Numbers 4:29
As for the sons of Merari, you shall number them after their families, by the house of their fathers;
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4:21-33 We have here the charge of the other two families of the Levites, which, though not so honourable as the first, yet was necessary, and to be done regularly. All the things were delivered them by name. It intimates the care God takes of his church and every member of it. The death of the saints is represented as the taking down of the tabernacle, 2Co 5:1, and the putting it off, 2Pe 1:14. All shall be raised up in the great day, when these vile bodies shall be made like the glorious body of Jesus Christ, and so shall be for ever with the Lord.The Gershonites and Merarites are superintended by Ithamar, Aaron's younger son, who had already had the oversight of the tabernacle in its construction Exodus 38:21. Thus, readily do the permanent offices of the leaders of the Israelite community spring out of the duties which, under the emergencies of the first year of the Exodus, they had been led, from time to time, to undertake.29-33. As for the sons of Merari—They carried the coarser and heavier appurtenances, which, however, were so important and necessary, that an inventory was kept of them—not only on account of their number and variety, but of their comparative commonness and smallness, which might have led to their being lost or missing through carelessness, inadvertency, or neglect. It was a useful lesson, showing that God disregards nothing pertaining to His service, and that even in the least and most trivial matters, He requires the duty of faithful obedience. No text from Poole on this verse. As for the sons of Merari,.... The third and youngest son of Levi:

thou shalt number them after their families, by the house of their fathers; which is the form of expression used of them all; See Gill on Numbers 4:2.

As for the sons of Merari, thou shalt number them after their families, by the house of their fathers;
29–33. The Merarites and their duties.

They carry (in wagons Numbers 7:8) the wooden framework of the Dwelling, and everything else of wood—bars, pillars and pins (or rather pegs)—the silver bases (R.V. ‘sockets’) of the framework and the bronze bases of the pillars of the court.The service of the Gershonites is introduced in Numbers 4:21-23 in the same manner as that of the Kohathites in Numbers 4:1-3; and in Numbers 4:24-26 it is described in accordance with the brief notice and explanation already given in Numbers 3:24-26.
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