2 Chronicles 7
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1And when Solomon finished praying, fire came down from Heaven and consumed the offerings and the sacrifices, and the glory of the Shechinah Presence of LORD JEHOVAH filled the house. 2And the Priests were not able to enter to the house of LORD JEHOVAH because the glory of the Shechinah of LORD JEHOVAH filled the house. 3And all the children of Israel were looking when the fire came down and the glory of the Shechinah Presence of LORD JEHOVAH filled the house, and they fell on their faces on the ground on the pavement, and they bowed and they were saying, each man to his neighbor: “Confess LORD JEHOVAH, for he is good, and his grace is for eternity!”

4And the King and all the people were sacrificing sacrifices to LORD JEHOVAH. 5And King Solomon sacrificed sacrifices, twenty and two thousand oxen and a hundred and twenty thousand sheep, and King Solomon and all the people dedicated the house of LORD JEHOVAH. 6And the Priests were standing for their ministries, and the Levites were singing with instruments of music before LORD JEHOVAH, and thus were saying in their song: “Give thanks to LORD JEHOVAH, for he is good, and his grace is for eternity!” with the songs of David. And the Priests were praising with the horns, curved and straight, and all the people of Israel stood.

7And Solomon hallowed the inside of the courtyard that is before the house of LORD JEHOVAH, because there he brought forth sacrifices and the fat of peace offerings, for the altar of brass that Solomon made was small and could not contain the sacrifices and fine flour and the fat of peace offerings.

8And Solomon made at that time a feast of seven days, and all Israel with him, the great assembly from Antioch and unto the River of Egypt before LORD JEHOVAH our God 9Seven days of feasts and seven days of the dedication of the house, the number of these was fourteen days. 10And in the day of the full moon, in the month of Tishri, the King sent the people and the King blessed the people, and they went to their cities while rejoicing, and their heart was right and they were giving thanks and were singing for all the good that LORD JEHOVAH had done to David his Servant and to Solomon his son and to Israel his people.

11And it was that when King Solomon had finished building the house of LORD JEHOVAH and the house of the King, and everything that Solomon was led to do in the house of LORD JEHOVAH and in the house of the King was made successful

12Also LORD JEHOVAH was revealed to Solomon in that night and he said to him: “I have heard your prayer and I have chosen this place for myself as the house of sacrifice. 13If I shall choose, I shall restrain the Heavens and rain will not descend, and if I wish, I shall issue command over the locusts and they shall consume the land, and if I shall choose, I will stretch out slaughter among my people. 14And my people upon whom my name is called shall be broken, and they will pray and they will beg from before me and they will return from their evil ways, also I shall hear from Heaven and I shall forgive their sins and I shall heal their land. 15Also now my eyes will be opened and my ears listening to the prayer of this place. 16Also now I have chosen for myself this house that my Shechinah presence may be in it for eternity, and my works shall be beautiful, and my desires are done within it all the days. 17And if it is that you will walk before me just as David your father walked in integrity of the heart and in uprightness, to do everything that I commanded you, and my commandments and my laws you will keep. 18I shall establish the throne of your kingdom to eternity, according to what I swore to David your father, and I said to him: ‘You shall not lack a son from before me who reigns over the kingdom of Israel.

19And if to turn, you will turn, you and your sons, from my way, and you will not keep my commands and my laws that I have given before you, and you will serve the idols of the Gentiles and you will serve them 20I shall scatter you from the land that I have given you, and this house which I hallowed for my name I shall uproot from before me, and Israel will become a proverb and a tale among all the nations 21And this house shall be desolate and everyone whoever will pass by it will stand and will shake his head and will shake his hand, and they will say: “Why did LORD JEHOVAH do so to this great city and to this house?” 22And they will say: “Because they forsook the covenant of LORD JEHOVAH the God of their fathers who brought them forth from the land of Egypt, and they went and were in awe of the gods of the Gentiles, and they worked for them, and they bowed to them; because of this, LORD JEHOVAH brought upon them these evils.”

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