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1And after these events King Akhashiresh exalted Haman, son of Hammadath the Aggagite, and he exalted his throne higher than all the Princes of his people. 2And all the Servants of the King who were at the gate of the King were kneeling and they worshiped Haman, because thus the King commanded concerning him, and Murdacai was not kneeling or worshiping. 3And the Servants of the King were saying in the gate of the King to Murdacai: “Why do you act against the commandment of the King?” 4And as they were speaking every day and he was not listening to them, they told Haman that they would know if the words of Murdacai were true, because he had told them that he was a Jew. 5And Haman saw that Murdacai was not kneeling and worshiping him, and Haman was filled with anger against Murdacai. 6And the deed was unworthy that he would lay his hand on Murdacai alone, because they disclosed the people of Murdacai to him, and Haman sought after all the Jews, the people of Murdacai, who were in all the kingdom of Akhshiresh.

7In the first month, which is Nisan, in the twelfth year of King Akhashiresh, he cast lots, and the lot was before Haman from day to day and from month to month, in the twelfth month, which is Adar. 8Haman said to King Akhashiresh: “There is a scattered people and distributed in all the provinces of King Akhashiresh, their laws are distinct from all people, and they do not keep the law of the King and the King ought not forgive them. 9If it is not good to the King, let him write that they shall be destroyed, and weigh ten thousand talents of silver to the hands of the doers of the work to bring to the treasury of the King.” 10The King took the ring from his hand and he gave it to Haman, son of Hammadath the Aggagite, the enemy of the Jews. 11And the King said: “Your silver has been given to you and the people, to do to them everything that is excellent in your eyes.”

12And the Scribe of the King was called on that day in the first month, on the thirteenth of the month, everything was written that Haman commanded the Generals of the army of the King, and the Lords who were in every city and province and the Princes of the peoples, each city according to its writing, and a people according to its language. It was written in the name of King Akhashiresh, and it was sealed with the signet ring of the King. 13And the letters were sent by runners to all the cities of the King to destroy and to kill and to destroy all Jews, from the young men and unto the old, and children and the women in one day on the thirteenth of the month Adar, and to loot their riches in one day in the month of Adar; on the thirteenth day it was written. 14And a copy of the writing was given in every province and city and he commanded all the people that they would be ready on this day. 15And the Runners went out quickly by the commandment of the King, and the word had been commanded in Shushan the Palace, and the King and Haman reclined to drink together, and the city of Shushan was in an uproar.

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