"Peace! be Still!"
220. C. M. Mrs. Hemans. "Peace! be still!"

1 Fear, was within the tossing bark,
When stormy winds grew loud,
And waves came rolling high and dark,
And the tall mast was bowed.

2 And men stood breathless in their dread,
And baffled in their skill --
But One was there, who rose and said
To the wild sea, "Be still!"

3 And the wind ceased; it ceased! that word
Passed through the gloomy sky,
The troubled billows knew their Lord,
And sank beneath his eye.

4 Thou that didst rule the angry hour,
And tame the tempest's mood --
Oh! send, thy Spirit forth in power
O'er our dark souls to brood!

5 Thou that didst bow the billows' pride,
Thy mandates to fulfil --
Speak, speak to passion's raging tide,
Speak and say -- "Peace, be still!"

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