When was the Human Race Destroyed by a Flood? was it not Before Us? When...
When was the human race destroyed by a flood? was it not before us? When was the world set on fire, [3251] and reduced to coals and ashes? was it not before us? When were the greatest cities engulphed in the billows of the sea? was it not before us? When were wars waged with wild beasts, and battles fought with lions? [3252] was it not before us? When was ruin brought on whole communities by poisonous serpents? [3253] was it not before us? For, inasmuch as you are wont to lay to our blame the cause of frequent wars, the devastation of cities, the irruptions of the Germans and the Scythians, allow me, with your leave, to say, -- In your eagerness to calumniate us, you do not perceive the real nature of that which is alleged.


[3251] Arnobius, no doubt, speaks of the story of Phæthon, as told by Ovid; on which, cf. Plato, Tim., st. p. 22.

[3252] Nourry thinks that reference is here made to the contests of gladiators and athletes with lions and other beasts in the circus. But it is more likely that the author is thinking of African tribes who were harassed by lions. Thus Ælian (de Nat Anim., xvii. 24) tells of a Libyan people, the Nomæi, who were entirely destroyed by lions.

[3253] The city of Amyclæ in Italy is referred to, which was destroyed by serpents.

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