Psalm 68
To the chief Musician, A Psalm or Song of David.


^1Let God arise, and scattered

let all his en'mies be;

And let all those that do him hate

before his presence flee.

^2As smoke is driv'n, so drive thou them;

as fire melts wax away,

Before God's face let wicked men

so perish and decay.

^3But let the righteous be glad:

let them before God's sight

Be very joyful; yea, let them

rejoice with all their might.

^4To God sing, to his name sing praise;

extol him with your voice,

That rides on heav'n, by his name Jah,

before his face rejoice.

^5Because the Lord a father is

unto the fatherless;

God is the widow's judge, within

his place of holiness.

^6God doth the solitary set

in fam'lies: and from bands

The chain'd doth free; but rebels do

inhabit parched lands.

^7O God, what time thou didst go forth

before thy people's face;

And when through the great wilderness

thy glorious marching was;

^8Then at God's presence shook the earth,

then drops from heaven fell;

This Sinai shook before the Lord,

the God of Israel.

^9O God, thou to thine heritage

didst send a plenteous rain,

Whereby thou, when it weary was,

didst it refresh again.

^10Thy congregation then did make

their habitation there:

Of thine own goodness for the poor,

O God, thou didst prepare.

^11The Lord himself did give the word,

the word abroad did spread;

Great was the company of them

the same who published.

^12Kings of great armies foiled were,

and forc'd to flee away;

And women, who remain'd at home,

did distribute the prey.

^13Though ye have lien among the pots,

like doves ye shall appear,

Whose wings with silver, and with gold

whose feathers cover'd are.

^14When there th' Almighty scatter'd kings,

like Salmon's snow twas white.

^15God's hill is like to Bashan hill,

like Bashan hill for height.

^16Why do ye leap, ye mountains high?

this is the hill where God

Desires to dwell; yea, God in it

for aye will make abode.

^17God's chariots twenty thousand are,

thousands of angels strong;

In's holy place God is, as in

mount Sinai, them among.

^18Thou hast, O Lord, most glorious,

ascended up on high;

And in triumph victorious led

captive captivity:

Thou hast received gifts for men,

for such as did rebel;

Yea, ev'n for them, that God the Lord

in midst of them might dwell.

^19Bless'd be the Lord, who is to us

of our salvation God;

Who daily with his benefits

us plenteously doth load.

^20He of salvation is the God,

who is our God most strong;

And unto God the Lord from death

the issues do belong.

^21But surely God shall wound the head

of those that are his foes;

The hairy scalp of him that still

on in his trespass goes.

^22God said, My people I will bring

again from Bashan hill;

Yea, from the sea's devouring depths

them bring again I will;

^23That in the blood of enemies

thy foot imbru'd may be,

And of thy dogs dipp'd in the same

the tongues thou mayest see.

^24Thy goings they have seen, O God;

the steps of majesty

Of my God, and my mighty King,

within the sanctuary.

^25Before went singers, players next

on instruments took way;

And them among the damsels were

that did on timbrels play.

^26Within the congregations

bless God with one accord:

From Isr'el's fountain do ye bless

and praise the mighty Lord.

^27With their prince, little Benjamin,

princes and council there

Of Judah were, there Zabulon's

and Napht'li's princes were.

^28Thy God commands thy strength; make strong

what thou wrought'st for us, Lord.

^29For thy house at Jerusalem

kings shall thee gifts afford.

^30The spearmen's host, the multitude

of bulls, which fiercely look,

Those calves which people have forth sent,

O Lord our God, rebuke,

Till ev'ry one submit himself,

and silver pieces bring:

The people that delight in war

disperse, O God and King.

^31Those that be princes great shall then

come out of Egypt lands;

And Ethiopia to God

shall soon stretch out her hands.

^32O all ye kingdoms of the earth,

sing praises to this King;

For he is Lord that ruleth all,

unto him praises sing.

^33To him that rides on heav'ns of heav'ns,

which he of old did found;

Lo, he sends out his voice, a voice

in might that doth abound.

^34Strength unto God do ye ascribe;

for his excellency

Is over Israel, his strength

is in the clouds most high.

^35Thou'rt from thy temple dreadful, Lord;

Isr'el's own God is he,

Who gives his people strength and pow'r:

O let God blessed be.

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