And what Members of the Holy Body, which is the Church...
40. And what members of the holy body, which is the Church, ought more to take care, that upon them the holy Spirit may rest, than such as profess virginal holiness? But how doth He rest, where He findeth not His own place? what else than an humbled heart, to fill, not to leap back from; to raise up, not to weigh down? whereas it hath been most plainly said, "On whom shall rest My Spirit? On him that is humble and quiet, and trembles at My words." [2157] Already thou livest righteously, already thou livest piously, thou livest chastely, holily, with virginal purity; as yet, however, thou livest here, and art thou not humbled at hearing, "What, is not human life upon earth a trial?" [2158] Doth it not drive thee back from over-confident arrogance, "Woe unto the world because of offenses?" [2159] Dost thou not tremble, lest thou be accounted among the many, whose "love waxeth cold, because that iniquity abounds?" [2160] Dost thou not smite thy breast, when thou hearest, "Wherefore, whoso thinketh that he standeth, let him see to it lest he fall?" [2161] Amid these divine warnings and human dangers, do we yet find it so hard to persuade holy virgins to humility?


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