Psalm 138
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Psalm 138

A Thankful Heart

Of David.

I will give you thanks with all my heart;a

I will sing your praise before the heavenly beings.a b

2I will bow down toward your holy temple

and give thanks to your name

for your constant love and truth.

You have exalted your name

and your promise above everything else.a a

3On the day I called, you answered me;

you increased strength within me.a a

4All the kings on earth will give you thanks, Lord,

when they hear what you have promised.a a

5They will sing of the Lord’s ways,

for the Lord’s glory is great.a

6Though the Lord is exalted,

he takes note of the humble;

but he knows the haughty from a distance.a

7If I walk into the thick of danger,

you will preserve my life

from the anger of my enemies.a

You will extend your hand;

your right hand will save me.b

8The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me.a

Lord, your faithful love endures forever;

do not abandon the work of your hands.b

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