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1And it was in the days of Akhshiresh, he was the son of Akhshiresh who was made king of India and unto Cush, over a hundred and twenty provinces. 2In those days when King Akhshiresh was sitting on the throne of his kingdom, that was in Shushan the Palace. 3In year three of his kingdom he made a great feast for all his Princes and his Servants of power, the Persians and Medes and the Parthians and the Nobles of the King before him, and the Nobles of the city 4When he showed the wealth and the honor of his kingdom and the honor of the glory of his greatness, many days, a hundred and eighty days.

5And when those days were finished, the King made a feast seven days for all the people that were found in Shushan the Palace, from the little one and unto the great, in the court of the garden of the palace of the King. 6And the curtains of wool, of cotton and blue fringes were drawn, and they were extended with cords of fine white linen and of purple on rings of silver, and upon pillars of box tree wood, and couches of gold and of silver laid on pavement of marble, and carpets of fine white linen and of silk. 7And they were giving drinks in vessels of gold, and the vessels were selected from vessels, and the wine of the kingdom was abundant according to the hand of the King. 8And the drinking was by the law and there was none who compelled, because thus the King commanded all the Great ones in his house, that they would do the pleasure of every person. 9Vashti the Queen made a great feast for all the women in the house of the kingdom of King Akhashiresh

10And in the seventh day, when the heart of the King was merry with wine, he said to the Eunuchs, to Beztha and to Rakhbuna and to Bagtha and to Agbutha and to Tarash and to Zethar and to Berkash, seven Eunuchs who serve before King Akhashiresh 11To bring Vashti the Queen before the King with the crown of his kingdom, to show the people and the Nobles her beauty, because her appearance was beautiful. 12And Vashti the queen did not desire to enter in response when the King sent for her by the hand of the Eunuchs, and the King was very angry, and his anger was flaming.

13And the King said to the Wisemen, men who knew the times, because thus was the custom of the King; he would speak before all who knew law and judgment 14And to those who were close to him: Barnashay and Esthtar and Armuth and Remus and Tarshish and Mesriah and Mukan, Princes of Persia and of Media who were sitting before the King, and they appeared before him in the gate of the Kingdom. 15They said, “What ought to be done to Queen Vashti, because she has not done the word of King Akhashiresh who sent by the hand of the Eunuchs?” 16And Mukan said before the King and before the Princes: “It was not the King only that Vashti the Queen has despised, but all the Nobles and all the people in all the provinces of King Akhashiresh. 17And when the report of this matter will come forth to all women, their husbands will be scorned and despised in their eyes, and they shall be saying: ‘King Akhashiresh commanded to bring Vashti the queen before him and she did not enter!'. 18Today the Princes of Persia and of Media who heard the response of the Queen of all the Princes of the King, will tell, and all the contempt and the anger. 19If it is pleasing to the King, the response of the kingdom will come forth from before him and it will be written in the law of Media and Persia that does not pass away, and Vashti the Queen shall not again enter to King Akhashiresh, and the King will give her kingdom to her companion who is better than she. 20And the response of the King will be heard and it shall travel into all the kingdom, because it is great, and all the women will do honor to their husbands, from great to small.”

21And this answer was pleasing in the eyes of the King and of his Princes, and the King did according to the word of Mukan. 22And he sent a letter to all the provinces of the King, to each province according to its writing, and to each people according to its language, to cause every man to be authorized in his house, and communicating according to the language of its people.

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