Nehemiah 11
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1And the Elders of the people shall dwell in Jerusalem, and the rest of the people shall cast lots to bring one of ten children of men to dwell in Jerusalem, the city of Holiness, and nine parts shall be in the villages. 2And the people blessed all those men who were willing in their mind to dwell in Jerusalem.

3And these are the Chiefs of the city who dwelt in Jerusalem, and in the villages of Yehuda, and they dwelt, each man, in his possession in the towns of Israel. The Priests and the Levites and the people and the children of the Servants of Solomon were in Jerusalem. 4And of the sons of Yehuda and of the sons of Benjamin and of the sons of Hudia: Nethaniah, son of Uzzia, son of Zechariah, son of Amaryah, son of Shephatiah, son of Mehalaleil. 5From the sons of Perez: Massia, son of Baruk, son of Kulkhazeh, son of Khedyah, son of Azarayah, son of Yonadab, son of Zechariah, son of Shela. 6All the sons of Phares who dwell in Jerusalem: four hundred and sixty and eight mighty men of power.

7And these are the sons of Benyamin: Sela, son of Meshlum, son of Yawida, son of Perayah, son of Qelaya, son of Masyah, son of Athnayel, son of Isaiah 8And after him, nine hundred and twenty and eight. 9And Yoel, son of Zechariah, was authorized over them, and Yehuda, son of Senaa, was the second authorized over the city.

10Of the Priests, Berachiah, son of Yuyada. 11And Serayah, son of Khelqia, son of Meshlum, son of Tsadoq, son of Merikuth, son of Akhitub was authorized over the house of LORD JEHOVAH. 12And his brothers did the work inside, eight hundred and twenty and two, and Azraya, son of Yarkhum, son of Palia, son of Amtsar, son of Zechariah, son of Pashkhur, son of Melkia. 13And their brethren, the Heads of the house of their fathers, two hundred and forty and two, and Amshi, son of Azrayl, son of Akhzay, son of Mashelemuth, son of Amir. 14Their brethren, mighty men of power, a hundred and twenty and eight, and Zabdayel, a son of the Princes, was authorized over them.

15And of the Levites: Shemaiah, son of Yeshua, son of Zarqim, son of Kheshabya, son of Banni, son of Shabti. 16And Yuzabar was over the work outside of the house of LORD JEHOVAH. 17And of the Chiefs of the Levites: Metanya, son of Mikah, son of Zabedee, son of Asaph the Chief of the first rank of the Jews in prayer, and Baqbuqa, the second of his brothers, and Ira, son of Shemu, son of Galal, son of Yathrun. 18All of the Levites who were in the City of Holiness: two hundred and eighty and four.

19And the Porters, Aqub and Etelman and their brothers who guard at the door, a hundred and seventy and two.

20And the rest of Israel and the Priests and the Levites who are in all the towns of Yehuda, each man in his inheritance. 21And their Servants lived, each man, by his cultivation and by his plough.

22And he who was authorized over the Levites in Jerusalem: Abdi, son of Banui, son of Kheshabya, son of Methanya, son of Mikah of the sons of Asaph, and they ministered in front of the work of the house of LORD JEHOVAH. 23Because of the commandment of the King upon them, and the truth was determined on the Ministers, every day by day. 24And Petakhya, son of Meshuzphayel of the sons of Zarakh, son of Yehuda, was authorized over everything whatever the King said about all the counting of the people

25Over their courtyards and over their fields; and some of the sons of Yehuda dwelt in Qorith Arba and in its villages, and in Ribun, and in its villages, and in Qabtsayel, and in its villages 26And in Husha, and in Mulada, and in Bayth Pelet 27And in Hazarshua, and in Birsheba, and in its villages 28And in Tsnaqlaag, and in Mekaia, and in its villages 29And in Iynremuun, and in Tsada, and in Yarmuth 30And in Ziuukh, and in Adlam, and in their villages, and in Lakish and in its villages and in Azqa and in its villages; and they dwelt from Beer Sheba and unto the Valley of Hennom. 31And the sons of Benjamin from Ramtha of Mekmas, and Ai and Bayth Eil and its villages 32And Anathoth, and Yab, and Anania 33And Khatsur, and Ramtha, and Gethim 34And Khadar, and Tsebun, and Yablat 35And Lud, and Uno, and Nikha, and Kharsha 36And from the Levites there were divisions of Yehuda and of Benyamin.

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