Ezra 6
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Then Darius the king made a decree, and search was made in the house of the rolls, where the treasures were laid up in Babylon.



How much depended on the finding of that roll! But God knew where it was, and led them to discover it, and inclined Darius to ratify it. When we are anxious and troubled about our relations to our fellow-men, we do little by worrying, we do much by trusting. Missing documents, alien hearts, tangled skeins, all yield before the hand of our Father working for us. The difficulty raised by their foes really reacted for the benefit of the Jews, for the king decreed that their expenses should be met, and their needs supplied. When we are living upon God’s plan and need material resources for His work, He will see that they are forthcoming from the most unlikely sources, and the revenues of heathen monarchs shall be laid under contribution. When the house was finished it was dedicated, Ezr_6:16. What joy was there but amid all a solemn memory of the sin of the whole people of Israel. Though scattered to the four winds, they could not forget that in God’s sight they were one still. It is highly probable that Psa_146:1-10; Psa_147:1-20; Psa_148:1-14; Psa_149:1-9; Psa_150:1-6 were composed at this time. In the Septuagint they are called the Psalms of Haggai. Burnt offering and song go together, 2Ch_29:27. After the dedication was the Passover. Separation must ever precede our feasting on God’s Paschal Lamb, and out of this state of heart, influences proceed which produce the true unity and drawing together of the children of God.

Through the Bible Day by Day by F.B. Meyer

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