Ezra 8
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1And these are the names of the Chiefs of their fathers who were reckoned by genealogy, and they went up with me in the kingdom of Artakhshesht, King of Babel. 2Of the children of Phinkhes: Gershum, of the children of Tamar: Daniel, of the children of David: Khatush 3Of the children of Shekania and of the children of Parash: Zechariah, and with him were written by genealogy a hundred and fifty males. 4Of the children of Shultan: Moab, Eliyah and Khanani, son of Zerakhyah, and with him two hundred males. 5Of the children of Shekania: Gadu, son of Nakhzayel, and with him three hundred males. 6Of the children of Guzan: Avdu, son of Yunathan, and with him fifty males. 7Of the children of Ilam: Isaiah, son of Nethaniah, and with him seventy males. 8Of the children of Shephatyah: Zechariah, son of Mikaiel, and with him eighty males. 9Of the children of Yuab: Oubadyah, son of Nekhayel, and with him two hundred and eighteen males. 10From the children of Salmuth: Salmuth, son of Nesuphyah, and with him two hundred and sixty males. 11Of the children of Babi: Zecharyah, son of Babi, and with him twenty and eight males. 12Of the children of Azgar: Yokhanan, son of Zecharyah, and with him a hundred and ten males. 13Of the children of Arkhqum, the last, and these are their names: Eliphlet, Nayel, Shemaiah, and with them sixty males. 14Of the children of Bagway: Uthi and Azkuur, and with them sixty males.

15And I gathered them to the river that comes to Hawa, and we camped there three days, and I inspected among the people and among the Priests of the children of Levi, and I found none there. 16And I sent Lazar and Ariel and Shemaiah and Ilithan and Yarib and Elnathan and Nathan and Zekaryah and Mashlum, the Chiefs, and Yunadab and Elnathan, these are all the Chiefs. 17And I ordered them to Addi their Chief who was in the region Kaspia, and I put in their mouths an answer to speak with Hadi our brother, those who were dwelling in the region Kaspia, to bring to us ministers for the house of our God. 18And they brought to us according to the hand of God who was kind to us, one wise man of the children of Makhli, son of Levi, son of Israel and Sheriah and his brothers and his twelve children 19And Khashabiah and with him, Isaiah of the children of Merari, and his brothers, and his twenty children. 20Of the men that David gave for the service of Levi, who gave two hundred and twenty, all were called by their names.

21And I called and I ordered them on the river Hawa to humble themselves before our God, and to seek from him the way of the upright for us, and for our children and for all our possessions. 22Because I was embarrassed that I would ask from the King an army and horsemen that they would help us from our enemies in the way, because we were saying to the King: “The hand of God is with everyone who seeks him for good, and his strength and his anger is against all who leave him.” 23And we fasted and we inquired of God for this and he listened to us.

24And I chose from the Elders, twelve Priests, and Sherabyah and Kheshabyah, and of their ten brethren with them. 25And I counted for them silver and gold and the finest vessels of the house of our God, which the King and his Freemen and his Princes and all Israel gave of what was found there. 26And I counted to them a hundred and fifty silver talents and a hundred silver vessels, and a hundred talents of gold. 27And twenty bowls of gold and one thousand darics, and vessels of fine Corinthian brass which are beautiful as gold. 28And I said to them: “You are holy ones and the vessels are holy, and the silver and gold is a gift to LORD JEHOVAH, God of your fathers. 29Be alert and on guard until you deliver it before the Chief of the Priests and the Levites and the Chiefs of the fathers of Israel in Jerusalem, in the temple of the house of LORD JEHOVAH. 30And the Priests and the Levites took upon themselves to deliver by weight the silver and the gold and to bring the vessels to Jerusalem to the house of our God.

31And we moved from the River Hawa in the twelfth of the first month to go to Jerusalem, and the hand of God was upon us, and he saved us from the hand of our enemies, also from the robbers who were on the road. 32And we were coming to Jerusalem, and we dwelt there three days.

33And in the fourth day we weighed the silver and the gold and the vessels in the house of our God, and we delivered them to Marmuth, son of Uriah the Priest, and with him Lazar, son of Pinkhes, and with them Yehuzabar, son of Yeshua, and Yudaiah, son of Bagway, the Levite 34In number by weight for everything, and all the weight was written at that time.

35And these are those who came from the captivity of the children of the captivity, and they brought sacrifices to the God of Israel, twelve bulls for all Israel, ninetysix rams and seventy and seven lambs, twelve kids for the release from sin; these are all the sacrifices for LORD JEHOVAH. 36And they gave the decree of the King to the King’s Captain, and to the Governors of the Crossing of the River, and they were honoring the people and the household of God.

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