2 Chronicles 7:1
November the Twenty-Fifth after the Prayer the Fire!
"When Solomon had made an end of praying the fire came down from heaven." --2 CHRONICLES vii. 1-11. And the fire is the symbol of the Holy God. Pure flame is our imperfect mode of expressing the Incorruptible. This burning flame is heat and light in one. And when Solomon had prayed, the holy Flame was in their midst. But not only is the flame the symbol of the Holy; it also typifies the power which can make me holy. We have no cleansing minister to compare with fire. Where water fails fire succeeds.
John Henry Jowett—My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year

November the Twenty-Sixth Unconsecrated Souls
"This house which I have sanctified will I cast out of my sight, and will make it a proverb and a by-word among all nations." --2 CHRONICLES vii. 12-22. And thus am I taught that consecrated houses are nothing without consecrated souls. It is not the mode of worship, but the spirit of the worshipper which forms the test of a consecrated people. If the worshipper is defiled his temple becomes an offence. When the kernel is rotten, and I offer the husk to God, the offering is a double insult to
John Henry Jowett—My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year

The comparative indifference with which Chronicles is regarded in modern times by all but professional scholars seems to have been shared by the ancient Jewish church. Though written by the same hand as wrote Ezra-Nehemiah, and forming, together with these books, a continuous history of Judah, it is placed after them in the Hebrew Bible, of which it forms the concluding book; and this no doubt points to the fact that it attained canonical distinction later than they. Nor is this unnatural. The book
John Edgar McFadyen—Introduction to the Old Testament

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