1 Chronicles 2
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1And these are the sons of Israel: Rubil, Shemon, Levi, Yehuda, Issakar, Zebalaun 2Dan, Yoseph, Benjamin, Naphtali, Gad, Ashir.

3The sons of Yehuda: Eyr and Unaan and Shila; these three were born to him from Bathshua the Canaanitess, and Eyr was the firstborn of Yehuda; he was evil before LORD JEHOVAH, and he killed him. 4And Tamar her daughter in law gave birth to Phares and Zarah; all the sons of Yehuda were five.

5The sons of Pharets: Khetsrun and Khamuyel. 6And the sons of Zerekh: Zamri and Athan and Haman and Kalcal and Darda, all five of them. 7And the sons of Karmi Akar the impediment of Israel because he did evil with an accursed thing. 8And the sons of Athan: Azaryah.

9And the sons of Khetsrun who were born to him: Rakhmayel and Ram and Salki. 10And Ram begot Aminadab and Aminadab begot Nakhshun, Prince of the children of Yehuda. 11And Nakhshun begot Salma and Salma begot Baaz. 12And Baaz begot Ubar and Ubar begot Iyshay.

13And Iyshay begot his firstborn, Eliab, and the second, Abinadab and Shama the third. 14And Nathanail the fourth and Dari the fifth. 15And Utsum the sixth and Elihu the seventh and David the eighth. 16And their two sisters Tsuria and Abigal; and the sons of Tsuria: Abishi and Yuab and Ashail, three. 17And Abigal gave birth to Amasa, and the father of Amasa was Yathar.

18And Kalab, son of Khetsron, begot from Aruba his wife, Idiuth, and these are her sons: Dakar, Ashir and Shubab and Aduun. 19And Aruba died and Kalab took to himself Ephrath, and she bore to him Khur. 20And Khur begot Uri and Uri begot Betsaliel.

21And after these things, Khetsron entered into the daughter of Makir, the father of Gelad, and he took her and he was a son of sixty years, and she bore to him Sagub. 22And Sagub begot Yair, and he had twentythree towns in the land of Gelad. 24And after these things, Khetsron died in the land of Kalab with Ephrath, and she had given sons birth to him, Ashtwair the father of Taqu.

25And the sons of Yarkhmel were: the firstborn of Khetsrun, Aram and Banna, and Aran and Atsam their sister. 26And Yarkhmel had another wife, and her name was Etra; she was the mother of Eunim. 27And the sons of Aram, the firstborn of Yarkhmel, were Maz and Nabin and Utar. 28And the sons of Eunim were Sabi and Yuda, and the sons of Sabi: Nadab and Abishur. 29And the name of the wife of Abishur was Abikhel, and she bore to him Akhban and Mulid. 30And the sons of Nadab: Salad, Palarim, and Salad died without sons. 31And the sons of Palarim: Eshaia and the sons of Eshaiah: Shushan, and the sons of Shushan, Akhli. 32And the sons of Yuda, the brother of Sabi: Yathar and Yonathan, and Yathar died without sons. 33And the sons of Yonathan: Lapath and Uza; these were the sons of Yarkhmel. 34And Shushan had no male children, but only daughters, and Shushan had one man, one son in law from Matsra, and his name was Yardakha. 35And had given him Shushan his daughter for a wife, and she bore to him, Atti. 36And Atti begot Nathan, and Nathan begot Debir. 37And Debir begot Aphil, and Aphil begot Yubab. 38And Yubab begot Azraya, and Azraya begot Yahu, and Yahu begot Azraya. 39And Azraya begot Khalaz, and Khalaz begot Elasa. 40And Elasa begot Samsi, and Samsi begot Shalum. 41And Shalum begot Elqamyah, and Elqamyah begot Elishma.

42And the sons of Kalab, the brother of Irakhmel: Elishmi, the firstborn is the father of Ziph, and the sons of Marasha, the father of Khebroun: 43Qurakh and Tappukh and Raqem and Shema. 44And Shema begot Rakham, the father of Yarqam, and Yarqam begot Sammi. 45And Uphna of the concubine of Kalab gave birth to Khuran, and Khuran begot Guzan. 46These were the sons of Kalab, son of Khur, the firstborn of Aphrath: Shabal was born in Quryath Narin. 51Samla was born in Bayth Lekhem; Abi was born in Gadar. 52And the sons to Shabal in Quryath were Narin, Atruth, Yubal, Khatsri. 54Sepharim, Netuphath, Samla, Shemuthim, Shekab, Khama. 55All these were sons to Shabal in Quryath: Narin.

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