Ezra 10:32
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1144: "son of (the) right hand," youngest son of Jacob, also the name of two other Isr .from ben and yamin
4409: the name of several Isr.from the same as melek
[and] Shemariah;שְׁמַרְיָֽה׃
8114: "Yah has kept," three Isr.from shamar and Yah

KJV Lexicon
Binyamiyn  (bin-yaw-mene')
son of (the) right hand; Binjamin, youngest son of Jacob; also the tribe descended from him, and its territory -- Benjamin.
Malluwk  (mal-luke')
remnant; Malluk, the name of five Israelites -- Malluch, Melichu (from the margin).
and Shemariah
Shmaryah  (shem-ar-yaw')
Jah has guarded; Shemarjah, the name of four Israelites -- Shamariah, Shemariah.
Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
Benjamin, Malluch and Shemariah;

King James Bible
Benjamin, Malluch, and Shemariah.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
Benjamin, Malluch, and Shemariah;

International Standard Version
Benjamin, Malluch, and Shemariah.

NET Bible
Benjamin, Malluch, and Shemariah.

GOD'S WORD® Translation
Benjamin, Malluch, and Shemariah

King James 2000 Bible
Benjamin, Malluch, and Shemariah.
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