Job 40
International Standard Version
1The LORD continued his response to Job by saying:

2"Should the one who is fighting the Almighty find fault with him? Let God's accuser answer."

3Then Job replied to the LORD. He said:

4"I must look insignificant to you! How can I answer you? I'm speechless.

5I spoke once, but I can't answer; I tried a second time, but I won't do so anymore."

6The LORD answered Job from the wind storm and told him:

7"Stand up like a man! I'll ask you some questions, and you give me some answers!

8Indeed would you annul my justice and condemn me, just so you can claim that you're righteous?

9Do you have strength like God? Can you create thunder with a sound like he can?"

10"When you have adorned yourself with exalted majesty, clothed yourself with splendor and dignity,

11dispensed the fury of your anger, made sure that you have humbled every proud person,

12stared down and subdued every proud person, trampled the wicked right where they are,

13buried them in the dust together, and sent them bound to that secret place,

14then I will applaud you myself! I'll admit that you can deliver yourself by your own efforts!"

15"Please observe Behemoth, which I made along with you. He eats grass like an ox.

16Now take a look at the strength that he has in his loins, and in the muscles of his abdomen.

17His tail protrudes stiffly, like cedar; the sinews of his thigh interlink for strength.

18His bones are conduits of bronze; his strong bones are like bars of iron.

19He is the grandest of God's undertakings, yet his creator is approaching him with his sword.

20Mountains produce food for him, where all the wild animals frolic.

21He lies under the lotus trees, hiding under reeds and marshes.

22The lotus trees cover him with their shade, and willows that line the wadis surround him.

23What you see as a raging river doesn't alarm him; he is confident when the Jordan overflows.

24Are your eyes looking to capture him, or to pierce his snout with a bridle?"

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