Strong's Hebrew: 8069. שָׁמִיר (Shamiyr) -- Shamir
8069. Shamiyr
Strong's Concordance
Shamiyr: Shamir
Original Word: שָׁמִיר
Part of Speech: proper name, of a location
Transliteration: Shamiyr
Phonetic Spelling: (shaw-meer')
Short Definition: Shamir
II. שָׁמִיר proper name, of a location 1. in הֵר אֶפְרַיִם Judges 10:1,2, Σαμειρ; A ᵐ5L Σαφειρ.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

The same as shamiyr; Shamir, the name of two places in Palestine -- Shamir. Compare Shamuwr.

see HEBREW shamiyr

see HEBREW Shamuwr

Forms and Transliterations
בְּשָׁמִ֖יר בְּשָׁמִֽיר׃ בשמיר בשמיר׃ שָׁמִ֥יר שמיר bə·šā·mîr bəšāmîr beshaMir šā·mîr šāmîr shaMir
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 8069
3 Occurrences

bə·šā·mîr — 2 Occ.
šā·mîr — 1 Occ.

Joshua 15:48
HEB: וּבָהָ֑ר שָׁמִ֥יר וְיַתִּ֖יר וְשׂוֹכֹֽה׃
NAS: In the hill country: Shamir and Jattir
KJV: And in the mountains, Shamir, and Jattir,
INT: the hill Shamir and Jattir and Socoh

Judges 10:1
HEB: וְהֽוּא־ יֹשֵׁ֥ב בְּשָׁמִ֖יר בְּהַ֥ר אֶפְרָֽיִם׃
NAS: and he lived in Shamir in the hill country
KJV: and he dwelt in Shamir in mount
INT: and he lived Shamir the hill of Ephraim

Judges 10:2
HEB: וַיָּ֖מָת וַיִּקָּבֵ֥ר בְּשָׁמִֽיר׃ פ
NAS: Then he died and was buried in Shamir.
KJV: and died, and was buried in Shamir.
INT: died was buried Shamir

3 Occurrences

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