Doctrinal and Moral Treatises. Index of Subjects.
Abortive conceptions, question regarding resurrection of, [267]265.

Abraham, Christ the promised Seed of, [268]339, [269]340; His example cited, [270]408, [271]409, [272]412; actions of, figurative, [273]470; told no lie, [274]491; knew the state of the world from Lazarus, [275]548.

Abstinence, practice of, a benefit due to authority, [276]364; easier than moderation, [277]405, [278]410; from food, etc. for ill ends, [279]528.

Academics, St. Augustin once inclined to, [280]356.

Action, unless rightly done, sin, [281]360; whether implied in permission, [282]464, [283]475; always conceived in the heart, [284]487; indifferent, takes its character from motive, [285]488; some unconsciously prophetic, [286]495; character determined by the intention, [287]519.

Adam, sin of, the results to his posterity, [288]246, [289]254; involved many kinds of sin, [290]252; Job, how unlike, [291]530.

Address, different methods of, to different classes of hearers, catechumens, [292]298 sq.

Admonition, desired by St. Augustin, [293]522.

Adultery, what? [294]400, [295]402; compared with fornication, [296]403; is evil, while even second marriage is good, [297]443; might be justified on same grounds as lying, [298]487, [299]488; some guilty of, fear perjury, [300]500; penance done for, 575.

Æsop, Fables of, [301]494.

Ætiology, explanation by, [302]349.

Age, qualifies to give counsel, [303]451; flower of, brief, [304]452.

Aged, marriage, [305]400.

Ages, seven; the last to be an age of rest, [306]301.

Ages of the world, the six, [307]307.

Alexis, of Plato and Virgil thought allegorical, [308]355.

All things gathered together in one in Christ, expounded, [309]257.

Allegory, explanation by, [310]349; instances of, [311]350, [312]351; in real events, [313]460, [314]470, [315]492; no lie if the thing figured is true, [316]460; Jacob's deceit was, [317]491; use of, [318]492.

Almighty, what He Who is, cannot do, 569.

Alms, means of, not to be gotten by sin, [319]488; a means of pardon, [320]496; given to Christ, [321]519; to be done for a heavenly reward, [322]520.

Almsgiving, will not, without change of life, atone for sin, [323]260; the greatest, is forgiveness of debtors and love of enemies, [324]261; the first, is to pity our own souls, [325]262; advanced by Christianity, [326]364.

Altar, prayers at the, [327]434; ministers of, Christian Priests, [328]515; prayers offered at the, [329]540.

Alternatives, [330]464, [331]466, [332]468, [333]469.

Ambrose, St., Bp. of Milan, heard by St. Augustin, [334]356.

Analogy, explanation by, [335]349.

Ananias, appearance to St. Paul, [336]550.

Angel, Temple may not be built to an, [337]374.

Angels, the fallen, God's judgment on, [338]246; who fell not, [339]246; nothing certainly known of their social organization, [340]256; bodies assumed by, [341]256; what Christ did for man was in a sense done for them, [342]257; may communicate the events of time to the dead, [343]359; cannot sin, [344]385; entertained by Lot, [345]463; ministry of, to Lazarus, [346]541; free of both worlds, [347]548.

Anger, darkens the mind's eye, [348]490.

Angry, in what sense God is said to be, [349]248, [350]527.

Anima, animus, mens, [351]475.

Anna, and Susanna, [352]403, [353]413; more blessed than Ruth, [354]443; unless Ruth knew what was to follow; probably knew Christ should be born of a Virgin, [355]444; her long and early widowhood, [356]447; her piety, [357]448; recognized Christ with His Virgin Mother, [358]444, [359]448.

Antiphrasis, is no lie, [360]491; instances of, [361]492.

Antiquity, testimony of, to Religion, [362]363.

Apocrypha, books of, [363]548; quoted, [364]540.

Apostle, God spoke in him, [365]521.

Apostles, common men chosen to show Christ's power, [366]342; prophesied of, [367]343; use the four-fold exposition, [368]349, [369]350; Acts of, rejected by Manichees, inconsistently, [370]350; teaching handed down from, [371]356; effect of their labors on nations, [372]364; whether bound to live of the Gospel, [373]471, [374]522; Acts of the, a place to find examples, [375]476, [376]493; example of, no obligation not to labor, [377]505-[378]508; maintained by holy women and those among whom they preached, [379]506-[380]508; words not to be derided, [381]508; divided their provinces, [382]516; had power not to work: to speak with authority, [383]522; once of the world, [384]532; chosen not just but justified: else had first chosen Christ, [385]533.

Apostolic chair, succession from, and note, [386]365.

Apparitions, in dreams, [387]544-[388]550; of the dead without their consciousness, [389]545 sq.; as of the living, unconscious, [390]545. [391]546, [392]549; images only, not of souls themselves, [393]545; produced by the ministry of Angels, [394]545, [395]547, [396]549; asking for burial, [397]545; use of: pointing out places of burial, [398]545; foretelling things future, [399]545; not to be denied, [400]545; instances of, in sleep, [401]545; pointing out where things should be found, [402]545; seen when awake, [403]546; in trances, [404]546; doctrines taught by: of Samuel to Saul, [405]548; of St. Felix, [406]548; of saints whether themselves or angelic appearances, doubtful, [407]549, [408]550; of John the Monk, [409]549; of Ananias to St. Paul: John would have solved St. Augustin's difficulties, [410]550.

Aptus, [411]464.

Archimedes, not to be explained by Epicurus, [412]353.

Arena, matches of the, [413]372.

Aristotle, not to be explained by an enemy, [414]353.

Army, of the virtues and vices, [415]382.

Artisans, singing at work, [416]514.

Ascension of Christ foretold, [417]341; witnessed by Apostles, [418]342; of our Lord, [419]373, [420]374, [421]375; how our Lord prefigured, [422]494.

Ashes, of martyrs, thrown into the Rhone, [423]543; not scattered, [424]544.

Asper, a grammarian, [425]355.

Atoms, soul not formed of, [426]352.

Augustin, St., when ordained Priest or Presbyter, [427]347; his early love of truth, [428]347, [429]349; his prayer for Honoratus, [430]348; how led into Manicheism (nine years in it), tempted by discussions, [431]348; only a "Hearer:" a worldling: contrast later, [432]348; his eyes weak from past delusions, [433]349; his book "De Spiritu et Litera," note, [434]351; his belief about the Old Testament, [435]353; young when led into error, [436]353; his way of search for true religion, [437]356, [438]357; disappointed in Faustus, [439]356; tended at times toward Academics: his prayers for help: becomes Catechumen, [440]356; his purpose of writing further to Honoratus, [441]365; expresses doubt on a point connected with marriage, [442]407; not at variance with Council of Carthage, [443]441; his many engagements, [444]441; his books on marriage and virginity, [445]448, [446]454; wrote against Faustus, [447]448; works of, on Divine grace, [448]450; his works on Lying of different dates, [449]457; uses a homely style in practical matters, [450]458; his avocations, [451]481; life laborious, (bodily infirmity), [452]521, [453]522; did what he exhorted others to do, [454]522; found a Bishop's life more laborious than a Monk's, [455]521; not submitting to man's judgment, [456]522; desired to be admonished, [457]523; never completed his Retractations, [458]527; visited nightly by his mother while she lived, [459]547; not after her death, [460]547.

Aurelius, Bp. of Carthage, desired St. Augustin to write on the work of Monks, [461]503, [462]522.

Authority, necessity of in religion,[463]356, [464]357; source of what we believe, [465]359; lovers of truth believe, [466]360; for doctrine same as for belief in Christ, [467]362; some probable a priori, [468]363; shown by miracles on multitudes, [469]364; brought to bear on life through numbers, [470]364; seat of, in Catholic Church, [471]365; of doctrine to be strictly guarded, [472]466, [473]483, [474]484.

Babylon, represents the world, [475]496.

Ball, pleasure of playing with, [476]453.

Baptism, indicates our death to sin and resurrection to life, [477]252, [478]254; open to all, both infants and adults, [479]252; "Come, ye blessed of My Father, receive the kingdom," [480]374; makes men temples of the Holy Spirit, [481]374; remission of all things in, [482]374; received, to be guarded by good life: washes once for all: why not repeated, [483]375; of heretics, "a form of Godliness:" is of the Church only: remits original sin, [484]386; puts away all sin, [485]408; of children, [486]419; remits from all sin, [487]435; supposed case of lying in order to give, [488]499; necessary for admission to Paradise, [489]546.

Baptized persons pray, [490]435.

Barnabas, simulation of corrected, [491]461, [492]493.

Barrenness, does not make divorce lawful, [493]402, [494]406, [495]412.

Beauty, inward is what Christ loves, [496]451; false, lawful to none, [497]451; spiritual, decays not, [498]451; of truth, [499]498.

Bees, have progeny without intercourse, [500]399.

Begging Monks, [501]515.

Beginners, lying, well meant, excused in,.[502]460, [503]473, [504]495, [505]497.

Beginning, The Father is, of Christ: The Son also the, [506]328; Godhead has none, [507]372.

Belief, See Faith; implies objects unseen, [508]337. [509]338; of historical facts, [510]359; different from opinion, [511]458; needed before understanding, [512]463; of a lie, not always hurtful, [513]466, [514]483; of false doctrine, a real misery, [515]483; in the heart, not enough without confession, [516]486.

Bene-dictio, better than bona dictio, [517]292.

Betrayal, sin of, [518]467, [519]468, [520]496; by silence, [521]468, [522]469.

Bill of divorcement, [523]402.

Birds, their habits alluded to, [524]409; who? [525]436; image of the proud, [526]516; not to be imitated in all points, [527]517, [528]518 sq.; in cages, [529]517; not imitated in picking food or flies, [530]518; caught by want of water, [531]348.

Bishop, empowered to relax certain excommunications, [532]441; addresses another Bishop's flock by permission, [533]521, [534]524.

Bishops, Catholic, overthrew Priscillianism, [535]485; called to act in secular affairs, [536]517; by Apostolic injunction, to be obeyed, [537]522; succession of from Apostles, 565.

Bishop's life, laborious, [538]521, [539]522; recent increase of occupation, [540]521.

Blasphemy, worst in one who knows it such, [541]444, [542]495, [543]499; none can be allowable, [544]499; suggested by Job's wife, [545]500.

Blessedness, called Right Hand of God, [546]373.

Blessing, put for cursing, [547]491.

Blood, of Christ, given the pardoned to drink, [548]374.

Bodies of the married are holy, [549]405.

Body, the death of, man's peculiar punishment, [550]246; resurrection of, [551]264, [552]332, [553]375, [554]540, [555]541; in the resurrection, spiritual, [556]266; material of, never perishes, [557]265, [558]529; a creature of God, [559]374; Temple of the Holy Spirit, [560]374, [561]444, [562]474, not our object in religion, [563]354; its peaceful members made the soul's pattern, [564]389; may be holy in marriage, [565]443, [566]444; of all the Faithful is "members of Christ," [567]444; soul to be preferred to, [568]463, purity of, depends on soul, [569]463, [570]499; Priscillianists erred concerning, [571]484; real good of, in the life to come, [572]528, [573]529; to be restored entire, [574]529; patience of Martyrs concerning their, [575]530; motions of, affect the mind, [576]542; an interest felt in, by us while living, [577]543, [578]544; overcome by the Martyrs, [579]544; hurt only by the pain of dying, [580]543, [581]544; faith in resurrection of, confirmed by care for the dead, [582]541, [583]550; obtained by the spirit, [584]543; not affected by the treatment of the corpse, [585]540, [586]541, [587]543, [588]544.

Boyhood, good and bad reasons for preferring, [589]352; rashness incident to, [590]353.

Bread, daily breaking of, at Troas, the Eucharist, [591]514.

Bridegroom, Christ the, [592]343.

Burial, in the memorials of Martyrs, [593]539, [594]542, [595]549, [596]550; place provided for, [597]539; want of, does not affect the dead, [598]540, [599]541, [600]543, [601]544, [602]545; a grief to the living, [603]544; external rites of, for the comfort of the living, [604]540, [605]544, [606]550; no benefit to the wicked, [607]540, [608]544; care for, a duty, [609]541; why? [610]544; by the Patriarchs and their children, [611]541; significative, [612]541; commended in Scripture, [613]541; rewarded, [614]541; want of, and place of, does not hinder the resurrection, [615]540, [616]541; or rest, [617]541, [618]543, [619]545; place of, a benefit only as occasioning prayer, [620]542, [621]543, [622]550; to slight, irreligious, [623]545; place of, naturally, a subject of interest, [624]543, [625]544; loss of, how a punishment; how a kindness, [626]544.

Business distracting the mind unsuitable to preachers, [627]405.

Butler, Analogy, [628]337.

Calling, each to remain in, [629]509.

Candidianus, bearer of St. Augustin's book on "Care for the Dead," [630]551.

Canticles, prophecy of Christ and the Church, [631]343.

Care for the Dead, book on, occasion of writing, [632]539, [633]551.

Caring for temporal things forbidden, [634]504.

Caring not, by some limited to spiritual wants, [635]503.

Carnally-minded like grass, [636]516.

Carthage, fourth Council of, [637]441; introduction of monasteries into, [638]503.

Cassiodorus, his book, De Inst. Div. Lit., [639]347.

Catechetical instruction, 282 sq.; way to commence it, [640]288 sq.; of the educated,[641]290 sq.; of grammarians and professional speakers, [642]291; causes and remedies of tediousness in, [643]292 sq.

Catechumen, examination of, as to his views, [644]288; specimen of address to ([645]1) one of worthy views, (2) one of false aims, [646]299; formal admission of, [647]312; St. Augustin becomes one, [648]356; learned and repeated the Creed, [649]369; still under sins, [650]375; having a second wife, case of, [651]408.

Catholic, title of, whose by consent, [652]356.

Cataline, his powers of endurance, [653]528.

Cato, cited, [654]408.

Causes, essential to man's happiness to know the; of good and evil, [655]242; the secondary, of evil, are ignorance and lust, [656]245, [657]264; of common things obscure.

Centurion, ready faith of, praised, [658]363; case of the, [659]428.

Chalcedon, Council of, excommunicates (Church) widows who marry, [660]441.

Character, care of, a point of charity, [661]453.

Characterem, (of Baptism), [662]375.

Charity, the Church abides in, [663]374; of the married state, [664]400; shown in communicating any good to others, [665]441; in keeping good repute, [666]453; unity of the Church belongs to, [667]535; a mark of the free-born, [668]535.

Chase, simile of, [669]457.

Chastity, advanced by Christianity, [670]364; of continence, better than married chastity, [671]411; wedded, is a good, [672]443, [673]445; wedded, is God's gift, [674]450; complete (integritas), of virgins and widows, [675]450; spiritual delights in, [676]452; not to be broken to save a life, [677]463; or a soul, [678]499; not lost by violence, [679]463, [680]475; of mind what, [681]475, [682]499; of mind to be preserved for detecting heresy, [683]487; is of the truth, [684]498, [685]499; cannot teach adultery, [686]499.

Children, probably involved in the guilt, not only of our first parents, but also of their own immediate parents, [687]252; know their parents by faith, [688]338, [689]360; exorcised, [690]369; loss of, [691]372, [692]530; why baptized, [693]419; the Three Holy, Song of, [694]438; having, a reason for not marrying again, [695]445; spiritual, may serve instead of natural, [696]445, [697]450; virginity of, a compensation to parents, [698]445, [699]448; desire of, lawful, but not praiseworthy, [700]445; having, a blessing, not a merit, [701]447, [702]448; bringing up well, is of good will, [703]448; spiritual fruits in place of, [704]451, [705]452; lawfully begetting, for God a good work, [706]488; power of a parent over, [707]490.

Childhood, why a grown man may prefer, [708]352.

Christ, birth of, [709]249, [710]371; being the only Son of God, is at the same time man, [711]249; grace of God in His birth, [712]250, [713]251; made sin for us, [714]251; not regenerated in the baptism of John, [715]253; took away original sin and all other sins, [716]253; His life typical of the Christian life, [717]254; second coming of, [718]255; advent of, why foretold, [719]286; shows God's love to us, [720]287; generation of, as Son of God and the Word, [721]322 sq.; neither made by nor less than the Father, [722]323; born through the Holy Ghost of the Virgin Mary, [723]325; as God, has no mother, [724]325; Passion, Burial and Resurrection of, [725]326; Ascension of, [726]326; Session at the Father's Right Hand and Coming to Judgment, [727]326, [728]327; relation of, as Son to the Father, [729]328 sq.; the Seed of Abraham, [730]339; nations blessed in, [731]339; so honored though crucified, a miracle, [732]340; witnessed to by Jewish prophecy, [733]342; sufferings of, contrasted with His Victory, [734]342; name of, honored even by heretics, [735]343; the Bridegroom, [736]343; used the four ways of exposition, [737]349, [738]350; veil of Law done away by, [739]351; teaching handed down from, [740]356; even heretics bid us believe in, [741]361; on whose testimony we do so, [742]362; planted His religion by the way of faith, [743]363; Death and Resurrection of, shut out fear, [744]363; various miracles of, their use, [745]364; effects of His Incarnation and Teaching, [746]365; God in true Man, [747]364; without sin, restores from sin, [748]369, [749]370; what He teaches of Himself, [750]371; His lowly Birth, Passion and Death: born perfect as Son of God, [751]371, [752]372; born of the Virgin in the fullness of time: God and Man: death of, a pattern to martyrs; Resurrection of, [753]372, [754]375; sets a prize as in the arena, [755]372; arose to die no more, [756]372; example of, exceeds Job's, [757]373; His Sufferings and Ascension, [758]373; shall come to judge the quick and the dead: the Church abides in, as branches in a Vine, [759]374; the Root: sin of killing, not unpardonable: members of, shall follow Him, [760]375; our pattern: condescends to our slowness, [761]380; and the Church, their union, [762]388; heretical notion concerning, [763]389; came in real flesh, [764]389; took a human body and a human soul, [765]390, [766]364; really hungered and thirsted: saw fit not to abstain like the Baptist, [767]410; the object of love, [768]437, [769]452; taught humility when near His Passion, [770]429; Himself the model for virgins, [771]429, [772]431; the object of virgin love, [773]437; crucified, to be gazed on with the inward eyes, [774]437; may not be loved a little, [775]444; recognized by Anna as a child, [776]444, [777]448; conceived in chastity, can make virginity fruitful, [778]446; loves an inward beauty, [779]446; a Husband, in the Spirit, to the married as to the Church, [780]446; shown to be the worthiest object of love, [781]452; did and commanded all for our salvation, [782]462; no lie to be told about, [783]466; patience of, perfect, [784]470; yet did not literally turn the other cheek, [785]470; sayings of, that seem false, are figurative, [786]476, [787]494; denied before men in pretending heresy, [788]485; few deny sincerely, [789]486; kept back some truth, [790]491; called a "Rock," "Lion," [791]491; under our sins figured by Jacob, [792]492; Himself a Prophet, [793]494; assumed show of ignorance, [794]494; His feigning, [795]494; exhorts Martyrs to patience, [796]529; forbearance of, to Judas, [797]529; chose and justified the Apostles, [798]533; faith of, saved the old Saints, [799]533; made poor for our sakes, [800]535; poor of, to be made rich [801]539.

Christianity, derided as credulous, [802]337; is not without evidence, [803]339; testimony of mankind to, [804]355; profession of, its effect on the masses, [805]364, [806]365.

Christians, nominal, described, [807]311; more numerous than Jews and Pagans united [in the Roman empire,] [808]356; they are not, who forbid faith before reason, [809]362, [810]363; misrepresented, [811]365; work and prize of, [812]372; all in one commonwealth, [813]519; state of, as longing for inheritance, [814]535.

Christian life, four stages of, [815]275.

Church, is the Temple of God, [816]255; condition of, in heaven, [817]256; redeemed by blood, [818]257; history of, in four stages, [819]275; in its likeness to a Vine, [820]309; the Catholic, [821]331; quotes herself as fulfillment of prophecy, [822]339, [823]341; called the "Queen," [824]339; visible as such, [825]340; is herself an evidence, [826]341; witness of past and future, [827]342; spread abroad by suffering, [828]342; Bride of Christ, [829]343; milk from the teats of, [830]348; with what error charged by Manichees, [831]353, [832]357; Catholic, prima facie claims of, [833]355; her teaching from Christ and the Apostles, [834]356; witnessed to by people and nations, [835]362; testimony of mankind leads us to, [836]364; doctrines of, concerning God, [837]365; mother of God's children, [838]369; named in the Creed after the Holy Trinity: victorious over heresies, abides in charity, [839]374; Body of Christ: He the Head, [840]375; an heretical notion concerning, [841]389; Christ and the, [842]388, [843]389; not yet perfect, [844]390; made subject to Christ, [845]390; her daily cry, [846]391; the, a Mother and a Virgin, [847]417, [848]418; a holy Virgin, [849]420; sometimes called the kingdom of heaven, [850]425; the, a virgin and spouse of Christ, [851]446, [852]451, [853]452; includes the departed, [854]454; in a household, [855]454; authority of its practices though not in Scripture, [856]541; disunion with, breaks charity, [857]535.

Churches, seats in (apparently an exception), [858]296; of withdrawing from, during service; by whom filled on Festival days, [859]311; building of, [860]488.

Cicero, his rule for argument, [861]348; studied because acknowledged by all, [862]354; conspirators put to death by, [863]359; lectured on, [864]545.

Circumcision, a seal: is not for Christians, [865]351; made uncircumcision by leaving the law, [866]461, [867]462; for whom lawful, [868]461.

City of God, St. Augustin on, [869]317.

Clean, who are, in God's sight, [870]465.

Clergy, not bound to labor, [871]506-[872]508; may claim maintenance from their people, [873]506, [874]507; all, as well as Apostles, [875]508, [876]510; employments fitted for, [877]511; receive support, not as mendicants, that they may escape distracting occupations, [878]512; injunctions to support, [879]511, [880]513; for the good of the people, [881]513; have same right to maintenance as the Apostles, [882]515, [883]516: ministers of His Sacrament unto righteousness, [884]519, [885]520; not to be careful, [886]521.

Cæcilius, not studied instead of Cicero, [887]354.

Coeval, image of the Coeternal, [888]371.

Colors, divers, signify what, [889]339.

Command, of the Lord, why St. Paul had none, [890]421.

Commands, clear, to be obeyed at all risks, [891]469, [892]470; explained by examples, [893]470, [894]471.

Community of goods at Jerusalem, [895]512; of goods, benefit of, [896]520; all Christians one, [897]519.

Compacts, sexual, how far sinful, [898]400, [899]401.

Competentes, a step beyond other Catechumens, [900]547.

Concealment, of many things lawful, [901]352; not itself lying, [902]491.

Conceptaculum [903]471.

Concubinage, for offspring's sake unlawful, [904]406; was lawful among the ancient fathers, [905]406; lawfulness of a certain kind of, doubtful, [906]407.

Concupiscence, gradually weakened, [907]524; patience not to minister to, [908]528.

Confession, of sins, [909]436; medicine of, [910]473; remedy for lies, [911]500.

Confinis, [912]351.

Conflict. of virtues and vices in the soul, [913]381; of the Christian, [914]382, [915]387.

Conscience, moves all good minds to seek God, [916]363; good, excuses not carelessness of repute, [917]453; solace of, in evil report, [918]453; sinning against, [919]484.

Consent, in thought constitutes sin, [920]380, [921]381; yielded and withheld, [922]387, [923]388; withheld is mortification of the members, [924]392; what constitutes, [925]464, [926]465; when it justifies doing a man wrong, [927]466; chastity not lost without, [928]475.

Consentius, his inquiries about Priscillianists, [929]457, [930]482; praise of, [931]481; advised to write against Priscillianism, [932]486, [933]492.

Constancy, in the faith of the Resurrection, [934]310 sq.

Continence, praised by Epicurus, [935]352; door of, [936]380, [937]381; why mentioned last by St. Paul, [938]383; God's gift, [939]379, [940]391; the gift of God's Spirit, [941]384; difficult to treat of, [942]379; marriage, glorious, not to be attained in our own strength, [943]383; forbears excuses, [944]384, sought of God by David, [945]384; required against all sin, [946]385; peace the prize of, [947]386; a healthful chastisement of our nature, [948]390; falsely claimed, considered, [949]391; its office, [950]391; is refusing the consent of the mind, [951]392; must watch the thoughts, [952]393; glory of perseverance in, due to the Lord, [953]393; the greater of two goods, [954]402, [955]411 [956]423; and marriage, two goods, [957]403; compared to fasting, [958]403; how, is not on a level with the marriage of the old Fathers, [959]408, [960]409; a virtue of the soul, [961]409; in habit and act, [962]410; praise of the state of, [963]411; the root-virtue, [964]412; profitable for the life to come, [965]420, [966]421, [967]422, [968]424; when unwillingly professed, [969]429; of widows: its rank, [970]434; widowed, better than nuptial chastity, [971]443; best for those who "receive" it, [972]445; strength of, measures merit of widowhood, [973]447; of heretics not to persuade us, [974]448; all is God's gift, [975]449; though willing, [976]450; term properly used of virgins and widows, [977]450; universal, supposed danger of, [978]460.

Contraries, instances of, [979]483.

Conversion, not to be brought about by lying, [980]476, [981]484.

Cornutus, a grammarian, [982]355.

Corruption, all things not perfectly good are liable to, [983]240.

Councils, weight of, against heretics, [984]365.

Creation, of man, what is to be believed concerning the, [985]302; all good, the whole better than each part, [986]444.

Creature, visible and invisible, [987]369; gives pleasure by approach to that which it loves, [988]534.

Credulousness, distinguished from faith, [989]357.

Creed, the Apostles', [990]238; current in 4th century, [991]318; expounded, [992]321 sq.; the rule of faith or symbol, [993]369 sq.; not written, repeated by Catechumens: scattered through Scripture, [994]369; calls, not the Son Almighty, yet implies this, [995]370.

Crimes, penance for, 575.

Crispina, mentioned, [996]434.

Critics, destructive, [997]448.

Cross, why Christ chose, [998]372.

Crown, for those who strive, [999]372; is not for the impatient, [1000]531.

Curia, of Tullium, [1001]546.

Curiosity, what it means, [1002]356, [1003]357; idle, danger of, in reading, [1004]398; forbidden, 573.

Curma, vision of, [1005]546.

Custom, binding power of, [1006]263 sq.

Cynegius, buried in the Basilica of St. Felix, [1007]539.

Cyprian, St., on the unity of the Church, note, [1008]365.

Danger, seeking, tempting God, [1009]520.

Daniel and St. Paul, [1010]423.

Darius Comes, Ep. to, [1011]337; St. Augustin's letter to, [1012]527.

David, a great saint, [1013]384; spake rashly, [1014]393; rash oath of, no example, [1015]490; his feigned madness, [1016]491; patient forbearance of, [1017]529.

Day, the first and the Lord's, [1018]515.

Dead, souls of the, benefitted by the sacraments and alms of living friends, [1019]272, [1020]550; care for, [1021]539-[1022]551; pagan opinions of, [1023]539, [1024]544, [1025]545: at rest, [1026]541, [1027]543, [1028]544, [1029]545; sacrifice for, in Maccabees, [1030]540; not affected by the condition of the body, [1031]540 sq.; unconscious when seen in visions, [1032]545 sq.; do not know what happens in this world, [1033]547-[1034]549; or their happiness would be affected, [1035]547; except in special cases, [1036]548; perhaps by information from other spirits, [1037]548; from Angels, [1038]548; by dispensation of the Holy Spirit: interpose not ordinarily, [1039]547 sq., [1040]549; not as they please, [1041]549; sometimes, [1042]548, [1043]549; a blessing thereby, [1044]547; by extraordinary Divine permission, [1045]549; we care and pray for, without knowing their state, [1046]548, [1047]549.

Death, of the body is man's peculiar punishment, [1048]246; the first and the second, consequences of, [1049]267; eternal, [1050]273; cannot injure the regenerate, [1051]275; question of lying to prevent, [1052]497, [1053]498; sin worse than, [1054]462; wrongly thought of as worst evil, [1055]474; for mercy and truth, a gain, [1056]497; sin the sting of, [1057]500.

Deceit, purpose of, implied in lying, [1058]458; may be by means of truth, [1059]458; safest to avoid, entirely, [1060]459; turns on itself, [1061]495.

Defamation, question of, to prevent crime, [1062]466; especially condemned, [1063]472.

Degrees of glory in Heaven, [1064]426, [1065]435.

Dei fica, [1066]532.

Demetrias, consecrated a Nun, [1067]441; her choice of virginity praised, and note, [1068]443, [1069]448; became like Virgin Mary was, [1070]449; before her mother in the kingdom, [1071]451; grandmother of, [1072]451; care needed for, being young, and a book recommended, [1073]454.

Demons, served, [1074]391; confess themselves tormented by Martyrs, [1075]550; by living Saints, [1076]550.

Deogratias, the book on Catechising the Uninstructed, written for, 282.

Deserter, mark of, not changed, [1077]375.

Desires, earthly, lead to endurance, [1078]528.

Devil, the, how he tempts, [1079]314; the, called a lion, [1080]491.

Dictinius, reformed from his error, [1081]483; his book called the "Pound," [1082]484, [1083]497, [1084]500.

Diet, what St. Augustin used, [1085]348.

Difficulties, to be borne with, [1086]550.

Discourse, a, often pleasant to the hearer and distasteful to the speaker, and probable explanation of the fact, 282 sq.

Disease, of nature, what, [1087]386.

Dives, care for his brethren did not imply that he knew of their state, [1088]548.

Divorce, why permitted the Jews, [1089]349; rebuked by Christ, [1090]402; may not take place for barrenness, [1091]402, [1092]406, [1093]412; does not dissolve marriage, [1094]402, [1095]406, [1096]412; dissolves marriage in the world's opinion, [1097]402.

Donatists, suicides of, [1098]530; not martyrdoms, [1099]531.

Donatus, the grammarian, [1100]355.

Dreams, See Apparitions, [1101]545 sq.

Drunkenness, a fault in act or habit, [1102]357.

Duty, of marriage among the early people of God, [1103]403, [1104]406, [1105]408, [1106]419; higher, supersede lower, [1107]474; cannot require a sin, [1108]489.

Duumvir, [1109]546.

Dwelling called "sitting," [1110]373

Earth, creation of the, [1111]369.

Ecclesiasticus, said to be written by Solomon, not canonical, [1112]548.

Economy, some, used toward aliens without lying, [1113]487; practiced by our Lord, [1114]491.

Educated, the, how to catechise, [1115]290 sq.

Egypt, represents the world, [1116]496.

Election, God's sovereign grace in, [1117]268; Divine, is grace, [1118]532, [1119]533; precedes faith, [1120]533; examples of, [1121]534.

Eligere, [1122]534.

Eloquence, few attain, yet masters of, known, [1123]354.

Emperor, heathen, grants pardon to the courage of Firmus, [1124]468.

End of the Lord, our example, [1125]373.

Endurance, not patience, [1126]426; of sufferings for worldly objects, [1127]527; of men for temporal objects praised, [1128]528; practised for wicked ends, [1129]528, [1130]529; not patience, but an example, [1131]528; in surgical cases, worldly, [1132]532, [1133]534; this is animal and devilish, [1134]532; like stupor of disease, [1135]534; frantic, of misguided lust, [1136]534.

Enemies, love of, [1137]261.

Epicurus, sometimes praises continence, [1138]352; his error about pleasure [1139]352; not fit to explain Archimedes, [1140]353.

Epistles, of St. Paul, said by Manichees to be interpolated, [1141]350; written for men's salvation, [1142]470, [1143]477; truth clearly put forth in, [1144]493.

Erasmus, his opinion of the "De Patientia," [1145]527.

Error, the nature of, [1146]242; always an evil, [1147]243, [1148]245; not always a sin, [1149]244; easy to talk against, [1150]348; three kinds of, in reading, [1151]351; hurts not unless believed: charitable, no evil, [1152]352; truth frees from, falsehood involves in [1153]457, [1154]458; of fact does little harm, [1155]483.

Erucius, Orations of, [1156]354.

Esau, birthright of, what it signified, [1157]492.

Eternal life, the penny in the parable, [1158]426.

Eternity, no space of, between the Father and the Son, [1159]371.

Eucharist, Blood of Christ given to drink in, [1160]374.

Eulogius, sees St. Augustin in a dream, [1161]545.

Eunuchs, for the kingdom of Heaven, [1162]424, monks preferred to be as, [1163]523.

Eusebius, Eccl. Hist. translated by Ruffinus, [1164]543.

Evanescere, [1165]486.

Eve, Adam tempted by, [1166]372; a help to the tempter, [1167]530.

Every, used for "any," [1168]472.

Evidence, of prophecy, [1169]339, [1170]340 sq.; of the Jews, [1171]342.

Evil, in the universe is but the absence of good, [1172]240; there can be no evil where there is no good, [1173]241; good and evil are exceptions to the rule that contrary attributes cannot be predicated of the same subject, [1174]241; permission of, [1175]267, [1176]269, [1177]385; turned into good by God, [1178]269, [1179]385, [1180]495; man created able to choose good or evil, -- choice of evil impossible in the future life, [1181]271; co-existence of, with good, in the Church, and their final separation, [1182]303 sq.; God not the author of, [1183]365; not self-existent, [1184]385; Manichæan errors concerning, [1185]385, [1186]386, [1187]388; uses of, [1188]385, [1189]386; lusts, what, [1190]387; perfected hereafter, not a substance, [1191]387, [1192]388; its nature explained, [1193]464; question of doing less, to avoid greater, [1194]465, [1195]467; wrongly measured through earthly affections, [1196]474; comparison of evils, [1197]476; not to be done that good may come, [1198]488.

Evil fruit, good tree cannot bring forth, expounded, [1199]241.

Examples (see Saints), how to be judged of, [1200]495.

Excommunication, needed for crimes, [1201]373; may be incurred by a valid marriage, [1202]441.

Excuses, shunned by continence, [1203]384; useless before God, [1204]384.

Exhortation, needful to spur us to action, [1205]442, [1206]449; use of, implies acting on others' will, [1207]450.

Exorcism of children shows original sin, [1208]369.

Experience, of friendship leaves room for faith, [1209]338.

Exsufflation of Children, [1210]369.

Eye, inward and outward, [1211]337.

Eyes, weak from darkness cannot bear light, [1212]361; fools use more readily than the mind, [1213]363; their honorable place in the body, [1214]444; want of, supplied by hearing, etc., [1215]452.

Fables, are no lies, [1216]494.

Fairness of Christ, the love of virgins, [1217]436, [1218]437.

Faith, is the gift of God, [1219]247; without works, is dead, [1220]259; of things unseen derided, [1221]337; defended by analogy, [1222]338; even after trial, [1223]338; if due to human things, more so to divine, [1224]339; prophesied of, a ground of faith, [1225]343; on authority, blamed by the Manichees, [1226]348, [1227]356; distinguished from credulity, [1228]357; question if still a fault, [1229]357, [1230]358; necessary for friendship, [1231]357, [1232]358, [1233]338; teacher uses, towards learner, [1234]357; no harm in, though reason might be used, [1235]358; distinguished from knowledge and opinion, [1236]359; faulty only when rash or wrong, [1237]359; of historical facts, needful, [1238]360; parents known by, [1239]359, [1240]360; most needful of all in religion, and why, [1241]360, [1242]361; before reason, no rashness, [1243]362; they are not Christians who forbid faith in Christ before reason, [1244]362; miracles lead to, [1245]363; prepares way to wisdom, [1246]365; before understanding, [1247]370; is in order to eternal life, [1248]374; and works, [1249]392; without putting down lust, is dead, [1250]393; in wedlock, [1251]401; conjugal, less worthy than virginity, [1252]442; of profession to be kept, [1253]445; whence named, [1254]476; of Christ, none justified without, [1255]533; Faith, Hope and Love, God to be worshipped through, [1256]238; their mutual dependence, [1257]239; distinction between faith and hope, [1258]239; love is the greatest of the three, [1259]274.

Fall of man, through pride, [1260]371.

Falling, danger of, [1261]432.

Falsehood, not all, is a lie, [1262]458; leads to error, [1263]459.

Faltonia, Proba, mother of Juliana, [1264]448.

Fame, endurance from desire of, [1265]528.

Famine, provided against, [1266]471.

Fasting, continuous for several days, [1267]364; compared to continence, [1268]403; adds to the merit of widowhood, [1269]448; time of, how to be used, [1270]452; before receiving the Eucharist, [1271]514.

Fatalism, its excuses blasphemous, [1272]384.

Fate, inconsistency of those who speak of it, [1273]384.

Father, The, how greater than the son, [1274]249; Himself God, [1275]327; the Beginning of The Son, [1276]328; hath not His Being from The Son, [1277]329; nor from any other, [1278]329; The Son anointed by, [1279]339; One God with The Son, [1280]370; coeternal with Son imaged by coeval, [1281]371; doth what he will, never without The Son, [1282]371.

Father, human, supposed death of, inciting to lying, [1283]464; power of, over children, [1284]490; why greater than sons, [1285]370.

Fathers, Catholic, remarks on their writings, [1286]291; the Old, how they married, [1287]403, [1288]406, [1289]407, [1290]466; typical in their marriage of many wives, [1291]408.

Faustus, the Manichee, attacked Patriarchs' marriages: his pretensions and failure, [1292]448.

Fear, to displease God entertained by love, [1293]431; spoken of by St. Paul, [1294]432; likely to mislead, [1295]489; of God, His gift, [1296]534; patience founded on, [1297]535.

Feast, conversation at a, [1298]357.

Feigning, in our Lord no falsehood, [1299]494.

Felix, St., burial in his Basilica, [1300]539; appeared at Nola, [1301]548.

Fellowship, attainable without marriage, [1302]403.

Female, contrasted with male, [1303]408.

Fides, from fieri, [1304]476.

Figure, of speech, [1305]392, [1306]393; in speech, no lie, [1307]491, [1308]494.

Filth of soul, love of any thing but God and the soul, [1309]364.

Final goods, [1310]403.

"Finger of God," means the Holy Spirit, [1311]305.

Fire, saved by, expounded, [1312]259; coeval father of light, [1313]371.

Firmus, Bishop, courage of, [1314]468, [1315]469.

Flames of the world, [1316]438.

Fleeing iniquity, the greatest of all alms, [1317]262.

Flesh and blood, shall not inherit the kingdom of God, expounded, [1318]317; living after what? [1319]383; meaning of, in Scripture, [1320]383, [1321]384; how saved, [1322]387; Manichæan error concerning, [1323]388, [1324]389; as created, spoken well of by St. Paul, [1325]388; Christ's was true, [1326]389; not evil: likened to the Church, [1327]389, [1328]390; its works, may be sins of the soul, [1329]391.

Flood, the, a sacramental sign, [1330]303.

Flora, a pious widow, [1331]539.

Food, strong, not for the diseased, [1332]357, [1333]361; preserves man, [1334]407; uncooked, needs exercise to digest, [1335]518; stores of, necessary, [1336]518.

Fools, all who are not wise, and note, [1337]360; do best to follow the wise, [1338]361, [1339]363; cannot know wisdom surely, [1340]361; incapable of reason concerning God, [1341]363; easiest led by means of sense, [1342]363, [1343]364.

Foreknowledge, of God, [1344]271, [1345]302.

Forgery of wills, [1346]488.

Forgiveness, of debtors, [1347]261; of sins, realized in baptism, [1348]374 sq.; asked by all, shows all sinful, [1349]443.

Fortitude, spirit of, [1350]535.

Fowlers, why the, cover up waters, [1351]348.

Foxes, who? [1352]436.

Free, why man is left, [1353]385.

Free-born, love is of, [1354]535.

Free-will, lost by sin, [1355]247.

Freedom of the will, See Will, is the gift of God, [1356]248; man created with, [1357]271.

Friendship, founded on faith, [1358]337; exists before fully proved, [1359]338; none without faith, [1360]358; attainable without marriage, [1361]403.

Fronto, informant of Consentius, [1362]483.

Fruitfulness, not to be compared to virginity, [1363]419.

Fruits, thirty, sixty, and hundred fold, [1364]434.

Future life, continence profitable for, [1365]420, [1366]421, [1367]423, [1368]424.

Games, illustrate the Christian conflict, [1369]372; what men will suffer for, [1370]528.

Gaul, martyrs of, [1371]542.

Generation, preserves mankind, as food man, [1372]407; of mortal creatures is by corruption, [1373]370.

Generation, of The Son from eternity, [1374]371.

Genius, finds not truth without God's help, [1375]358.

Gentiles, not to use Jewish customs, [1376]461, [1377]462, [1378]493; typified by the woman with issue of blood, [1379]494; idolatrous, called Pagans, [1380]509, [1381]511; debtors to Jews, [1382]516.

Gift, The Holy Ghost called, [1383]339.

Gifts, are all from God, [1384]432; prayed for, are not of ourselves, [1385]433; of different kinds, [1386]434; spiritual, one person may have many, [1387]549.

Girding the loins, what? [1388]386.

Glory, different degrees of, [1389]426, [1390]435.

God, to be worshipped through faith, hope and love, [1391]238; in what sense said to be angry, [1392]248; Grace of, displayed in Christ, [1393]249; in election, [1394]268, [1395]533; Peace of, [1396]257; pardons sin, but on condition of penitence, [1397]258; alone decides what sins are trivial and what not, [1398]262; does well even in the permission of evil, [1399]267; Will of, never defeated, though much is done contrary to His will, [1400]269; always good, but sometimes fulfilled through the evil will of man, [1401]269; Grace necessary to salvation before the fall, [1402]271; foreknew the sin of the first man, and ordered His own purpose. accordingly, [1403]271; is Love, [1404]275 sq.; severity of, [1405]287; finger of, signifies the Holy Spirit, [1406]305; exclusive eternity and omnipotence of, [1407]322; blessed Abraham, [1408]339; most fitly born of a Virgin, [1409]339; is not in any special place, [1410]341; the True, now invoked by all, [1411]342; if Almighty created matter, [1412]322; just in binding men by law, [1413]351; frees from the Law, but condemns it not, [1414]351; dwells in pure souls, [1415]353; reasons concerning, understood by few, [1416]358; helps those who go humbly and charitably, [1417]358; knowledge of, true wisdom, [1418]360; search for true religion presupposes faith in, [1419]361; cannot be displeased with our believing, [1420]361; demands faith, [1421]362; the wise most near to, [1422]363; mercy of,. shown in Christ, [1423]363; now known by nations not to be of earth or fire, [1424]364; Old Testament charged with false doctrine about, [1425]365; providence of, points out the Church, [1426]364; no substance but is of Him, [1427]365; Father of those to whom the Church is Mother, [1428]369; The Almighty Father, cannot lie or will wrong, [1429]369; Author of Incorruptibility: One Will of Father and Son, [1430]370; not lost by misfortunes, [1431]372, [1432]373; a Temple is for Him: He creates, Who clothes, [1433]374; permits evil, why? [1434]385; brings good out of evil, [1435]385; Manichæan heresy concerning, [1436]385, [1437]386; His nature, [1438]386; a Physician, [1439]386; not wanting under the law, [1440]449; destroys not free will, [1441]449, [1442]450; favor of, gives continence, [1443]449;. gifts of, no blessings unless owned, [1444]449; all good comes from, [1445]452; labors to win, pleasant, [1446]453; "hates" sinners, "destroys" liars, [1447]462, [1448]481; who unclean in sight of, [1449]465; hears our inward speech, [1450]471; wronged, though not hurt, by sins of luxury, [1451]474; to be honored outwardly as well as inwardly, [1452]482; Priscillianists erred concerning, [1453]484; sin against, worse than against man, [1454]485; sometimes heals secretly, [1455]486; we must depend on, after all means, [1456]497; will provide where we cannot rightly, [1457]500; impassible: passions attributed to: patience His Gift, [1458]527, [1459]536; Himself long-suffering, though not suffering, [1460]527, [1461]528; His wrath, jealousy: His "repentance" implies no error, [1462]527; cares for our body, [1463]529; not lost by will, [1464]530; riches of, [1465]531, [1466]536; patience likens to, [1467]532; assists the just, and justifies the ungodly. [1468]533; free mercy of, to old Saints, [1469]533; how first loves sinners, works in us good will, [1470]534, [1471]536; never lies, 565.

"God will have all men to be saved," expounded, [1472]267, [1473]270.

Gold, may be known and not had, [1474]361.

Goliath and Zaccheus compared, [1475]411.

Good, all things made, [1476]240; but not perfectly good, hence liable to corruption, [1477]240; there can be no evil where there is no good, [1478]241;. highest, not attained without loving it, [1479]363; brought out of evil, [1480]385; all nature is, [1481]386; in what degree attainable, [1482]387; man so created, [1483]388; the substance of the flesh is, [1484]390; superior, makes not lesser good an evil: some, implied in "better," [1485]443, [1486]446; more honored by having a good below it than an evil, [1487]444, [1488]446; fall from a higher, is an evil, [1489]445, [1490]446; all, comes from God, [1491]452; sin aims at some, in this life, [1492]474; temporal, may be given up without sin, [1493]474, [1494]475; three things to be kept, for sanctity's sake, [1495]475; luminous, of truth, [1496]498; impassible, [1497]532.

Goods, final and instrumental, [1498]403; when abused, become sin, [1499]403; of marriage are offspring, faith, sacrament, [1500]412.

Good works, men not saved by, [1501]247; follow faith, [1502]247; rewarded by eternal life, the gift of God, [1503]272.

Gospel, not to seem sold, [1504]508-[1505]510.

Gospels, said by Manichees to be interpolated, [1506]350.

Government, of mankind, [1507]385.

Grammarians, expected to find good sense in Virgil, [1508]353; several named, [1509]355.

Gratitude, due from virgins to God, [1510]433.

Greek, words borrowed from, [1511]349.

Greeks, philosophers, shoemakers, [1512]511.

Guests, duty of protecting, [1513]489, [1514]490.

Guilt, transmitted from progenitors, [1515]252, [1516]253.

Habits, hard to change, [1517]364.

Hair, bosses of, [1518]429; worn long by some monks: long, thought a sign of sanctity, [1519]522; St. Paul's rule against long, [1520]523; every, in God's keeping. [1521]529.

Happiness, knowledge of the causes of good and evil necessary to man's, [1522]242; of perfect knowledge not yet ours, [1523]359.

Head dress of women, [1524]429.

Health and immortality, two goods, [1525]403.

Hearers, order of, among the Manichees, [1526]348; what said of, when they left them, [1527]348.

Hearing, studiousness of, [1528]357.

Heart, its mouth, [1529]379-[1530]381: continence must be seated there, [1531]379; its consent, [1532]380, [1533]381; its language, [1534]379; picture of purity, [1535]392.

Heaven, the Church in, [1536]256, [1537]257; degrees of glory in, [1538]426, [1539]435.

Heresies, fight in vain against the Church, [1540]374.

Heresy, pretence of, may cause real, [1541]483, [1542]484; how to be exposed: sometimes healed secretly, [1543]486.

Heretic, not every one a, who believes heretics, [1544]347; what makes a, [1545]348; silence to be kept to a: each claims name of Catholic, [1546]355, [1547]356; spoils that claim by pretending to reason, [1548]357, [1549]363; cannot claim authority, or do without it, [1550]362; that on which we believe Christ is against them, [1551]363.

Heretics, or schismatics compared to twigs lopped off the vine, [1552]310 sq.; all, would have us believe in Christ, [1553]362; many ways condemned, [1554]365; yet in their sins, [1555]375; continence of, should not persuade us, [1556]448; widows and virgins of, inferior to Catholic wives, [1557]448; not to be tracked out by lying, [1558]482; sin less in speaking heresy than Catholics would, [1559]483, [1560]485; little harm in believing, when they pretend Catholicism, [1561]483; converted, may take comfort in their former ignorance, [1562]485; converted, will correct others, [1563]486.

Hidden life with Christ, [1564]392.

History, explanation by, [1565]349; of the Exodus allegorical, though true, [1566]350.

Holy Spirit, the birth of Christ is of The, [1567]250; is not the Father of Christ, [1568]250; Holy Spirit and the Church, [1569]255; is not a creature, [1570]256; sin against The, [1571]264; signified by the expression, finger of God, [1572]305; mission of, on Pentecost, [1573]308; The third Person of the Trinity, [1574]327; His individuality and offices, [1575]329; body of any Christian, a temple of, [1576]444; speaking in St. Paul, [1577]513.

Homicide, lying to screen from punishment, [1578]468; justifiable, [1579]469.

Honoratus, several of the name, [1580]347; one a companion of St. Augustin, a lover of truth, [1581]347; prayed for, [1582]348, [1583]349; how led astray, [1584]348; not then a Christian, [1585]348; his friendship with St. Augustin, [1586]351; will wonder at the Old Testament being called pure, [1587]353; called on to take more pains, [1588]355; a sincere and earnest inquirer, [1589]365.

Honorius, laws of, against idols, [1590]337.

Hope, everything pertaining to, embraced in the Lord's Prayer, [1591]273; worldly, its objects, [1592]348; of discovery implied in search, [1593]361; of Christians in the Judgment, [1594]374.

Horace, fable quoted, [1595]494.

House, temporal and eternal, [1596]496.

Humility, most needful for virgins, [1597]428, [1598]437; who would follow Christ, [1599]436; its praise, [1600]428; instances of, [1601]428, [1602]429; commended by our Lord, [1603]428, [1604]430.

Humility, taught by Christ, near his Passion, [1605]429; learnt of Christ, [1606]430; unfeigned, needed, [1607]434; treated of fully by St. Augustin, [1608]436; of Saints, [1609]438; and holiness: need of in pious widows, [1610]448.

Hundredfold fruits of virginity, [1611]434.

Hunting, pleasure of, [1612]452.

Husband, and wife, their union, [1613]388; relative duties, [1614]389, [1615]391; might once have many wives, [1616]406, [1617]407; must have but one, [1618]408.

I AM, meaning of the Name, [1619]324.

Idleness leads to vain talking, [1620]516.

Idolaters, a minority, [1621]355.

Idolatry conforming to, to avoid violence, [1622]464; might be done to save life, if lying lawful, [1623]482; conformity to, nowhere allowed, [1624]493.

Idols, laws of Honorius against, [1625]337; some still believe in, [1626]341; rejection of, prophesied, [1627]342.

Ignorance, sometimes better than knowledge, [1628]242; result of evil, [1629]245, [1630]264; to be borne patiently, [1631]550.

Image, of God, in the mind, [1632]524.

Images, of persons and things seen in visions, [1633]545 sq.

Imitation of Christ, [1634]427.

Immanuel, [1635]340.

Immortality, the penny in the parable, [1636]426.

Impatience, evil of, [1637]527.

Impurity, legal, not always sin, [1638]409.

Incest, compared with adultery and fornication, [1639]402.

Incorruptible, begets Incorruptible, [1640]370.

Incorruption, future gain of, [1641]529.

Infirmity, a reason for not working, [1642]515; pleaded as an excuse, [1643]516.

Injury, not to be done to one man to save another, [1644]466, [1645]467.

Instrumental, goods, [1646]403.

Integritas, said of virgins and widows, [1647]450.

Intention, determines the character of an action, [1648]520.

Intercourse of the sexes venial in marriage state, [1649]263; when right, when wrong, [1650]487.

Interpolations supposed in Holy Scripture, [1651]350.

Involuntary continence estimated, [1652]429.

Isaac, son of Abraham: told no lie, [1653]491; inherited otherwise than his brothers, [1654]535.

Israel, prefigured the future Church, [1655]304; history of, and its significance, [1656]304 sq.; compared with Sodom, [1657]461; history of, figurative, [1658]470.

Israelites, whole people as it were a prophet, [1659]444.

Israelitess, without guile, Rahab became, [1660]497.

Jacob, his birth as typical of Christ's Incarnation, [1661]286; an ancestor of Christ, [1662]339; his example quoted for lying, [1663]460; his deceit was a mystery, [1664]491; acted in the figure of Christ, [1665]492.

Jealousy, attributed to God, [1666]527.

Jehu, falsehood of, no safe example, [1667]482.

Jericho, represents the world, [1668]496.

Jerome, St. opinion of, about St. Peter's simulation, and note, [1669]461.

Jerusalem, heavenly and earthly contrasted, [1670]496; Christian's living in common at, [1671]512; the heavenly, what gifts her sons have, [1672]535.

Jesus, supported by pious women, [1673]506.

Jewish Christians, kept the Law, [1674]509.

Jews, named from Judah, [1675]339; our witnesses to prophecy, [1676]342; permitted to ill-treat our Lord, [1677]373; many of, murderers of Christ, forgiven, [1678]374; and heathens, out numbered by Christians, [1679]355; their notions of defilements, [1680]469; priesthood of, become vile, [1681]470; heart of, called "stony," [1682]491; rites of, culled "sacramenta," [1683]493.

Job, his example cited, [1684]409; patience of, in various temptations, [1685]530; was thought to worship God, for temporal things: compared with Adam, [1686]530; trials of, extreme, [1687]372; tempted by his wife: stood fast in God, [1688]373; restored to prosperity for our example, [1689]373.

John, St. beautifully alluded to, [1690]390; his example cited, [1691]410; alluded to, [1692]426.

John, the Monk, [1693]539; he had the gift of prophecy: consulted by Theodosius: appeared to one in sleep, [1694]550.

Joke, a, not a lie, [1695]458.

Joseph, St. chosen to evidence the perpetual virginity of St. Mary, [1696]511.

Joseph, temptation of, [1697]487; his concealment no lie, [1698]491.

Josiah, sparing the Prophet's bones, [1699]544; spared the knowledge of the afflictions which followed after his death, [1700]547.

Jotham, parable of, [1701]494.

Joy, different degrees of, in Heaven, [1702]426; godly, given to us, [1703]534.

Judah, Jews named from, [1704]339.

Judah, fornication of, no example, [1705]495.

Judaism, how far St. Paul allowed, [1706]460. [1707]461, [1708]493.

Judas prophesied of, [1709]341; an example of evil tolerated, [1710]506; our Lord's patience with, [1711]529.

Judge, seems required for "false witness," [1712]467, [1713]468, [1714]473; information to, no betrayal, [1715]468; tortures inflicted by, [1716]528.

Judgment, reason for believing, [1717]341; will separate good and evil, [1718]343; of the just and the unjust, [1719]374.

Judgments of God, on fallen men and angels [1720]246; will be explained at the Resurrection, [1721]267; are just, [1722]268 sq.

Juliana, thanks St. Augustin for a warning: asked him to write, [1723]441; not to take all as written for herself, [1724]441, [1725]448; had children when left a widow, [1726]445, [1727]448; highest achievements open to, [1728]448; is to communicate the book to others, [1729]450; household of, a Church, [1730]454.

Kids, skins of, meant sins, [1731]492.

Kindred, spiritual, preferable to human, [1732]418.

Kingdoms, two distinct, after the resurrection; Christ's and the Devil's, [1733]273.

Kiss, not refused to Judas, [1734]529.

Knowledge, different ways of desiring, [1735]357; distinguished from opinion and belief, [1736]359; of evil, no misery, [1737]359; matter of belief may be called, [1738]360; and charity, two goods, [1739]403; all who know, partake of, [1740]528; of difficult questions, a divine gift, [1741]549.

Labor, pleasure in, [1742]453; those able to, happier, [1743]515; a duty of monks, [1744]514; practised in good monasteries, [1745]516; humbling effects of, on the wealthy, [1746]518; for the common store, [1747]519;. in the rich more charitable than alms-giving, [1748]535.

Lamb, The, followed by virgins, and married persons, [1749]426, [1750]432.

Lamps, burning, what, [1751]386.

Laurentius, the Enchiridion addressed to, [1752]237.

Law, counsel given beyond, [1753]461, [1754]462; of God unmoved by circumstances, [1755]489; of nature, [1756]407; under, in, without distinguished, [1757]509; Jewish, permitted eating in the fields, [1758]517; supposed wish to combine, with the Gospel, [1759]351; Ceremonial, mysteries of, [1760]351; in the letter, killeth; wants an expounder, [1761]353.

Laws, of man, in some sort Christian, [1762]356.

Laying out more, St. Paul, [1763]515.

Lazarus, buried, what signified in, [1764]494; borne by Angels, [1765]541; told Abraham the state of the Jews, [1766]548.

Lectures of Rhetoricians, [1767]545.

Leeches, [1768]529.

Left-hand, what means, [1769]374.

Legal purification shows not marriage sinful, [1770]409; was for the type of sin, [1771]409.

Leisure, what, had St. Paul, [1772]466.

Leonas, messenger of Consentius, [1773]481.

Lewdness, worse than theft, [1774]488 [1775]489.

Liar, not every is a, who lies, [1776]466.

Liberty, Christian, [1777]461, [1778]462, [1779]493.

Lie, never allowable, but differs much in guilt, [1780]243; not allowable to save another from injury, [1781]245; question if ever lawful, [1782]457 sq.; a joke is not a, [1783]458; nor a mistake, [1784]458; definition of, [1785]458, [1786]459, [1787]494; how to be safe from, [1788]460; question if ever useful, [1789]460, [1790]491; examples quoted in favor of, [1791]460, [1792]495, [1793]500; cases of danger requiring, [1794]460, [1795]462, [1796]490; condemned as false witness, [1797]460; condemned more generally, and note, [1798]460, .[1799]468, [1800]476; allegory is not, [1801]460, [1802]491; sometimes allowed in imperfect state, [1803]461; New Testament never favors, [1804]461, [1805]493; God hates, even to destroying, [1806]462, [1807]482; corrupts the soul, [1808]463; any sin as easily justified, [1809]463, [1810]495; good men lose authority by telling, [1811]464; about Christ, [1812]466; several cases of, [1813]466; none lawful in doctrine, [1814]466, [1815]490; not to be told to give pleasure, [1816]467; useful, question of, [1817]467, [1818]472, [1819]474, [1820]495; if not to defend crime, [1821]467; how to escape, when questioned, [1822]468; how to escape, when silence betrays, [1823]469; five kinds of, condemned: three still questioned, [1824]469; wish to use, forbidden, [1825]472; what, threatened with destruction, [1826]473; Deceit is, even if not "false witness," [1827]473; a harmless one, to save pudicity of body, allowed, [1828]475; eight sorts of, all shown to be evil, [1829]476; which sorts less culpable: none is good, [1830]481, [1831]482; examples of, quoted from Scripture, [1832]482, [1833]491; every, contrary to truth, [1834]482; pretending heresy worse kind of, [1835]483; metaphor or antiphrasis, is not, [1836]491; none is "just," [1837]495, [1838]484; no holy person glories in, [1839]496; one, leads to another, [1840]498; about religion worst, [1841]498, [1842]500; not to be told to save a soul, [1843]499; rather trust God, [1844]500; put for sin in general, [1845]500; not less than lewdness, [1846]500.

Life, eternal, through the reward of good works, is itself the gift of God, [1847]272; eternal, not to be given for temporal, [1848]462, [1849]474; good here, eternal hereafter, worth patience, [1850]528.

Light, real and pretended, [1851]348; strong, not born at once, [1852]361; beauty of, a standing miracle, [1853]364; coeval offspring of fire, [1854]371.

Lips, have spoken if the heart has consented, [1855]338.

Literal sense, the usual one of the Epistles, [1856]504.

Liturgy, quoted, [1857]449.

Living after man, is living after the flesh, [1858]383.

Lot, entertained Angels, [1859]463; his example discussed, [1860]463, [1861]489, [1862]490; excused by perturbation, [1863]490; knew not his guests to be Angels, [1864]497.

Love, greater than faith and hope, [1865]274; is the end of all the commandments, [1866]275; action of, [1867]286 sq.; "perfect, casteth out fear," [1868]330; act of, invisible, [1869]338; only way to attain the highest good, [1870]363; submits without hope of temporal rewards, [1871]373; of husband for wife, Apostolical argument for, [1872]388; fears to displease God, [1873]431; owed to God by virgins, [1874]433; of Christ, on the part of virgins, [1875]437; the remedy for pride, [1876]437; of neighbor as self, [1877]462; misdirected, makes false estimates, [1878]474; rectitude of, the soul's chastity, [1879]475, [1880]476; of God, is His gift, [1881]532; the ground of patience, [1882]532, [1883]534; kindled by The Holy Spirit, [1884]532; of creature: already in creature loving, [1885]534; of God, not in creature unless given, [1886]534.

Lucan, quoted, [1887]239, [1888]541.

Lucretius, error of, about the soul, [1889]352.

Lucus quod non luceat, [1890]491.

Lust, what is chiefly so called, [1891]380, [1892]381; our enemy, to be resisted, [1893]381; its resistance the business of man, [1894]382; proved to be of the soul as much as of the body, [1895]391; how put down, [1896]393; sexual, its sinfulness, [1897]401; definition of, [1898]463.

Maccabees, book of, referred to, [1899]540.

Madmen, strength of, not healthy, [1900]448.

Magic arts, [1901]391; in bringing up Samuel, [1902]548.

Male and female, contrasted, [1903]407.

Malefici, [1904]500.

Man, knowledge concerning, a part of wisdom, [1905]306; nature of, assumed by God, [1906]363; image of God in, [1907]369; begins in imperfection, [1908]372; living after, what, [1909]383.

Manhood, assumed by The Son, [1910]329; perfect in Christ, [1911]249.

Manichees, object to believing on authority, [1912]348; their pretence of reasons and learned discussions, [1913]348; refute rather than prove, [1914]348; their contemptuous phrases: attack the Old Testament, [1915]349; think Scripture interpolated, and how, [1916]350; of what error they accuse the Church, [1917]353; worship the sun, [1918]353; boasted of Faustus, [1919]356; inquire origin of evil, [1920]365; charges of, against Scripture: of bloodless bodies, but coarse minds, [1921]365, [1922]366; their heresy, [1923]385, [1924]386, [1925]388, [1926]389; refuted: dismissed, [1927]388, [1928]390; their saying, [1929]410; their heretical opinion, [1930]413; said the law was not of God, [1931]509.

Manichæans, place claimed for among the Apostles, [1932]350.

Mankind, how they might have multiplied had Adam not sinned, [1933]399, [1934]400.

Mansions, many in heaven, [1935]426.

Marriage, fools should consult the wise about [1936]361; many have learned to despise, [1937]364; its end, [1938]391; not regarded as unholy by the Fathers, [1939]398; a lower state than virginity: first bond of society: that of our first parents, holy, [1940]399; Christ went to one, [1941]400; how a good, [1942]400, [1943]402, [1944]412; intended as well for fellowship, [1945]400; of aged persons, [1946]400; continence in, praise-worthy, [1947]400; brings good out of evil: its uses, [1948]400, [1949]401 [1950]402; its grave joy, [1951]400; how far certain compacts deserve the name of, [1952]401; its abuse, not the sin of marriage, [1953]401; Sacramental, [1954]402, [1955]406, [1956]408; the lesser of two goods, [1957]403, [1958]411, [1959]422, [1960]423; of the just, better than the virginity of the impious, [1961]403; not evil, but good, [1962]402, [1963]403, [1964]409; in what sense it is "better" not to marry, [1965]403, [1966]407; was once a duty: St. Paul's view of, [1967]404; not sinful, [1968]404, [1969]408; to be not sinful must be without excess, [1970]404; holy, though the partner is unholy, [1971]405; that looks only to pleasing God, rare, [1972]405; how piously contracted by the old Fathers, [1973]406, [1974]407, [1975]408, [1976]413; cannot be dissolved, except by death, [1977]402, [1978]411, [1979]412; of many wives, allowable once, [1980]406; compared to the taking of food, [1981]407; was once contracted with spiritual desire, [1982]407; hard, to use it like Abraham, [1983]413; compared to ordination, [1984]411; goods of, three, [1985]413; of the old Fathers, holier than virginity now, [1986]413; summary of St. Augustin's book on, [1987]417; how that of the old Fathers must be regarded, [1988]422, [1989]423; not even indirectly condemned by St. Paul, [1990]422 [1991]423, [1992]424; its fruits thirty-fold only, [1993]434; of (professed) widows wrong but valid, [1994]441; ends with the life of either party, [1995]442; good of, shown, in that the bodies of married Christians are members of Christ, [1996]442; due of, not to be withheld for fear of temptation, [1997]442; the chastity in, God's gift, [1998]442, [1999]450; evil of excess in, not of marriage, but venial through it, [2000]442; ends of: that of Sacrament: second, allowable, [2001]443; second attacked by Montanists, etc., [2002]443; body as well as spirit, holy in, [2003]443, [2004]444; more desirable in Old Covenant, [2005]444; of Patriarchs, was for offspring, [2006]444; provides against temptation, [2007]445; not needed when we may have spiritual children, [2008]445, [2009]453; better than unstable purpose of widowhood, [2010]441; still good under the Gospel, [2011]446; desire of, wrong after vows, [2012]446; argument from "marriage to Christ" refuted, [2013]446; third or fourth, lawful, though less worthy, [2014]446; seventh, allowed by our Lord to be marriage, [2015]447; hard questions about, [2016]448, [2017]449; ranks below continence: holiness of, inferior by reason of cares, [2018]451; less needful since the world is perishing, [2019]452.

Married, faithful women are mothers of Christ, [2020]419; fruitfulness may not vie with virgin chastity, [2021]419, [2022]420; persons may follow the Lamb, [2023]427, [2024]436; persons in one respect cannot follow the Lamb, [2025]427; may be fitter than virgins for Martyrdom, [2026]434.

Martha and Mary, [2027]403.

Martyr, supposed terms put to a, [2028]464; no place for, if doctrine may be denied, [2029]482; makes real gain, [2030]497.

Martyrs, effect of their sufferings on mankind, [2031]464; not prayed for at the Altar, [2032]489; patience of, in scorn and pain, [2033]529; true, do not kill themselves, [2034]530; who suffer out of the Church, [2035]535; memorials of, [2036]542, [2037]549, [2038]550; prayers to, [2039]542; care for others, the living, [2040]542, [2041]544 sq.; ashes and bodies dispersed, of Gaul, and elsewhere, [2042]542, [2043]544; overcame natural regard for the fate of their bodies, [2044]544; removed from knowledge of earthly things, [2045]549; tormenting demons, [2046]550.

Martyrdom, often a hidden gift: common among Christians, [2047]364; higher than virginity, [2048]435.

Mary (see Virgin), the Blessed Virgin of the Jewish race, [2049]339; Virgin after Christ's birth, [2050]339, [2051]511; Christ born of, [2052]371; suspected: conceived Christ in chastity, [2053]486; holy virgins become like, [2054]449.

Mary and Martha, [2055]403, [2056]413, [2057]423.

Master, opposed to "schoolmaster," [2058]351; of grammar, [2059]353; one, to many slaves, [2060]408; power of, over slaves, [2061]490.

Mechanics, became Monks, [2062]516.

Mediator, a, needed by fallen men, [2063]248, [2064]253, [2065]257; must be God in order to redeem us, [2066]272.

Medicine, taking, implies hope of recovery, [2067]361.

Meditation, in the Law of God, [2068]452; consistent with work, [2069]514.

Members of sin, how mortified, [2070]392; all members, though differing in honor, [2071]444.

Memorials of Martyrs, [2072]539 [2073]542; prayers offered there, obtain special blessings, [2074]539, [2075]540, [2076]542; buried, [2077]550.

Men, fallen, God's judgments on, [2078]246; restored through the mercy of God, [2079]246; the restored part succeeds to the place lost by the rebellious angels, [2080]247; not saved by good works, but by grace through faith, [2081]247; needed a mediator, [2082]248; all born of Adam are under condemnation, [2083]246, [2084]254; Christians truly so, [2085]523; figure the ruling principle of the mind, [2086]524.

Mercy of God, free and abounding, [2087]264, [2088]268, [2089]271; how far an excuse for wrong actions, [2090]496.

Metaphor, is no lie, [2091]491.

Midwives, believed, as to parents, [2092]360; Hebrew, quoted for lying, [2093]460, [2094]495; were not prophesying, [2095]460, [2096]496; temporarily rewarded, [2097]460; excused as beginners, [2098]470, [2099]495.

Mind, things in, perceived without sight, [2100]337; of others, not directly perceived, etc., [2101]337 sq.; prepared for truth by believing, [2102]358, [2103]362; of the wise brought in contact with God, [2104]363; sovereign power of, disgraced by body's sin, [2105]487; parts of the, how figured, [2106]524; patience a virtue of, [2107]529; wounds of, [2108]529; incomprehensible to itself, 569.

Miracle, spread of the Gospel a, [2109]340.

Miracles, meant to produce faith, [2110]363; what are, [2111]364; better than reasons to impress fools, [2112]363; point out authority, [2113]364; some more gracious, some more wonderful: why less frequent, and note, [2114]364; witness of, against heretics, [2115]365.

Mistrust of self, our security, [2116]383.

Monachism, a holy purpose, [2117]521.

Monasteries, introduction of, into Carthage, [2118]503; good, practise manual labor, [2119]516; indifferent to which one's property has been given, [2120]519; time divided for labor and devotion and study, [2121]521.

Monastery, some may labor, others instruct, [2122]514; owes a maintenance to those who have surrendered their property to it, [2123]519; division of works in, [2124]519.

Monica, St., failed not to visit St. Augustin every night, [2125]547.

Monks, not laboring for their own support, [2126]503; the work of, occasion of writing, [2127]504; honest trades for men; a holy society, [2128]511; laziness of, a trap, [2129]515; cause scandals, [2130]516; to avoid giving offense, to labor and be obedient, [2131]514; ecclesiastical occupations and teaching of, [2132]514, [2133]515; life holy and praiseworthy, [2134]514; their many religious offices, [2135]515; who have been delicately brought up, to be borne with, [2136]516; not Evangelists nor Priests: supporters of the Monastery, [2137]519; persons admitted without signs of amendment, [2138]516; a heavy sin not to admit as, slaves, peasants, mechanics: some became exemplars, [2139]516; kept stores of provisions, [2140]517; might have dressed provisions, [2141]517, [2142]518; who have been rich not compelled to bodily labor, [2143]519; none to be idle: disentangled from secular affairs, [2144]520, [2145]521; trusting for support in labor if able, without, if unable: called servants of God, [2146]521; poor of Christ, [2147]519; objects of the Bishop's care, [2148]521; hypocritical and vagrant, pretended ones, [2149]521; a device of Satan to discredit that life by scandal, [2150]521; accused of wishing to be maintained in idleness: of hawking: costuming: lying stories: begging, [2151]521; wearing long hair, [2152]522; life preferred to Bishop's, [2153]521; good ones accused and unsettled by the idle, [2154]522; idle ones regarded as more holy, [2155]523.

Monstrous births, and the resurrection, [2156]265.

Montanists, attacked second marriages, [2157]443.

Moral government of the world, [2158]385.

Mortification of the members, what? [2159]392.

Moses, veil of, [2160]523; appeared after death, [2161]548.

Mothers, of Christ, who? [2162]418, [2163]419.

Mouth of the heart as well as the body, [2164]380, [2165]381; not to be always literally taken in Scripture, [2166]380; of the heart, [2167]471, [2168]472; confession with the mouth required, [2169]486.

Multitude, testimony of followed in common life, [2170]355; must be led by steps to religion, [2171]358: is believed regarding Christ, [2172]362; gathered by Him in the way of faith, [2173]363; led by faith to approve many good things, [2174]364, [2175]365; witness of, against heretics, [2176]365.

Mysteries, holy, words used in celebrating, [2177]449.

Mystery, defense of, not popular, [2178]349; to be borne with, [2179]534.

Nabal, David right in sparing, [2180]490.

Naboth, charge against, [2181]491.

Name, eternal, promised to the eunuchs, [2182]425.

Narration, to be employed in catechising, [2183]285 sq., [2184]289.

Nations blessed in Christ, [2185]339; come to God, by believing, [2186]341.

Nativity, Eternal, of the Son, [2187]371; of Christ in time, [2188]374.

Nature, the Christian knows little of, except that the goodness of the Creator is the cause of all things, [2189]239; knowledge of the causes of, unessential to happiness, [2190]242; wonders of, familiar, [2191]364; all, is good, [2192]386; lust is a disease of, [2193]386.

Nazarites, long hair a figure of the veil of the Law, [2194]523.

Neighbor, even an alien is, [2195]487.

Net, of the Gospel, takes bad and good, [2196]343.

Novations, against second marriages, [2197]443.

Nuns, holy, deceased, [2198]434.

Nurses, believed as to parents, [2199]360.

Obedience, the Christian's work, [2200]372; above continence, [2201]411; implies chastity, [2202]412; unmurmuring, duty of Monks, [2203]514.

Old persons, why they marry, [2204]400.

Olibrius, husband of Juliana, [2205]452.

Omnipotence of God, [2206]322.

Opinatio, [2207]360.

Opinion, distinguished from knowledge and belief, [2208]359; different from belief, [2209]458.

Ordination, to be withheld from a husband who had a second wife, [2210]408; a sacrament, [2211]412.

Original sin, remitted by Baptism, [2212]386.

Pagans, soldiers: poets: yet in their sins, [2213]375; idolatrous heathen so called, [2214]509, [2215]511; opinions of burial, [2216]540; philosophers, [2217]540.

Paint, not to be used by women, [2218]451.

Parables, are no lies, [2219]494.

Paradise, man deceived in, [2220]372; Adam careless in, [2221]530; how man forfeited, [2222]531; vision of, also baptism necessary for admission to, [2223]546.

Parcae quad non parcant, [2224]491.

Pardon, granted implies sin, [2225]404; to what granted by St. Paul, [2226]404.

Pardon of sin conditioned by penitence, and has reference chiefly to the Judgment, [2227]258; not given to those who forgive not others, [2228]261.

Parents, not to be recognized when they hinder our ministry, [2229]325; known by testimony, [2230]339; known to children by faith: yet love due to, [2231]360.

Parricide, Cataline, of his country, [2232]528; why worst homicide, [2233]530.

Passion, foretold by same writers as things now seen fulfilled, [2234]341; in Jewish Scriptures, [2235]342.

Passions, how attributed to God, [2236]527.

Patience, of Christ, [2237]372; of Job, [2238]372; is not to be for temporal hopes, [2239]372, [2240]373; differs from endurance, [2241]391; a great gift of God, [2242]527; attributed to God: in what sense, [2243]527; of God, without passion, [2244]527, [2245]528; in man, what, [2246]527, [2247]528; waits for good, [2248]527, [2249]529; compared with worldly endurance, [2250]528, [2251]531; for ill ends is no patience, [2252]528; truth of, is in the cause, [2253]528; not like science: both in mind and body, [2254]529; shown without bodily pain: of our Lord toward Judas, [2255]529; greatest against Satan's assaults, [2256]530; is God's gift, [2257]531; being from love of God, is from grace, [2258]532; likens to God, [2259]532; her words by St. Paul, [2260]535; is it God's gift? [2261]535, [2262]536.

Patriarchs, had several wives for offspring, [2263]444; marriages of, attacked by Faustus, [2264]448; fed cattle, [2265]511; ignorant of what befell the Jews, [2266]547.

Paul, his speaking by permission not of commandment, expounded, [2267]262 sq.; once a persecutor, [2268]309; his counsels and commands concerning marriage and virginity, [2269]421; what "he spared," [2270]422; the Teacher: "vessel of election," [2271]442. chose the unmarried state as higher good, [2272]442; rightly allows second marriage, [2273]443; cared not for men's praise, [2274]453; St. Peter corrected by, [2275]461, [2276]462; kept good repute with care, [2277]461; his answer to the high priest, [2278]470; his oaths, [2279]470, [2280]474, [2281]477; right in not "living of the Gospel," [2282]470; used sympathy, not falsehood, [2283]476; charged by some with a lie, [2284]477; not compelled by want to preach, [2285]509; not using his liberty, [2286]506 [2287]509, [2288]510; bearing with the weak, [2289]509; condescending, not of craft, [2290]509, [2291]510; becoming all things to all men: "becoming weak," [2292]509; relieved by distant Churches, [2293]510; declined gifts to avoid suspicion of venal motives, [2294]510, [2295]511; labored in temporal as well as spiritual works, [2296]511; avoiding suspicion of dishonesty, [2297]513; rejoicing in the liberality of believers, [2298]513; had special times for labor and teaching, at Troas: at Athens, [2299]513, [2300]514; could work by day and night, [2301]515; not receiving support was to avoid offense, [2302]515, [2303]517; because his ministry was among the Gentiles, [2304]515; not contrary to his Lord, [2305]518; used means for self-preservation, [2306]520; rapt into Paradise, [2307]548.

Paulinus, St., of Nola, inquires about burial: his opinion, 569.

Peace, on earth, [2308]257; the prize of continence, [2309]386.

Peasants, became Monks, [2310]516, [2311]519.

Pelagianism, noted by St. Augustin in his book on widowhood, [2312]441, [2313]449. [2314]450; dangerous approaches to [2315]450.

Pelagians, think patience man's attainment, [2316]531; argument of, for free-will, [2317]531, [2318]532.

Penance, done openly in Church: way of remission for the baptized, [2319]375; refusal of, condemned, [2320]473.

Penitence, needful for pardon of sins, [2321]258.

Penitents, order of, [2322]375.

Penny, in the parable, [2323]426.

Pentecost, [2324]308.

Peoples, and nations, our witnesses to Christ, [2325]362.

Perfect, are not even to wish to lie, [2326]472.

Perfecting, good and evil, [2327]387.

Perjury, strangely justified by some, [2328]498; none can be allowable, [2329]499; real though not of truth, [2330]499; feared even by the adulterous, [2331]500.

Permission, not same as consent, [2332]475.

Persecution, flight from, [2333]520, [2334]521.

Perseverance, need of grace for, [2335]453, [2336]454.

Persian fable of Manichees, [2337]365.

Peter, St., his example cited, [2338]410; simulation of, corrected, [2339]461, [2340]493; his denial, [2341]462; justifying him makes St. Paul a liar, [2342]477; denied only with the mouth, yet sinned, [2343]486.

Pharisee and Publican, [2344]428.

Physician, best judge for the sick, [2345]373; hates sickness, loves the sick, [2346]534.

Pity, how attributed to God, [2347]527.

Plato, hidden meanings of, in amorous writing, [2348]355.

Pleasure, thought chief good by Epicurus, [2349]352; in holy labor, [2350]452; of earthly things a known motive to natural will, [2351]534.

Pontius Pilate, named to mark the date, [2352]371.

Poor, feeding, for man's praise not good, [2353]487; of Christ, monks so called, [2354]519; patience of the, [2355]531; long for the inheritance, [2356]535; of Christ to be made rich, [2357]536.

Posture, in prayer increases fervor, [2358]542.

Powers that be, subjection to the, illustrated, [2359]306.

Prayer, the Lord's, [2360]238, [2361]274; called "The Prayer," [2362]375; needed against temptation, [2363]449.

Prayer, the daily, of the believer makes satisfaction for daily trivial sins, [2364]260; remission of lighter sins by, [2365]375; does more than exhortation, [2366]450; spiritual delight in, [2367]452, [2368]453; helped by alms, [2369]452; of the obedient heard, [2370]514; interrupted for necessary labors, [2371]518; posture at, increases fervency: yet is not necessary to it, [2372]542.

Prayer, for the dead, [2373]434; an universal practice, [2374]539; at the Altar, [2375]540; authority for, though not in Scripture: also profit of, [2376]539, [2377]540; do not profit all, [2378]539, [2379]542, [2380]550; for all the faithful departed, [2381]542, [2382]543; for our departed friends, especially, [2383]550.

Preaching, the Gospel, reward of, [2384]509; the Gospel for support might offend the weak, [2385]510, [2386]511; for the sake of a maintenance wrong, [2387]519.

Predestination, to eternal life is wholly of God's free grace, [2388]268.

Pride, and envying, [2389]428; to be guarded against, [2390]531; ground of false patience, [2391]531.

Priesthood, of the Jews become vile, [2392]470.

Priscillian, artful praise of, [2393]483; himself detected without lies, [2394]485.

Priscillianists, exposed by Consentius, [2395]450; inquiries of Consentius about, [2396]457; thought it lawful to deny doctrines, [2397]481, [2398]486, [2399]492; some of their notions, [2400]484; sin less than Catholics in blaspheming, [2401]484, [2402]485; heresy of, overthrown by Catholic Bishops, [2403]485; anathematize Priscillian in pretence, [2404]485.

Proba Faltonia, mother-in-law of Juliana, and note, [2405]448, [2406]454; grandmother of Demetrias, [2407]451.

Property, management of, [2408]361; question of lying to save, [2409]467, [2410]476; giving up of, a pattern to us, [2411]518.

Prophecy, evidence of, conclusive, [2412]339, [2413]340; even for Gospel records, [2414]340, [2415]341; of things we see proves things unseen: Passion foretold in, [2416]341, [2417]342.

Prophecies, Old Testament, fulfillment of, pointed out, [2418]313.

Prophetic meaning of Patriarchs' care for burial, [2419]541.

Prophets, effect of their teaching on multitudes, [2420]364; in time of, women served God by marriage: God's ancient people a prophet, [2421]444; marriages of, attacked by Faustus, [2422]448; knew only what God thought fit, [2423]548.

Providence, not excluding our exertions, [2424]520, [2425]521.

Provision, for the morrow, how forbidden, [2426]470; to be made for the future, [2427]518.

Psalmody, a spiritual delight, [2428]452; no hindrance to work, [2429]514.

Psalms, to be learnt by heart, [2430]514.

Publican and Pharisee, [2431]428.

Punishment, eternal, [2432]341; for sin inevitable, [2433]385; less for schismatics who suffer for Christ, [2434]535.

Punishments, future, eternity of, [2435]273; threatened to correct the foolish, [2436]351.

Purgatorial fire, possible, [2437]260.

Purification, why ordered under the Law, [2438]409.

Quick, the, and the dead, Christ shall judge, expounded, [2439]255, [2440]373.

Rahab, not approved for lying, [2441]495; how she might have avoided it, [2442]496.

Reading, three kinds of error in, [2443]351, [2444]352; spiritual delight in, [2445]452 [2446]453; pursued to the neglect of doing what is read, [2447]514.

Reality of Christ's flesh, [2448]389.

Reason, Manichees would prove all by, [2449]348, [2450]354; not enough to keep men from sin, [2451]351; why not to be followed before faith, [2452]357; unable to master religion, [2453]360.

Refuge, is one seeking, to be saved by a lie? [2454]460, [2455]462, [2456]468.

Regeneration, effects of, [2457]275; prayer for, for Catechumens, [2458]375; in Baptism, [2459]386; had we no other birth we should not sin, [2460]500.

Relics of martyrs (pretended ones), hawked about, [2461]521.

Religion, search after true, [2462]354; search for true, presupposes belief in God, [2463]361.

Repentance, true, [2464]264; of God without error, [2465]527.

Report, good, duty of keeping, [2466]453.

Resurrection, the, of the body, [2467]264 sq.; of the saints, [2468]266; of the lost, [2469]266; derided by some, [2470]313; is certain, [2471]332; of Christ, prophesied, [2472]341.

Retreat of monks, for prayer, [2473]517, [2474]518.

Revelations, by visions, [2475]546; to Prophets partial, [2476]548.

Reward, of Christian soldier, [2477]453; of evangelizing, [2478]509.

Rhadamanthus, fable of, [2479]352.

Rhetoric, learned from the few whom the many acknowledge, [2480]354.

Rhyming terminations, [2481]527.

Rich, the, humbled before the Church, [2482]340; healed of pride, in becoming poor, [2483]518; men, become monks, [2484]519.

Riches, desire of, condemned in widows, [2485]452; what men will suffer to gain, [2486]528; of God, [2487]531.

Right Hand of God, what meant by, [2488]327, [2489]373.

Rising with Christ, what, [2490]392.

Robbers, lying in wait, [2491]458, [2492]459.

Rome, the usage of, in respect of divorce, [2493]402; love of the commonwealth, [2494]519.

Root-virtue, continence, [2495]412.

Ruffinus, translated Eusebius' Ecel. Hist., [2496]543.

Rule of Faith, the Creed, [2497]369 sq.

Ruth, blessed, though Anna more so, [2498]443; continent widows may not set themselves above: married again to be an ancestor of Christ, [2499]444.

Sacraments, of New Law, supersede the old, [2500]461; truth intimated in, [2501]475.

Sacrifice, for sin, called sin, [2502]495.

Sacrifices, legal, not for Christians,. [2503]351.

Sadducees, our Lord's answer to, [2504]447.

Saints, the, resurrection of, [2505]266; shall know at the resurrection the benefits they have received by grace, [2506]267; Church daily renewed in the, [2507]340; general effect of their examples, [2508]364; in heaven cannot sin, [2509]385, [2510]387; differ in merits: in glory: and joy, [2511]426; number of the, to be completed, [2512]453; of Old Testament saved by grace through faith, [2513]533. [2514]534; intercession of: prayers to, [2515]549; prayers to: patrons, [2516]539, [2517]542 sq.; memorial chapels. of, [2518]539, [2519]542.

Sallust, referred to, [2520]528.

Samuel, apparition to Saul, opinions on, [2521]548.

Sanctity, treated of, [2522]437; higher, sought in separation from the world, [2523]514.

Sarah, her example cited, [2524]411; an example to wives, [2525]444; denied her laughing, [2526]460; truly called Abraham's sister, [2527]491.

Satan, as an angel of light, [2528]257; tempted Job, as Adam, by woman, [2529]372, [2530]530; brought low, after his pride, [2531]522; tempts. through or without instruments, [2532]530; hurt not Job, but by God's power, [2533]530; fell by his own will, [2534]534; exorcised from children, 569.

Saul (King), those who buried him praised, [2535]544; seeing Samuel, [2536]548.

Schism, a breach of charity, [2537]535.

School, tempting discussions in, [2538]348.

Schoolmaster, the Law a, [2539]351.

Scipio Africanus, his daughter portioned by the state, [2540]519.

Scripture Holy, creed scattered about in, [2541]347; statements all true, [2542]422, [2543]423; forbids being overwise, [2544]442; wrested, [2545]508; to. be learnt by memory, [2546]514; cannot deceive, [2547]534.

Scriptures, copies of, in hands of Jews, [2548]342; of the Old Testament often figurative, [2549]460; why contain examples as well as precepts, [2550]470; forbid every lie, [2551]476; no mincing of, [2552]477; knowledge of, praised, [2553]481; true interpretation of, to be urged, [2554]492; three methods to be used with, [2555]493; of Old Testament attacked by Manichees, [2556]349, [2557]350; why hard to defend, [2558]349; fourfold sense of, [2559]349; partial use of, [2560]351; how to deal with, [2561]351, [2562]353; three suppositions about, [2563]352; Church's belief about, [2564]353; falsely charged with absurdity, [2565]355; believed on Church's testimony, [2566]362.

Secular judgments imposed on Bishops by Apostolical injunction, [2567]521.

Sedes, dwellings called, [2568]373.

Senators, became Monks, [2569]519.

Septivira, [2570]447.

Sermon on the mount, [2571]428.

Sickness of the soul, what, [2572]386.

Signacula; [2573]475.

Signs; intelligible, [2574]283; employed at the formal admission of a catechumen, [2575]312; not known, without the thing, [2576]361.

Similes, easy weapons to find, [2577]348.

Simon, his example cited, [2578]433.

Sin and Sins, results of Adams, [2579]246; often put one for the other, [2580]252; of progenitors, [2581]253; guilt of the first, can be washed away only in the blood of Christ, [2582]253; pardon of, extends over the whole mortal life of the saints, [2583]258; trivial, [2584]260, [2585]263; relative magnitude of sins, [2586]262 sq.; two causes of, ignorance and weakness, [2587]264; remission of, [2588]331; impossible to God: original in children, [2589]347; law made to restrain fools from, [2590]351; every action not rightly done is, [2591]360; forgiveness of, in Baptism, [2592]375; none too heinous: some are venial, some remitted by prayers, some, by penance, [2593]374; Catechumens still under, [2594]375; remitted to the faithful in Baptism, [2595]386; spiritual men not exempt from, [2596]390; venial and deadly, [2597]402, [2598]403; none are free from, 439; confession of, [2599]447; not to be committed to save life, [2600]462 sq.; confession of, required, [2601]473; wrongly estimated by carnal men, [2602]474; of others, not to be prevented by our own, [2603]476, [2604]486; not to be done to detect sin, [2605]481; against conscience, [2606]484; not justified by motive, [2607]488; yet made less, [2608]488, [2609]496; venial not allowed, [2610]489; alternatives of, [2611]489, [2612]491; of ignorance or infirmity, [2613]490, [2614]496, [2615]510; forgiven for subsequent good works, [2616]496; comes of our earthly birth: is the sting of death. [2617]500.

Singing at work, [2618]514.

Sinner, to protect a, is not to aid sin, [2619]468; not to be despaired of, [2620]468.

Sitting, at the right hand of God, what? [2621]523.

Sixtyfold fruits of widowed life, [2622]434.

Slaves, many, but one master, [2623]408; freed to become Monks, [2624]516; trusted by masters, [2625]358.

Sleep, abstinence from, [2626]528.

Society, founded on faith, [2627]339.

Sodom, justified in comparison of Israel, [2628]461; Lot's conduct in, [2629]463, [2630]467. [2631]468; men of, smitten with blindness, [2632]497.

Soldiers of Christ, mark of, not repeated after desertion, [2633]375; Monks so called, [2634]521.

Solomon, commanded to build God a temple, [2635]374.

Son, The, anointed by the Father, [2636]339; said to suffer because His humanity suffered: of God is God: of man is man: of God is Almighty: why Only Son, [2637]370; doth what He will: One God with the Father, [2638]370; of God suffered and died: begotten before all times, [2639]371.

Song of the Three Holy Children, [2640]438.

Soul, made to know truth, [2641]356; may be defiled, [2642]380; meaning of, in Scripture, [2643]383; purity of, more than that of the body, [2644]463, [2645]475, [2646]476; Priscillianists in error about, [2647]484.

Souls pure, God dwells in, [2648]353; of the faithful departed, at rest, [2649]541, [2650]543; obtain the resurrection of the body, [2651]542; rest of, not affected by the condition of the body, [2652]540-[2653]543; nor by the events of the world, [2654]547, [2655]548; some free from all suffering, [2656]547.

Speech, inward, heard by God, [2657]471.

Spirit Holy, signified by finger of God, [2658]305; the Apostles filled with, [2659]342; continence the gift of God's, [2660]354; signified by men's actions, [2661]460; God, as dwelling in Temple, [2662]350; consubstantial and coequal: called "Love," [2663]374; heareth all things, [2664]471; the fire of Divine Love, [2665]532; hence the source of patience, [2666]532, [2667]534.

Spiritual, desire of the old Fathers, [2668]407, [2669]408, [2670]413.

Spy, supposed practice of, [2671]483.

Steward of the Church must have one wife, [2672]408.

Stewards, trusted though slaves, [2673]358.

Stoics, wrong in making all sins equal, [2674]495.

Studiousness, matter of praise, [2675]356, [2676]357.

Subtance, none but what God begot or created, [2677]365.

Succession, Apostolic, [2678]365.

Suffering, for faith and humanity, praiseworthy, [2679]469.

Sufferings, endured for worldly objects, [2680]528.

Suicide, threat of, may not move us to sin, [2681]462 sq.; false claim of martyrdom by, [2682]531.

Supererogation, [2683]427.

Susanna and Anna, [2684]403, [2685]413, [2686]423.

Swearing, instances of, in New Testament, [2687]470; all "cometh of evil," [2688]474; rash, of David, [2689]490; false, excused by some, [2690]498.

Talking, lust of, leads to lying, [2691]466, [2692]467.

Tamar, falsehood of, not to be imitated, [2693]495.

Tares, borne with till the harvest, [2694]529.

Teaching, all implies some faith, [2695]354; multitude may show where to find, [2696]355, [2697]362; Catholic, origin of, [2698]356; ordinary way of, uses belief, [2699]359; all requires a master, [2700]365.

Tediousness, in catechising causes and remedies of, [2701]293 sq.

Temple, Christian heart a, [2702]374.

Temptation, counsel against, from the aged, [2703]451; hope of gratification a, [2704]452.

Tempting God by not avoiding danger, [2705]508.

Terentianus Maurus, not to be read without expositors, [2706]355.

Tertullian, unwisely attacks second marriage, [2707]443.

Testament, Old, food for infant souls, [2708]349; agrees with New, [2709]349. passages that seem to condemn it, [2710]351; veil of removed, [2711]351; what the charge against, [2712]353; St. Augustin's belief about, [2713]353; St. Ambrose's exposition of, [2714]356; charges brought against, [2715]365; two, signified by Abraham's sons, [2716]470.

Testimony, parents known by, [2717]339; of the multitude how useful, [2718]354, [2719]355.

Theatre, applause of, courted by poets, [2720]355.

Thecla, mentioned, [2721]434.

Theft, from rich not lawful, [2722]467; is "from the mouth" of the heart, [2723]472; some think too much of, as compared with sins of luxury, [2724]474; though to feed the poor, [2725]488; is less sin than lewdness: one worse than another, [2726]488, [2727]489.

Thigh, signification of putting the hand under, [2728]409.

Thirtyfold fruit of marriage, [2729]434.

Thought, sins of, [2730]379, [2731]380; goes before works, [2732]381; of intention, [2733]380; cannot go unpunished, [2734]385; a mystery, [2735]385.

Time, shifting course of, [2736]452.

Times, change of, [2737]349.

Timothy, St., his example cited, [2738]409; circumcised by St. Paul, [2739]461.

Titus, St., not circumcised, and why, [2740]461.

Tobias, commended for burying the dead, [2741]541.

Tongue, the, [2742]487; not to be yielded to sin, [2743]488.

Torture, to obtain testimony, [2744]468, [2745]528; question of lying, to escape, [2746]468; to be borne with love, [2747]470.

Trades, honest, practised by St. Paul, [2748]511; manual, suitable to preachers, [2749]512.

Travel, in search of instruction: to Holy Land, [2750]355.

Tribulation, attends marriage, [2751]422, [2752]424.

Trinity, Holy, the, doctrine of, [2753]327 sq., [2754]374.

Truth, St. Augustin's early love of, [2755]347; belief prepares for beholding, [2756]348, [2757]349; search after, [2758]354 sq.; lovers of, believe authority: why, made hard to discover, [2759]361; God is, [2760]363; state of mind needful for seeking, [2761]365; of every statement in Scripture, [2762]422; may be spoken in order to deceive, [2763]459; comprises every eternal good, [2764]463; eternal, distinguished from ordinary, [2765]467, [2766]474, [2767]475; notion of keeping "in the heart," [2768]471, [2769]486; love of, allows not false witness, [2770]473; may be preferred to everything external, [2771]475, [2772]498; not to be wronged in defending it, [2773]481; every lie contrary to, [2774]483; to be kept with those without: some to be concealed from aliens, [2775]487; nothing against it "just," [2776]495; defended by examples of chastity, [2777]499, [2778]500.

Type, woman, of what [2779]425; application of the Three Holy Children, [2780]438.

Typical, meaning of many wives, [2781]408; view of impurity, [2782]409.

Uncircumcision, not to be feigned, [2783]509.

Understanding, distinguished from belief and opinion: is by reason, [2784]359; now known by multitudes to be the way of knowing God, [2785]364; quick, God's gift, [2786]370; faith goes before, [2787]370.

Unions, three spoken of by the Apostle, [2788]388.

Unity, in Godhead illustrated by that of souls united: but imperfectly, [2789]370.

Unmarried, may mean widows, [2790]442; persons, "think of things of the Lord," [2791]443; should give Christ what they reserve from a consort, [2792]451; exhorted to forbear marriage, [2793]453.

Unwilling continence estimated, [2794]429.

Veil, of Scripture, done away in Christ, [2795]351; of Moses, of the Nazarite, [2796]523.

Veils, men not to wear: why, [2797]524.

Vengeance, less kingly than forbearance, [2798]529.

Ventilare, [2799]351.

Vice, can use the instruments of virtue, [2800]528.

Vine, the Church in its likeness to Christ compared to, [2801]309.

Violence, not consented to, corrupts not, [2802]463, [2803]490; lying to escape, wrong, [2804]463; not to be evaded by sin, [2805]464.

Virgil, quoted, [2806]239, [2807]242, [2808]352, [2809]355, [2810]540.

Virgin, (see Mary,) God most fitly born of a, [2811]339; the Blessed, [2812]403; the blessed, a type and pattern, [2813]417; what was her highest blessedness, [2814]418, [2815]419; had vowed virginity, [2816]418; was born of Christ: how both a Mother and a Virgin, [2817]418.

Virginal chastity above marriage, [2818]422.

Virginity, preferred to marriage, [2819]397, [2820]411, [2821]422; is angelic, [2822]403, [2823]420; the greater of two goods, [2824]411; to be guarded by humility, [2825]413; that of the blessed Virgin, [2826]418; a good, for the sake of the future life, [2827]420, [2828]421, [2829]423, [2830]424; its joys in heaven, [2831]426; the gift of God, [2832]432; its fruits hundredfold, [2833]434; inferior to martyrdom, [2834]435; preferred by St. Paul to conjugal faith, [2835]442; goodness of, makes not marriage evil, [2836]442; of children, a compensation to parents, [2837]445, [2838]448; forsaking, after profession is sinful, [2839]445; of the Church, [2840]446.

Virgins, brought to Christ everywhere, [2841]340; all holy ones are Mothers of Christ, [2842]418; rich, how they may give birth to members of Christ, [2843]419; distinguished from sacred Virgins, [2844]420; no "command" concerning, [2845]421; have peculiar joys in heaven, [2846]426; follow the Lamb, [2847]427; need humility, [2848]428; their grounds for loving God, [2849]432; may be less fit than married women for martyrdom, [2850]434, [2851]435; encouragement to, [2852]437; should love the fairness of Christ, [2853]437; distinguished from the "unmarried," [2854]442; before widows in the kingdom, [2855]451; special song of, [2856]451.

Virtue, what patience is a, [2857]527; instruments of, not to be yielded to, [2858]528.

Virtues of the soul may exist unseen in habit, [2859]409, [2860]410.

Visible and invisible creation, [2861]369.

Visions, of the unseen world, [2862]546.

Vows, freely made, makes what was lawful unlawful. [2863]443; wrong to desire to revoke, [2864]445; marriage after, is not adultery, [2865]446; but yet is worse, [2866]446; of continence recommended, [2867]450; a protection, [2868]452; marriage to Christ by, [2869]446; more laudable because not required, [2870]446.

Vows of continence, [2871]427.

Warfare, of the Christian life, [2872]382, [2873]387.

Washing, once for all in Baptism: daily, in prayer, [2874]375.

Watchings, use of, [2875]452.

Water, changed into wine, [2876]363.

Whirling, about false doctrine, [2877]523.

Wicked, the death of, eternal in the same sense as the life of the Saints, [2878]273.

Widowed, chastity, above marriage, [2879]423.

Widowed, continence, its rank, [2880]434.

Widowhood, forsaking, after profession is a sin, [2881]445; this is not adultery, but worse, [2882]446; long and early, greater test of continence, [2883]447; prayer and fasting make better, [2884]448; hard questions about, [2885]448.

Widows, their continence, [2886]434; Fourth Council forbade (professed widows) to marry again, [2887]441; may be called unmarried: better among the members of Christ than married women, [2888]442; may marry again, as Ruth, [2889]443; more blessed if not, as Anna, [2890]443, [2891]447; not therefore better than Ruth herself, [2892]444; do better in not marrying now that Christ is come, [2893]444; having family, have no good reason to marry, [2894]445; what they should do according to their ability, [2895]445; merits of, in different cases compared, [2896]447; luxurious living of, condemned, [2897]452; humility an ornament to, [2898]448; alms help their prayers, [2899]452; to draw others to like profession, [2900]453.

Wife (see Husband), why created out of husband, [2901]399; many allowed once, why, [2902]407, [2903]408; only one belongs to a steward of the Church, [2904]408; and woman, Greek word ambiguous, [2905]506.

Will (see Freedom of), of God, invariable, [2906]369; true submission of, to God, [2907]373; of man, admonished and healed by grace, [2908]449; free, made too much of, by some, [2909]450; if man works on, much more God helps, [2910]450; God not lost but by, [2911]530; free, of man, gets not patience by itself, [2912]531; why it produces hardness, yet not true patience, [2913]531, [2914]532; evil, made frantic by devilish incitements: the devil became devil by his own, [2915]534; has not love of God, but by His gift, [2916]534.

Wills, forgery of, [2917]488.

Wisdom, man's true, is the fear of God, [2918]237; to be found in true religion, [2919]354; implies knowledge concerning God and man, [2920]360; he who has not, knows not, [2921]361; prayer to God for, [2922]363; is God's gift, [2923]433, [2924]450; patience handmaid of, [2925]528; true and false, true from God, [2926]531.

Wise, who are, [2927]360; how are fools to find them, [2928]361; are brought near to God, [2929]363.

Witchcraft, not to be detected by witchcraft; [2930]500.

Witness, false forbidden, [2931]460, [2932]467, [2933]469; question if lawful to save life, [2934]464; about God or Christ, [2935]464, [2936]467; definition of, [2937]467, [2938]468; incompatible with love of truth, [2939]473; false, might seem expedient at times, [2940]488.

Wolves, in sheep's clothing, [2941]485; sheep not to wear theirs, [2942]486.

Woman, insult offered to the sun by a, [2943]353.

Women, now, compared to the holy women of old, [2944]406, [2945]412; accompanied and supported the Apostles: and our Lord, [2946]506; figure the concupiscential part of the mind, [2947]524.

Words, use of Greek, [2948]349; are the beginning of works, [2949]400; are deeds, [2950]487.

Work, evil, not made good by motive, [2951]488; to refuse, as wrong an error, 415.

Working, understood of laboring in spiritual things enjoined by the Apostle, [2952]503.

Works, are preceded by thoughts, [2953]380, [2954]381; and Faith, [2955]392; good, a better portion than children, [2956]451, [2957]452; precede not election, [2958]533, [2959]534.

World, spirit of this, puffs up, [2960]449; cares of, lower married holiness, [2961]451; passing away, a reason against marrying, [2962]452; waits for the number of Saints, [2963]453; trials of, require patience, [2964]529; love of, produces worldly endurance, [2965]532, [2966]534; lust comes of, but also of man's will, [2967]532 sq.

Wounds of Christ, [2968]437.

Wrath, in God no passion, [2969]527.

Writers, three was to err in using, [2970]351; sense of, often hard to see clearly, [2971]352.

Zaccheus and Goliath compared, [2972]411, [2973]430.

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