Joshua 18:22
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and Beth-arabahהָֽעֲרָבָ֛ה
1026: "place of the depression," a place near the Dead Seafrom bayith and arabah
and Zemaraimוּצְמָרַ֖יִם
6787: a place in Benjamin, also a mountain in Ephraimfrom the same as tsemer
and Bethel,אֵֽל׃
1008: "house of God," a city in Ephraim, also a place in S. Judahfrom bayith and el

KJV Lexicon
And Betharabah
Beyth ha-`Arabah  (bayth haw-ar-aw-baw)
house of the Desert; Beth-ha-Arabah, a place in Palestine -- Beth-arabah.
and Zemaraim
Tsmarayim  (tsem-aw-rah'-yim)
double fleece; Tsemarajim, a place in Palestine -- Zemaraim.
and Bethel
Beyth-'El  (bayth-ale')
house of God; Beth-El, a place in Palestine -- Beth-el.
Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
and Beth-arabah and Zemaraim and Bethel,

King James Bible
And Betharabah, and Zemaraim, and Bethel,

Holman Christian Standard Bible
Beth-arabah, Zemaraim, Bethel,

International Standard Version
Beth-arabah, Zemaraim, Bethel,

NET Bible
Beth Arabah, Zemaraim, Bethel,

GOD'S WORD® Translation
Beth Arabah, Zemaraim, Bethel,

King James 2000 Bible
And Betharabah, and Zemaraim, and Bethel,
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