Joshua 14
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And these are the countries which the children of Israel inherited in the land of Canaan, which Eleazar the priest, and Joshua the son of Nun, and the heads of the fathers of the tribes of the children of Israel, distributed for inheritance to them.



The lot was doubtless adopted to obviate cause for jealousy or charges of favoritism. It denoted God’s choice, Pro_16:33; Pro_18:18. It could be used only with very evident reliance on Him, and in our day has been superseded by the sending of the Comforter to teach us all things, Joh_16:13.

It was long since Caleb had cut down the bunch of grapes near the spot of his choice, but he had never forgotten it; and now God, who had read his purpose, arranged that what his heart loved best his hand should hold and keep: “Him will I bring into the land whereinto he went,” Num_14:24.

Out of entire surrender to God springs a faith that dares to claim the realization of an olden promise, Jos_14:12. The fact that the Anakim held Hebron did not stagger the old veteran. It was enough that God had promised! How strong and vigorous, even to hoar hairs, are those who walk with God, Isa_40:31!

Through the Bible Day by Day by F.B. Meyer

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