Psalm 62
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1My soul waits for God, from whom is my salvation.

2He is my God and my Savior, and the great place of my refuge, so that I shall not be moved.

3How long will you be provoked by a man that you would kill, like a fallen wall or like an abandoned hedge?

4But they also thought to cast him out from his honor and they have run with lies; they bless with their mouths and they curse with their heart.

5My soul looks for God, from whom is my salvation.

6And he is my God and my Savior, and the place of my refuge, that I shall not move.

7My salvation is in God, and God is my honor, my foundation, my helper and my hope.

8Hope in him at every hour, oh, people, and pour out your hearts before him, because God is our refuge.

9And all the false children of men are like a vapor who are placed in a balance, and together they are worthless.

10Do not trust upon oppression or rape. Do not love property when it has increased; let not your hearts rejoice in it.

11For God said this once, and twice I have heard these things: "For strength is of God."

12And you, LORD JEHOVAH, have grace, because you reward a man according to his works.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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