Isaiah 3
International Standard Version
1"Note this! The Lord GOD of the Heavenly Armies is taking away from Jerusalem and Judah everything that your society needs— all food supplies and all water supplies,

2the mighty man and the warrior, the judge and the prophet, the fortune-teller and the elder,

3the commander of fifty and the man of rank, and the counselor, the expert magician, and the medium.

4"I will make youths their princes, and infants will rule over them.

5People will oppress one another— It will be man against man and neighbor against neighbor. The young will be disrespectful to the old, and the worthless to the honorable.

6"For a man will grab his brother in his own father's house, and say, 'You have a cloak, so you be our leader, and this heap of ruins will be under your rule!'

7"But at that time, he'll protest! He'll say, 'I won't be your healer. I have neither food nor clothing in my house! You're not going to make me a leader of the people!'

8"For Jerusalem has stumbled, and Judah has fallen, because what they say and do opposes the LORD; they keep defying him.

9 "The expressions on their faces give them away. They parade their sin around like Sodom; they don't even try to hide it. How horrible it will be for them, because they have brought disaster on themselves!"

10"Tell the righteous that things will go well, because they will enjoy the fruit of their actions."

11"How terrible it will be for the wicked! Disaster is headed their way, because what they did with their hand will be repaid to them.

12"As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. My people, your leaders are misleading you— they're giving you confusing directions."

13The LORD is taking his place to argue his case; he's standing up to judge the people.

14The LORD will go to court to oppose the elders and princes of his people: "You're the ones who have been devouring the vineyard, the plunder of the poor is in your own houses!

15How dare you crush my people as you grind down the face of the poor?" declares the Lord GOD of the Heavenly Armies.

16The LORD also says: "Because Zion's women are so haughty, and walk with outstretched necks, flirting with their eyes, prancing along as they walk, and making tinkling noises with their ankle bracelets,

17therefore the LORD will afflict sores on the heads of Zion's women, and the LORD will expose their private parts.

18"At that time, the LORD will take away the finery of the ankle bracelets, headbands, crescents, 19pendants, bracelets, veils, 20headdresses, armlets, sashes, perfume boxes, charms, 21signet rings, nose rings, 22fine robes, capes, purses, 23mirrors, linen garments, tiaras, and veils.

24"And it will come about that instead of fragrance there will be a stench; instead of a belt, a rope; instead of well-set hair, baldness; instead of a fine robe, sackcloth; and instead of beauty, shame.

25Your men will die violently, while your forces fall in battle

26and her gates lament and mourn. Ravaged, she will sit on the ground."

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