Isaiah 32
International Standard Version
1"Look, a king will reign in righteousness, and rulers will rule with justice.

2Each one will be like a shelter from the wind and a hiding place from storms, like streams of water in the desert, in the shadow of a great rock in an exhausted land.

3Then the eyes of those who can see won't turn away, and the ears of those who can hear will listen.

4The hearts of reckless people will understand sound judgment, and the tongues of those who stammer will be ready to speak clearly.

5People will no longer call a fool noble, nor will a bad person be declared honorable.

6For fools utter contempt, and their minds plot wrong things: practicing ungodliness, spreading lies about the LORD, leaving the pangs of hungry people unsatisfied, and depriving thirsty people of drink.

7Furthermore, the crimes of bad people are evil; and they devise wicked schemes, destroying the poor with lying words, even when needy people plead a just cause.

8But those who are decent plan noble things, and by noble deeds they stand."

9"As for you ladies of leisure— Get up and listen to my voice! You daughters who feel so complacent— hear what I have to say!

10In little more than a year, you complacent women will shudder; for the grape harvest will fail, and the fruit harvest will not come.

11So tremble, you ladies of leisure! Shudder, you daughters who feel so complacent! Strip down and make yourselves naked down to the waist! Then wrap yourself in sackcloth and beat your breasts.

12For people will be beating their breasts in mourning over the pleasant fields, over the fruitful vines,

13and over the land of my people overgrown with thorns and briers— yes, over all the houses of merriment and over this city of revelry.

14"For the palace will be abandoned, the noisy city deserted; the citadel and watchtower will become barren wastes forever, the delight of wild donkeys, and a pasture for flocks,

15until the Spirit from on high is poured upon us, and the desert becomes a fertile field, and the fertile field seems like a forest."

16"Then justice will live in the wilderness, and righteousness will dwell in the fertile field.

17The effect of righteousness will be peace, and the result of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever.

18My people will live in peaceful dwellings, in secure homes and in undisturbed resting places.

19But it will hail when the forest comes down, and the wood will be leveled completely.

20How happy you will be, sowing your seed beside every stream, and letting your cattle and donkeys range freely!"

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