"Blessed are the Dead, that Die in the Lord. "
548. 7s. M. Wesley's Coll. "Blessed are the dead, that die in the Lord."

1 Hark! a voice divides the sky!
Happy are the faithful dead,
In the Lord who sweetly die!
They from all their toils are freed.

2 Ready for their glorious crown, --
Sorrows past and sins forgiven, --
Here they lay their burthen down,
Hallowed and made meet for heaven.

3 Yes! the Christian's course is run;
Ended is the glorious strife;
Fought the fight, the work is done;
Death is swallowed up in life.

4 When from flesh the spirit freed
Hastens homeward to return,
Mortals cry, "A man is dead!"
Angels sing, "A child is born!"

547 blessed are the
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