Proverbs 17
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Victims. Of which part was used for a feast, chap. vii. 14. (Calmet) --- Septuagint add, "of many goods, and unjust victims." (Haydock)

Brethren. Partaking with them, (Abenezra; Tirinus; Menochius) or rather acting as his master's executor; which evinces the advantages of wisdom, so as to raise a slave above those whom his station requires him to serve. Such was Joseph, who was tried.

Lips. They mutually deceive one another, as well as others.

Fathers. Whose virtues they are bound to imitate.

Eloquent. Septuagint, "faithful." They cannot be expected from them.

Expecteth heavenly things. Septuagint, "instruction is the reward of good deeds to those who use it."

Friends. Detractors cause dissensions, and even wars.

Fools. "A word is enough for the wise." Nobilis equus umbra virgæ regitur, ignavus ne calcari quidem. (Q. Curtius)

Angel. Messenger of death, (Menochius) which is sometimes inflicted by good, at others by bad, angels of death, or satan, 2 Corinthians xii. 7., and Psalm lxxvii. 49.

Fool. Hebrew, "fool in his folly." The danger is not greater in meeting (Calmet) a female bear, though it be the most terrible. (Aristotle, Anim. ix. 1.)

Water. It is scarcely possible to prevent the bad effects of detraction. Frequent quarrels have also risen on account of springs, Genesis xxvi. 20. --- Judgment. And gives up the cause, as being much more prudent, Matthew v. 25, 40.

God. We ought to suspend our judgment, or incline to the more favourable side, Matthew vii. 1., and Romans ii. 1.

He, &c., is not here in Hebrew, though it be equivalently (ver. 19.) where the Septuagint are silent. (Calmet)

Distress. Like the real friend, chap. xviii. 24.

Hands. Through joy, or as a mark of his consent.

Door. Sixtus V reads, "mouth:" as some explain the door to mean. A large door supposes that the house is elevated, and thus exposed to danger from winds, &c.

Earth. Wandering and insatiable, and deeming the acquisition of wisdom too difficult.

No good. But very criminal. See Jeremias vii. 31.

Precious and reserved spirit. This is a mark of wisdom. (Calmet)

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary

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