Job 33
International Standard Version
1"Now please listen to what I have to say, Job. Listen to every word!

2Look! I've begun to speak, and I'm fashioning my words.

3I speak from the innocence of my heart; and my lips will utter what I sincerely know.

4"The spirit of God fashioned me; and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.

5Answer me, if you can! Present your case! Take your stand in my presence!

6Look! As far as God is concerned, I'm just like you are— I, too, have been pinched off from a piece of clay.

7Don't be afraid of me; I'll go easy on you."

8"You spoke clearly so I could hear; I've heard what you've said:

9I'm pure. I'm without sin; I'm innocent. I'm harboring no iniquity inside of me.

10Nevertheless, God has found a pretext to attack me; he considers me his enemy.

11He has bound my feet in shackles, and keeps watching everything I do.'"

12"You aren't right about this; My response is that God is greater than human beings.

13Why are you arguing with him? He doesn't have to give explanations for what he does to you!

14"God speaks time and time again — but nobody notices—

15in a dream or night vision, when a deep sleep falls on mankind while they sleep on their beds.

16That's when he opens the ear of mankind, authenticating his messages to them,

17turning a person from his actions, keeping him from pride,

18sparing his soul from the Pit and his life from violent death.

19"He is being reproved by painful bed rest, with continual aching in his bones.

20He cannot stand his food, and he has no desire for appetizing food.

21His flesh wastes away; his bones, which once couldn't be seen, are visible.

22His soul is getting close to the Pit; his life is approaching its executioner."

23"If there's a messenger appointed to mediate for Job —one out of a thousand— to represent the man's integrity on his behalf,

24to show favor to him and to plead, 'Deliver him from having to go down to the Pit — I know where his ransom is!'

25Let his flesh be rejuvenated as he was in his youth! Let him recover the strength of his youth.

26Let him pray to God and he will accept him; he will appear before him with joyful shouts!"

27"He'll sing to mankind with these words: 'I've sinned. I have twisted what is right. Yet he has not repaid me like I deserve.

28He has redeemed my soul from going down to the Pit; my life will see the light.'

29Indeed God does all these things again and again with a person

30to bring back his soul from the Pit; to light him with the light of life."

31"Job, pay attention! Listen to me! Be silent and let me speak.

32If you have anything to say, answer me; speak up, because I'd be happy to vindicate you.

33But if you have nothing to say, then at least listen to me! Be quiet and learn some wisdom from me."

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