1 Chronicles 1
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Adam's Line to Noah

1Adam, Seth, Enos, 2Cainan, Malaleel, Jared, 3Henoc, Mathusale, Lamech, 4Noe, Sem, Cham, and Japheth.

Descendants of Japheth

5The sons of Japheth: Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, Thubal, Mosoch, Thiras. 6And the sons of Gomer: Ascenez, and Riphath, and Thogorma. 7And the sons of Javan: Elisa and Tharsis, Cethim and Dodanim.

Descendants of Ham

8The sons of Cham: Chus, and Mesrai, and Phut, and Chaanan. 9And the sons of Chus: Saba, and Hevila, Sabatha, and Regma, and Sabathaca. And the sons of Regma: Saba, and Dadan. 10Now Chus begot Nemrod: he began to be mighty upon earth.

11But Mesraim begot Ludim, and Anamim, and Laabim, and Nephtuim, 12Phetrusim also, and Casluim: from whom came the Philistines, and Caphtorim.

13And Chanaan beget Sidon his firstborn, and the Hethite, 14And the Jebusite, and the Amorrhite, and the Gergesite, 15And the Hevite, and the Aracite, and the Sinite, 16And the Aradian, and the Samarite, and the Hamathite.

Descendants of Shem

17The sons of Sem: Elam and Asur, and Arphaxad, and Lud, and Aram, and Hus, and Hul, and Gether, and Mosoch. 18And Arphaxad beget Sale, and Sale beget Heber. 19And to Heber were born two sons, the name of the one was Phaleg, because In his days the earth was divided; and the name of his brother was Jectan. 20And Jectan beget Elmodad, and Saleph, and Asarmoth, and Jare, 21And Adoram, and Usal, and Decla, 22And Hebal, and Abimael, and Saba, 23And Ophir, and Hevila, and Jobab. All these are the sons of Jectan.

24Sem, Arphaxad, Sale, 25Heber, Phaleg, Ragau, 26Serug, Nachor, Thare, 27Abram, this is Abraham.

Descendants of Abraham

28And the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Ismahel. 29And these are the generations of them. The firstborn of Ismahel, Nabajoth, then Cedar, and Adbeel, and Mabsam, 30And Masma, and Duma, Massa, Hadad, and Thema, 31Jetur, Naphis, Cedma: these are the sons of Ismahel. 32And the sons of Cetura, Abraham's concubine, whom she bore: Zamran, Jecsan, Madan, Madian, Jesboc, and Sue. And the sons of Jecsan, Saba, and Dadan. And the sons of Dadan: Assurim, and Latussim, and Laomin. 33And the sons of Madian: Epha, and Epher, and Henoch, and Abida, and Eldaa. All these are the sons of Cetura.

Descendants of Isaac

34And Abraham beget Isaac: and his sons were Esau and Israel. 35The sons of Esau: Eliphaz, Rahuel, Jehus, Ihelom, and Core. 36The sons of Eliphaz: Theman, Omar, Sephi, Gathan, Cenez, and by Thamna, Amalec. 37The sons of Rahuel: Nahath, Zara, Samma, Meza. 38The sons of Seir: Lotan. Sobal, Sebeen, Ana, Dison, Eser, Disan. 39The sons of Lotan: Hori, Homam. And the sister of Lotan was Thamna. 40The sons of Sobal: Alian, and Manahath, and Ebal, Sephi and Onam. The sons of Sebeon: Aia, and Ana. The son of Ana: Dison. 41The sons of Dison: Hamram, and Eseban, and Jethran, and Charan. 42The sons of Eser: Balaan, and Zavan, and Jacan. The sons of Disan: Hus and Aran.

The Rulers of Edom

43Now these are the kings that reigned in the land of Edom, before there was a king over the children of Israel: Bale the son of Beer: and the name of his city was Denaba. 44And Bale died, and Jobab the son of Zare of Bosra, reigned in his stead. 45And when Jobab also was dead, Husam of the land of the Themanites reigned in his stead. 46And Husam also died, and Adad the son of Badad reigned in his stead, and he defeated the Madianites in the land of Moab: and the name of his city was Avith. 47And when Adad also was dead, Semla of Masreca reigned in his stead. 48Semla also died, and Saul of Rohoboth, which is near the river, reigned in his stead. 49And when Saul was dead, Balanan the son of Achobor reigned in his stead. 50He also died, and Adad reigned in his stead: and the name of his city was Phau, and his wife was called Meetabel the daughter of Matred, the daughter of Mezaab. 51And after the death of Adad, there began to be dukes in Edom instead of kings: duke Thamna, duke Alva, duke Jetheth, 52Duke Oolibama, duke Ela, duke Phinon, 5353Duke Cenez, duke Theman, duke Mabsar, 54Duke Magdiel, duke Hiram. These are the dukes of Edom.

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