Sometimes, However, There were Seasons of Scarcity; yet they were Relieved by Times of Plenty. ...
Sometimes, however, there were seasons of scarcity; yet they were relieved by times of plenty. Again, certain wars were carried on contrary to our wishes. [3266] But they were afterwards compensated by victories and successes. What shall we say, then? -- that the gods at one time bore in mind our acts of wrong-doing, at another time again forgot them? If, when there is a famine, the gods are said to be enraged at us, it follows that in time of plenty they are not wroth, and ill-to-be-appeased; and so the matter comes to this, that they both lay aside and resume anger with sportive whim, and always renew their wrath afresh by the recollection of the causes of offence.

[3266] That is, unsuccessfully.

14 and yet do we
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