The Gospel Advancing.
263. 7s. & 6s. M. J. G. Adams. The Gospel Advancing.

1 Brighter shines the gospel day
On our Zion's mountains;
Clearer has become the way
To her living fountains.
Hark! the stirring trumpet tone
Hath o'er every hill-top flown;
Error's hosts retiring see!
Superstition's minions flee!

2 From the luring haunts of sin
Where the soul is blighted,
Christ invites -- come enter in
To the temple lighted
With the beams of pardoning love --
With the wisdom from above;
Leave the woes of sin behind,
And a rest perpetual find.

3 Come from error's hoary shrine,
Jew or Gentile seeking
For the way of life divine --
Hear this voice now speaking!
Willing hearts and hands prepare
Christ's redeeming grace to share;
Join our triumph-strain, and sing
Zion's Universal King.

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