Hosea 5
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1Hear this Priests, and obey, house of Israel, and house of the King, hear, because yours is the judgment, because you have been a trap to the Watchmen and a net that is spread on Tabor

2And hunters who hunt have hid traps, but I shall chastise all of them

3I know Aphreim and Israel is not hidden from me, because Aphreim has now committed whoredom, and Israel is defiled

4Their devices do not let them turn to their God because of the spirit of fornication within them, and they have not known LORD JEHOVAH

5And the honor of Israel shall be humbled before him, and Israel and Aphrim will be subverted in their evil, and Yehuda also will be subverted with them

6With their sheep and with their oxen they shall go to seek LORD JEHOVAH and they shall not find him, because he has separated himself from them

7For they were unfaithful to LORD JEHOVAH, because they gave birth to foreign children

8Sound a trumpet in Ramtha and the horn in Ramtha; cry out Bayth Awan, behind you, Benjamin

9Aphreim shall be for destruction in the day of reproof; in the tribes of Israel I have made known faithfulness

10The Princes of Judea were like those who extend borders; I shall pour out my anger upon them like waters

11Aphreim is oppressed and afflicted in judgment because he was pleased to go after nothing

12And I shall be like a tempest to Aphreim and like a lion to the house of Yehuda

13And Aphreim saw his sicknesses and Yehuda his diseases and Aphreim went on to Assyria and he sent to the King who was great and he not could heal you, and he will not heal you your diseases

14Because I am like a lion to Aphreim and like a whelp of a lion to the house of Yehuda; I shall tear apart and I shall go on and I shall take and there is none to deliver

15I shall return, I shall go to my place until they are guilty and they will seek my face, and in their affliction they will come before my presence

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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