sq.

Patience, of Almighty God, [1775]332; of Christ, [1776]338.

Patripassians, the error of, [1777]260.

Paul, St., the border as it were of Christ's Garment, the least and last, [1778]300, [1779]345, [1780]347; weak in himself, strong in Christ, [1781]341; changed from persecutor to preacher, [1782]457, [1783]458; Saul the proud, laid low, to be raised up Paul the humble, [1784]343, [1785]422; his former name Saul derived from Saül, [1786]343; peculiar nature of his office, [1787]422; witness of Christ, [1788]492; good shepherd, [1789]523.

Paul, of Samosata, false doctrine of, [1790]312 (note).

Peace, to be found in The Word, [1791]459; not to be looked for from the flesh, [1792]503; the end of all our trials, [1793]503.

Pelagians, errors of, reproved, [1794]295, [1795]455 sq.; the "Pharisee" better than, in that he "gave thanks," [1796]455; strive against "open" grace, and for that reason worse than Jews, [1797]504.

Pentecost, the conversion at, fruit of prayer on Cross, [1798]351.

Persecution, all things in, to be despised for sake of Christ, [1799]409 sq.; the attack of Satan from without upon those out of whom he has been cast, [1800]537 sq.

Perseverance, silences opposition, [1801]385; necessary to Christian character, [1802]509 sq.; the building on a Rock, [1803]510; freedom the reward of, [1804]510.

Peter, St., so called from the rock, [1805]340; type of Church when in danger from man's praise, [1806]339; walking on sea, type of Church in the world, [1807]340; in his confession an image of the strong, in his fear, of the weak in the Church, [1808]341; weak in himself, strong in Christ, [1809]341, [1810]342; his conduct a proof that what we cannot do in ourselves we can do in Christ, [1811]341; held chief place in Apostleship, [1812]340; of Apostles, first and chiefest, [1813]340, [1814]341, [1815]544; blessed when he spoke the things of God, rebuked when those of men, [1816]340 sq.; Christ the Rock, St. Peter the Christian people, [1817]340; a proof that denial of Christ is not the unpardonable sin against Holy Ghost, [1818]330; witness of Christ, [1819]492; Church founded singly in, [1820]519; good shepherd, [1821]523, [1822]524; figure of unity of all good shepherds, [1823]544; our Lord's words to, "Lovest thou Me?" show love to be the sign of the true shepherd, [1824]521, [1825]524; disturbed at our Lord's Passion, [1826]544.

Pharisees, the one in the parable lauded himself, but did not pray, [1827]455; the proud thoughts of him who invited Him, known to our Lord, [1828]416; they were the choice men amongst the Jews, [1829]435; scrupulous as to external purification, neglected internal, [1830]435; their want of love made their greater alms of no value, [1831]435, [1832]436; their leaven, seeking glory from one another, [1833]446; their zeal "not according to knowledge," [1834]496.

Philip, eye of, healed by faith so that he might see the Father in Christ, [1835]380.

Philosophers (Heathen), saw God at a distance, but saw not way to Him, [1836]531; saw God in works of nature, [1837]531; idolatry, their folly, [1838]531 sq.

Philosophy, natural, the gift of God, but abused if it has not love, [1839]314, [1840]315.

Photinians, divided against Arians, [1841]319; asserting that Christ is only man, [1842]320, [1843]401; deny existence of Holy Ghost, [1844]320.

Pool. See [1845]Bethesda.

Poor, our carriers who carry our goods for us to heaven, [1846]293; the portion of departed children to be given to Christ through, [1847]372; God the receiver for, [1848]369, and Christ the Keeper for, [1849]446, and will repay for them in world to come, [1850]426 sq., [1851]474; to give to, to give to God of His own, [1852]474; they should seek only sufficiency, since all not needed, a burden, [1853]368; warnings to them, [1854]367; the rich, if humble, better than they if proud, [1855]367.

Possessions, we must so possess, as not to be possessed by, [1856]479.

Poverty, voluntary, not to be despised in those who can receive it, [1857]479; not perfect without love, [1858]535.

Praise, danger of human, and preservative against it, [1859]339; flatterers, sellers of, [1860]404.

Prayer, our only hope in evils of this life, [1861]349-352; the part of those in peril, [1862]454; sleeps when desire grows cold, [1863]352; unceasing longing is unceasing prayer, [1864]352; enlightens ignorance, [1865]431; for enemies a duty, [1866]276; need of, if we would cure our soul's sicknesses, [1867]350; double alms ("give and forgive"), wings of, [1868]287; faith fountain of, [1869]454; benefit of persevering, [1870]430, as shown by parable of unjust judge and of the "friend," [1871]296, [1872]430 sq., [1873]454; why we are not to omit, although it be that God knoweth our wants before we ask, [1874]275, [1875]361; where earnest affection in, there effectual answer from Him who heareth it, [1876]275; what we ask in, would be given if good for us, [1877]352, but that we may in ignorance ask evil, no cause for not asking, [1878]350; two things to be learnt, what we are to ask in and from Whom, [1879]274 sq.; need of piety in, not of wordiness, [1880]275; precepts concerning not using "many words" in, reconciled with commands to "ask, seek, knock," [1881]349 sq.; heard when offered in submission of mind, not with restlessness, [1882]540.

Prayer, Lord's, the: explained, [1883]274-280, [1884]280-284, [1885]284-288, [1886]288-289; the rule and standard of all prayer, [1887]275; the blessing of, taught by our Advocate and Judge, [1888]284; said daily in church before altar, [1889]288; taught to the Competentes after the Creed, [1890]274, [1891]284; repeated by them at Baptism, [1892]284, [1893]288; undoes past sin, provides against future, [1894]280; remedy against daily venial sins, [1895]277; with alms, [1896]277; great importance of petition for forgiveness in, [1897]278; Apostles needed daily remission through, much more we, [1898]286; three first petitions of, relate to the Life Eternal, the rest to necessities of present life, [1899]280, [1900]282, [1901]287, [1902]288, [1903]289.

Pride, the worm of riches, [1904]297, [1905]367; greater in man who is mortal, than in Satan who is immortal, [1906]412; trust in God with alms its cure, [1907]297; God made Man great remedy against, [1908]345, [1909]475; death, its penalty, should be its cure, [1910]412; mysteries hid from, [1911]315; destroys our gifts, [1912]502; prevents us from returning by "strait way," [1913]533; incompatible with love, [1914]475, [1915]535; Christ repelled the proud man who would have followed Him, [1916]298.

Priests, peril of office of, [1917]362; in Old Testament were to offer for themselves, [1918]514.

Princes, as God's ministers, may restrain heathen or heretics, [1919]303, [1920]304.

Promises, having done what God commands, we may ask for His, [1921]442.

Prophets, foretold evil, but did not wish it, [1922]275; words of, explained by their acts, [1923]388.

Psalms, imprecations in, not curses, but predictions, [1924]275.

Pure, the, "reach" God, [1925]460, [1926]485.

Rebuke, for secret sins, to be given secretly, [1927]360 sq.; St. Joseph an example of this, [1928]360 sq.; for public, publicly, [1929]360; given by St. Stephen severely, but in love, [1930]396; love should always accompany, [1931]358; with meekness and charity, [1932]385.

Reconciliation, necessity of, with an aggrieved brother, before acceptance with God, [1933]358, [1934]359; difficulty of persuading men to the self-humiliation necessary for, although the real humiliation their own sin, [1935]359.

Remission, of sin, article in the Creed, [1936]286; given by Holy Ghost through Church, [1937]325, [1938]329-332, [1939]419; first gift of Spirit in Baptism, [1940]324; given not by man, but by God, [1941]418; through man or without man, [1942]419; Apostles taught to pray for, [1943]286; joint gift of The Three Persons in the Holy Trinity, [1944]326; effect of, deliverance from dominion of Satan, [1945]330; "Seventy times seven," complete remission, [1946]365.

Repentance, useless if barren of its fruit, almsgiving, [1947]294; figured by Lazarus raised from dead, [1948]415; place of, not denied in Church to any sins whatever, [1949]320; time of mercy granted for, [1950]442.

Repetition not wearisome in divine things, [1951]475.

Rest, our, foreshadowed by God's after work of creation, [1952]477 sq.

Restituta, the great church in Carthage, [1953]392 (note).

Resurrection, of body, ordained for all, [1954]488 sq.; difference between that of good and bad, [1955]489; great and incredible, but not more so than our first creation, [1956]491.

Rhadagaisus, [1957]434 (note).

Rich, the: equal with poor in life and death, [1958]296, [1959]297, [1960]368; danger of, in attaining to salvation, [1961]366, [1962]367; may use luxuries which their infirmities demand, if careful to give necessaries to poor, [1963]297, [1964]298; must lay out what they have, that they may receive what they have not, [1965]367; need not give all to poor, but must exceed a tenth, the Scribes' and Pharisees' portion, [1966]367; by them God helps the needy, and by needy proves them, [1967]368; real wants of, not more than those of poor, [1968]297 sq.; if humble, better than poor if proud, [1969]367; warned against pride, [1970]367; two kinds of, those of this world, and those of the next (i.e., the poor), [1971]367; have "received" all, and therefore give nothing of their own, [1972]474. See [1973]Alms.

Riches, only good when we do good with, [1974]295, being means of good, not goods in themselves, [1975]295 sq., [1976]333; with desire of more, a passion, [1977]295 sq., [1978]333; use of, [1979]297 sq., [1980]367; acquisition of, man's great vanity and source of unhappiness, [1981]290; vanity of, because nothing lasting in, [1982]290 sq., [1983]367; various mischances to which they are subject, [1984]291; to neglect Christ's words as to use of, to neglect Christ, [1985]291 sq.; who teaches us how to use them speaking to us as "one from dead," [1986]373; by laying up, on earth, we lay up for earth, [1987]292; calamities warn us to remove, to Heaven, [1988]292 sq.; the poor our carriers to remove our, to Heaven, [1989]293; great danger of coveting, [1990]368; possession of, the world's test of happiness (as contrasted with that of Holy Scripture, God), [1991]451, [1992]452, why called "mammon of iniquity," [1993]450, [1994]451; pride the worm of, [1995]297, [1996]367.

Riches, the True, what they are -- cannot be lost, [1997]451; must be sought from and to God, [1998]452; consist in not requiring worldly riches, which we lose, that we may gain the True, and not be lost ourselves, [1999]346.

Righteous, the: though many, in comparison with wicked few, [2000]386, [2001]393; do righteousness for God, and account it God's, [2002]272.

Righteousness, burning lights, [2003]440; exercised in bearing the present, and fasting from world, [2004]479.

Rogatists, the, [2005]527.

Rome, founded by Trojans, [2006]357; built by Romulus, [2007]356; by Rome is meant the people of, not the city of: these will not perish if they praise God, if they blaspheme Him will, [2008]356 sq.; Christians care for, though heathen, because the Church sojourns in it, [2009]433, [2010]434; gods of, senseless, [2011]357, [2012]434; destruction of, falsely attributed to Christianity, [2013]433-435.

Sabbath, the, how typical of our Lord, [2014]515 sq.

Sabellians, called also by some Patripassians, as holding that the Father suffered, [2015]320.

Samaritan, Good, the, figures baptism, [2016]503. See [2017]Baptism and [2018]Church.

Samaritan woman. See [2019]Woman.

Samaritans, the harvest ripe among, [2020]422 sq.

Satan, slanders the good subtly, that we may think good hopeless, [2021]398; possesses us if God abandons us, [2022]282, but is conquered by our conquering self, [2023]283; torments of, to Christian, lightened by joys within, [2024]318.

Saved, the: the teaching of the "strait gate" proves to be few, [2025]445 sq.; few, that is, compared with the lost, but many that the Garner of Heaven may be filled, [2026]446.

Schism, wickedness of those who cause, [2027]319, [2028]437, [2029]478.

Scribes, the: who they were, [2030]335; though they had the keys of the kingdom of heaven, not "instructed" in it, [2031]335; though evil, to be heard and obeyed, as "sitting in Moses' seat," [2032]336.

Scripture, Holy: "the hem of" Christ's "garment" to heal us, [2033]300; "how to be read," [2034]259; pictures what it tells us, to our hearts, [2035]415 sq.; sometimes says things absolutely, to be interpreted in a limited sense, [2036]321, [2037]323; reckons in round numbers, [2038]257; idolatrous feasts forbidden by, [2039]300; godliness seeking truth, and humility, the key to, not mere criticism, [2040]247; some words and acts in, literal, [2041]390, some figurative, [2042]390, [2043]391, some both, [2044]390-392; terms in, not to be judged of by their use in world, [2045]335; exposition of, the setting forth of a banquet, to be received with praise, and followed by good works, [2046]406; we feed on plain parts of, [2047]321; are exercised by obscure, [2048]322, [2049]360, [2050]484; apparent contradictions, [2051]271, [2052]359; these opened to prayer, but not to be judged of, [2053]359 sq.; expressions in, teaching special earnestness, seemingly exaggerated, [2054]424; perverted by wicked, [2055]519; sense of, preserved by looking at whole, [2056]520.

Self, by stopping short in, we go out of, [2057]409; by denying, we turn to God, [2058]409; the duty of each to deny, as he has attained, [2059]411.

Senses, the five: indicated by the five virgins, [2060]402, by the five pairs of oxen, [2061]447; the windows of the soul, [2062]307, through which it perceives, [2063]263; useless when the inhabitant is gone, [2064]307; they who believe only, are kept back from higher things, [2065]447, [2066]448; for not their satisfaction, but faith, our food, [2067]448; sight, as the most eminent of them, stands for all of, [2068]449.

Serpent, the, in what to be feared, in what imitated, [2069]305 sq.

Seven, mystical meaning of, [2070]363, [2071]365, [2072]406, [2073]452.

Seventy and seven, mystical meaning of, [2074]258 sq., [2075]363, [2076]365.

Shepherds, true: they who preach for love, [2077]520, [2078]544; by which distinguished from hireling, [2079]521; figured in St. Peter, [2080]521, and their unity in the same Apostle, [2081]544; fewer than hirelings, [2082]544; prepared for every good work, [2083]521; act as, in God's presence, [2084]522; reprove and mourn for sin, [2085]522; awfulness of office of, [2086]543.

Ship, the Cross the, in which our weakness is carried over tempests of world, [2087]337; peril within, from storms of passion, destruction out of it, [2088]338; if Christ be absent from, each man the prey of storms within himself, [2089]338.

Sick, the: amongst Jews of two kinds, those who knew their own sickness, and came for health to Christ, those who knew it not, and mocked, [2090]350 sq.

Silence does not always imply absence of feeling, but want of power, [2091]461, [2092]468.

Siloa, [2093]512.

Simon Magus, [2094]419.

Sin, transgression -- when man seeking "more" exceeds rule of justice, [2095]258; not to be despised because committed only against man, [2096]358, [2097]359, for sins against Christ in brethren unless they gain us anew, destruction, [2098]358; God's Grace alone prevents, [2099]417, [2100]418; altogether from man himself, [2101]409, [2102]410, [2103]421 sq.; must be rebuked and subjected to discipline without violation of unity, [2104]387, [2105]388; itself the only real humiliation, not amends for, [2106]359; hearts which mourn for, bear Christ's mark, [2107]438; difficulty of overcoming inveterate habit of, [2108]415; a fourfold progress in, [2109]415; even Beloved Apostle acknowledged himself to be under, [2110]453; what, it was which Jews contracted by coming of our Lord, [2111]321; "they had not had sin" means not, any sin at all, but this one great sin, [2112]322; actions which lead to, are themselves sin, [2113]301; they who entice us to, "offences," [2114]354, [2115]355 sq.; known privately to priest, in no case to revealed, [2116]360 sq.; consent makes desire sin,[2117]287; dangerous sophisms about sins of flesh, [2118]361; God forgives, by man through Holy Spirit dwelling in them, [2119]419; mercifulness redeems, want of it retains, [2120]294; must "be," but must not "reign" in us, [2121]493; made slaves and dead by, [2122]510 sq.; Christ Himself made sacrifice for, [2123]511; all under, [2124]514, as shown by Lord's Prayer, given even to Apostles, [2125]514; much evil-doing no excuse for, [2126]543 sq.; to some sins, a severe and certain condemnation due, [2127]277; lesser sins, [2128]278, [2129]284, [2130]286 sq.; lesser, not to be despised, [2131]287; compared by these, when free from greater, [2132]278; great peril of them, [2133]278.

Sin, original, [2134]275, [2135]278, [2136]316, [2137]381, [2138]395, [2139]410, [2140]444, [2141]456.

Sinner, the: must rise from his sin speedily, however foul and deep it be, [2142]415 sq.; our Lord's conduct to the, rebukes exclusiveness of heretics, [2143]418, [2144]419; only heard if penitent, [2145]513; dead, though to eye alive and moving, [2146]308.

Six, the, ages of world, [2147]477.

Son, the. See [2148]Word, The. Worketh with, not separately from, the Father and Holy Ghost, [2149]484, [2150]485; commandment of Father to, not to be taken in a carnal sense, [2151]530; "seeing what the Father doeth," relates to, as God, [2152]485, [2153]486, and is inseparable from Divine nature of, [2154]486; Eternity of, [2155]488; was made what He made, to redeem what He made, [2156]489; God-Man, [2157]489; will judge as Son of man as He was judged, [2158]489 sq.; our life of His, His death of ours, [2159]489 sq.; Father's works His, because all that is Father's, His, [2160]512; having one Will and one Power with Father, [2161]513; of one Substance with Father, [2162]527, not one in mere will, else man might be one with, [2163]530; coequal with Father, [2164]431, [2165]527 sq., [2166]529, [2167]530; highest blasphemy to deny coequality of, [2168]528; blasphemy against, not forgiven, because inferior in His manhood, [2169]326; Father honoured, and outraged, in, [2170]528 sq., [2171]530; begotten out of time, made in time, [2172]529; "the True God and Everlasting Life," [2173]530; the Father, though not incarnate (see [2174]Sabellians), doeth all by, [2175]260, [2176]261; acts of, in flesh, acts of Father and Son, [2177]261; "our Father" teaches that we are sons through, [2178]281.

Sons, men become God's, by God's Grace, [2179]281, [2180]355, [2181]477.

Sophisms, rejected by moral instinct fearing to displease God, [2182]355.

Soul, the: an image of the Holy Trinity, [2183]264; may die, [2184]307; despair and false hope, death of, [2185]376; God the Life of, His absence the death of, [2186]299, [2187]307, [2188]308; gives life to body, [2189]307 sq., but this not its own life, [2190]307; departure of God from, to be mourned more than departure of it from body, [2191]308; by fearing death of, true life of body saved, [2192]308; man by destroying the body does but give release to, [2193]307; God's husbandry in, and its object and effects, [2194]373.

Spirit, Holy, the: is God, [2195]323, [2196]328 (see [2197]Trinity); the Spirit of the Father and Son, [2198]320-323 sq., [2199]388; equal with the Father and the Son, [2200]324, [2201]431; the gift of God, [2202]324, [2203]431; signified under name of "Fire," [2204]324 sq.; the Creator, Bread, Shepherd, Unchangeable, [2205]431; sometimes given through ministry of man, sometimes apart from, [2206]419 (and note); given visibly by Apostles, invisibly now, [2207]419; Sadducees denied existence of, [2208]320; likewise Photinians, Arians, Eunomians, and Macedonians deny Divinity of, [2209]320, and Sabellians, [2210]320; persons may have, and know not that they have, [2211]329; "the bond of peace," test of presence of, now, as once gift of tongues, [2212]328; by fellowship of, are made One Body of One Only Son of God, [2213]328; one thing to be born of, another to be nourished by, [2214]324; remission of sins the gift of, in the Church, [2215]328-330; are made sons of God by, [2216]494; that by which we fight against ourselves, [2217]494.

Spirit, blasphemy against, one of most important and difficult questions in Holy Scripture, [2218]321; what it is, not particularly expressed, but to be enquired into, [2219]321; the expression "blasphemy" restricted, [2220]322; difficulty in language of St. Mark and St. Luke concerning, [2221]322; wrongly supposed to consist in great sins, or apostasy, of baptized, [2222]320 sq.; not all, but some certain, said to be unforgiven, [2223]321, [2224]322, [2225]323; consists in final impenitence, [2226]325; though expressed by the single term "word," extends to every word and thought against power of absolution granted to Church, [2227]325, [2228]326, [2229]330; not denial of Christ, as proved by St. Peter's case, [2230]330; does not mean that Holy Ghost alone of the three Holy Persons forgives, [2231]326, [2232]327; warning against, so expressed, as to show that sin is forgiven only in Church, [2233]331; some kind of, as of heathen, forgiven, [2234]319, but this last not the blasphemy of Jews and Heretics, [2235]319 sq.

Spirit, who are "the poor in," [2236]266.

Spiritual things, not to be judged by fleshly thoughts, [2237]459; meditation on, better than words on, [2238]460.

Stephen, St., prayer and martyrdom of, [2239]396; as martyr witness of Christ, [2240]492.

Stones ("stones will cry out"), idolaters, meaning of this name so applied, [2241]469.

Strangers, we as strangers here should cherish such, [2242]446.

Strong, he who thinks himself, weak, [2243]341; man, the, binding of, figures our being bound by bonds of Christ's Passion, [2244]499.

Superiors, how far to be obeyed, [2245]300 sq., [2246]302; not to be dreaded on account of their evil designs, [2247]302, [2248]303, [2249]355, [2250]412, [2251]439 sq.; friendship of, to be disregarded when it stands in the way of our salvation, [2252]377.

Supper, the: Jews called to, we called and led and forced, [2253]447; meaning of the three excuses of those who refused to come to, [2254]447, [2255]448; Gentiles, those from streets and lanes: heretics, those from hedges, [2256]449; "all" required to come to, [2257]449.

Synagogue, the, figured by the barren fig tree, [2258]389.

Tabernacles, the feast of, [2259]506; the eleven curtains of haircloth of the Tabernacle, typical meaning of, [2260]365.

Tares, even in high places of Church, [2261]335; these seen by Angels, and not by men, [2262]335.

Temperance -- girded loins, [2263]440.

Temple, the Christian everywhere Christ's, [2264]361; we must therefore fear to offend Him who dwelleth in it, [2265]361.

Temptation, the wind in the tempest, [2266]304 sq., [2267]342; anger the deadliest, as cutting off means of pardon, [2268]283; advances or gives way in proportion with faith, [2269]454; two kinds of, one proving, one inducing us to sin, [2270]282, [2271]323: brings out previously existing evil, [2272]481.

Tempter, the: overcome by conquering self, [2273]283; overcome when we have learnt to despise him, [2274]473.

Ten, mystical meaning of, [2275]258 sq.

Ten thousand, mystical meaning of, [2276]364.

Testament, typical use of the Old, not taken away in the New, but the veil removed from it, [2277]336 sq.; the Old and New agreeable the one to the other, [2278]359.

Thirty and eight years, infirmity of, typical of the law unfulfilled, [2279]480; when fulfilled typified by forty, [2280]480.

Times, the, we make our own, such as we are ourselves, such they, [2281]352.

Tobias, blind, saw inwardly by light of righteousness, his wife outwardly by light of sun, [2282]384.

Tongue, the: "no man," but God only, "can tame," [2283]273; sins of, to be shunned, [2284]442.

Transfiguration, the: the Apostles saw Christ's kingdom in, and how, [2285]347; St. Peter's wish at, would have made three, where there is but One, [2286]347 sq.; voice from heaven at, indicates the superiority of Christ's Kingdom over all, [2287]348; our Lord remained alone after, Law and Prophets passing away, [2288]348; prostration of disciples at, the oneness of Law and prophets with Christ, how figured in, [2289]349.

Transgression, the number "eleven" typical of, [2290]258, [2291]364.

Tree, the unfruitful, the three years in parable of, signify God's visiting the world before, under, and since the Law, [2292]332.

Tribulation, the Baptism "with fire" may be understood of, [2293]324; a cleansing or destroying fire according to our use of it, [2294]356; foretold by Christ, [2295]356; swiftness in flying from trouble, and slowness in doing good increase, [2296]290; not great, because in duration short, [2297]290; wisest to take counsel from Christ in, [2298]290; when it comes, to be accepted, that we may be healed, [2299]381; by patience and faith avails to our profit, [2300]353; no cause for distress, if Christ be in us, [2301]356; duty of blessing God in, [2302]432 sq.

Trinity, Holy, the: One God, [2303]259 sq., [2304]323, [2305]324, [2306]428, [2307]431; a great thing to speak of, [2308]259; man faint image of, like and unlike, not as Son is image, [2309]263 sq.; persons of, distinct, [2310]259, [2311]265, [2312]324, [2313]326-329 sq., as shown in our Lord's Baptism, [2314]258, yet operation of, one and inseparable, [2315]259, [2316]260, [2317]265 sq., [2318]324, [2319]326-329 sq., [2320]428, [2321]484 sq.; analogies of, in memory, understanding, and will, though not exact in comparison, meditation requisite, [2322]265 sq.; Property and particular Subsistence of each Person in, preserved, [2323]324 (and note); works ascribed to one Person in, do not exclude operation of the other Persons, [2324]261, [2325]262, [2326]326-328, [2327]329 sq.; the "three loaves," man's life and food, [2328]431; truth of, cleared to meditating love, [2329]487 sq.

Troubling of waters. See [2330]Bethesda.

Two, the meaning of the number, so often used in New Testament, [2331]519.

Understanding, that to which Faith attains, [2332]481, [2333]527.

Unity, of Law, Prophets, and Gospel, [2334]347, [2335]349; the virtue apprehended in the Eucharist, [2336]282; to forsake, to violate charity, [2337]386; mysterious greatness and blessedness of, [2338]428, [2339]430; typified by the "one" Person who descended to pool, [2340]475, [2341]478; holdeth Church together, [2342]517; figured in the "One" Good Shepherd, [2343]523, [2344]532.

Unseen things, the evidence of the seen, as shown in works of Creation, [2345]482.

Usury, God longs to give us, for what we lend Him in poor, [2346]369; who practises, rebuked by Church, confuted by Word of God, and execrated by the brethren, [2347]369.

Valley, typical of humility, [2348]502.

Veil, the, rending of, figured discovery of secrets of Law, [2349]519.

Virgil, might repudiate in his own person his own false predictions, [2350]433.

Virgins, all so called from abstinence from unlawful desires, [2351]401, [2352]402; honour of, began with the Virgin Mary, [2353]255. See [2354]Celibacy and [2355]Chastity.

Watch, the fourth, meaning of, [2356]338.

Watchfulness, must be with the heart, faith, hope, charity, and good works, [2357]405; now our lamps flicker, [2358]405.

Water, our Lord turned, into wine, that men might believe, [2359]473.

Weakness, who feels, is strong, [2360]341; remains after Baptism until death, [2361]503.

Wedding garment, the: not anything which good and bad may both have, so not belief, [2362]407 sq.; not the sacraments, or fasting, or power of miracles, [2363]394, but Love, [2364]394, [2365]407, [2366]408; must be in the heart, not on the body, [2367]393; want of, a very grievous fault, [2368]407; the "man without," a figure of the "many called," but not "chosen," [2369]407.

Wheat, figure of Gospel as opposed to Law, [2370]499.

Wicked, the: mingled with the good, but must be tolerated, [2371]334, [2372]352 sq., [2373]385, [2374]386, [2375]393; separation from, understood by Donatists corporally, spiritually by Catholics, [2376]387; communicating with, makes us not answerable for their evil, [2377]385; prophets rebuked, but joined in Divine rites with, [2378]387; are known, not to men, but to angels, [2379]335; may become good, [2380]334 sq.; all men found so, at coming of Christ, [2381]332; all so, in a certain sense (even Apostles), [2382]392; malice of, like a razor, touching only what is superfluous in us, [2383]302.

Widow, the: son of, dead and raised, type of those reclaimed after overt acts of sin, [2384]414.

Will of God, done by victory of Saints, and conversion of sinners, [2385]285; the prayer that it may "be done," a prayer for perfection, [2386]276.

Wisdom, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, [2387]327, [2388]459; God takes away His, when we claim it as our own, [2389]315.

Wise, they only who profess themselves "fools" before God and men, [2390]313.

Witness, Christ's, of Himself, how not true, [2391]491.

Woman, sin came "by," salvation "through," [2392]246; the word in Hebrew equivalent to female, [2393]252 (and note), [2394]261.

Woman, penitent, the, devotion of, [2395]416; comfort to, of our Lord's Parable, [2396]416; as she owed more, loved more, [2397]417; knew Christ, who forgave her "as God," [2398]418.

Woman, the, with an issue of blood, healed, a type of those who touch Christ's hem by faith, and are healed, [2399]299 sq., [2400]344.

Woman, Canaanitish, the: perseverance of, in prayer, [2401]345; figure of Church from among Gentiles, to whom Christ was not sent, [2402]345; an example of humility, [2403]342, through which she was changed, [2404]345, [2405]347.

Woman, of Samaria, the, knew of Christ's coming from the Prophets, [2406]422.

Word, The: hidden that He might redeem: has arisen to judge, [2407]445; Christ, the, above us: the Flesh, among us: the Word-Flesh, between God and man, [2408]445 (and note); without price as surpassing all things, [2409]458; must buy, with ourselves, [2410]459; they who would procure, must have godly will, [2411]459; peace in, [2412]459; they that buy, give themselves, yet gain themselves, [2413]459; comprehends all, but comprehended by none, [2414]459, [2415]466; they who would understand, must not follow flesh, [2416]466; to be comprehended through obedience, [2417]486; the Form, Foundation, Head-Stone, of all things: all things in and under, [2418]459; Incomprehensibleness of, our sorrow, and duty of aspiring to comprehension of, [2419]459; can receive no addition from us, Perfect, Unlimited by space or time, [2420]459; unlike bodies which we see, not less in Parts than in Whole, [2421]460; born of God, but incorporeally, inviolably, unchangeably, and without temporal nativity, [2422]460; made man, that we might attain to God, [2423]464, and thus might hear in Him what else we could not have borne, [2424]464; thus made as "milk" to us, [2425]464; the Creator of all things, [2426]465-467; God, [2427]465-467; not made, but born, [2428]465, [2429]466; changed that which It was Itself made, [2430]466; became less, that we might be more, [2431]467; descended that we might ascend: accepted our death, and gave us Life: was at once with us and the Father, [2432]467; Maker of His own mother, [2433]467; the word of man gives some faint analogy of, [2434]467, [2435]468; the blessedness of having seen, beyond all words, [2436]467 sq.; the visible works of God, if we lay aside their "finite" nature, suggest thoughts of, [2437]467 sq.; Giver of immortality to flesh, [2438]474; makes enduring, [2439]474; endures Itself, [2440]475; the Lord of Angels, [2441]477.

Works, good: to be seen, not for our own glory, but for God's, [2442]271, [2443]272; cannot be done by those abiding in state of evil, [2444]332 sq.; charity the root of all, [2445]333; peril of delay in, [2446]361 sq.

World, the: a sea, [2447]340, [2448]342; one great patient, [2449]377; a scorpion, [2450]432; a furnace, to purify or destroy, [2451]302; more severely chastened now, because it knows God's Will, [2452]333; seeks to make us "look back," and fix our hope on present, [2453]432, [2454]433; perishes, [2455]433; overcome for us by Christ, [2456]412; the evil in, a warning that we love it not, [2457]352; bitterness mingled with the bliss of, that we may look on, [2458]432 sq.; called away from love of, that we may hope for, and love another, [2459]440; things of, must be endured, not loved, [2460]434; difficulty of trampling on, when all things are smooth, [2461]342; must not cleave to, in its old age, lest we lose renewal in Christ, [2462]356; Christ foretold decay of, [2463]356; "fourth watch," end of, [2464]338; natural philosophy of, the foolish wisdom, [2465]313, [2466]314; six ages of, [2467]477; love of; and of God, incompatible, [2468]479; restraint from, speeds to God, [2469]480; must sit loose to, [2470]481; friendship of, evil: deceitful, [2471]481; naught suffices us in, save our Creator, [2472]481; love of, whoredom, confusion of face its cure, [2473]532; two worlds, evil and good, [2474]354, [2475]410, one persecuting, the other persecuted, [2476]410, one condemned, the other reconciled, [2477]410; the world that "knew not" Christ, the wicked and unbelieving, not world of nature, [2478]469.

Yoke of Christ, in appearance severe: becomes easy when borne in hope and love, [2479]317 sq.

Young, the, temptations of, strong, [2480]494.

Zacchæus acquired his goods unjustly, [2481]450 sq.

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